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Preliminary workshop to get you up to speed for taking the rest of the ONA workshops!

An Overview of ONA

Welcome to Workshop Zero of the ONA Workshop Series. In this workshop, we will learn some of the basic principles of ONA, which you need to understand before going on to Workshop One.


In this Workshop, you will learn

  • That you are a complex being made up of many aspects

  • About your energy Fields

  • About your Inner Aspects

  • About your twelve Systems

  • How to do conscious breathing

  • How colors affect your Whole Self

  • How sounds affect your Whole Self

  • About the nature of reality

To take this workshop, you may print these pages or view them on-screen. Either way, you'll want to study them at a time you can concentrate without interruption. There are questions for you to answer, and a place for you to type in your answers; but the information is neither sent nor saved anywhere. Those boxes are just there to support you in thinking about your answers, which people are more prone to do when they have to write them somewhere.

Statement of Responsibility

The ONA information is not to be taken lightly. It is intended to change your life. How it changes your life is entirely up to you. We can present you with the tools, but we cannot control how you use them.

A parent can introduce his or her child to a screwdriver, but once the child knows such a thing exists, there's no guarantee the child might not find some creative use of the tool—like, sticking it into a light socket, or into the dog's ear—that would have unfortunate consequences. We will do everything we can to include guidelines for the tools ONA presents, but we cannot be responsible for your ignoring those guidelines, or for taking them literally rather than as the general guides they are intended to be.

If there is one tool that ONA presents that is more important than any other, it is this: You, and no one else, are responsible for your own actions, circumstances, and being. We at the ONA Foundation are well aware that this truth flies in the face of the entire basis of our litigious society, and therefore must hereby formally disclaim any responsibility for how you use the information you obtain from these Workshops.

You, on the other hand, must agree to fully participate in this Workshop, or there is no point in your attending. By full participation, we mean:

  • You contribute and listen

In this on-line version, your contributions may need to be in the form of email or chat-type discussions with others who are interested in ONA or in general metaphysics. In a real workshop, you are expected to contribute to the exercises by participating in them, and to listen when the other participants share their experiences.

ONA is about balance, so it is important that you find a balance between over-contributing and under-contributing. We will help you learn to follow the energy flow in a group that indicates that your contribution is complete, and that the next participant is expected to contribute.

  • You should not be under the influence of any mind-altering substances

ONA is about remembrance of your whole self, not an altered self.

We suggest that you attend without having used any mind-altering substances (alcohol, marijuana, etc.) for at least 24 hours prior.

Many people believe that mind-altering substances have given them visions of spirituality that they would never otherwise have had. That's fine, but think of those substances as training wheels. It's now time to learn to have those experiences on your own, without the crutch such substances provide.

  • You must attend to this information without pagers, cell phones, or timepieces

Be here, now! We live in a society that encourages working on many things at once; and there is value to that in its place. There is also great value in learning to focus on the present moment, fully, without any distractions. That is one of the things ONA can teach you, but you must attend with the intention that there will be no distractions to your full participation, no matter what else you may have going on in your life. For the next two hours, this Workshop is all there is.

Are You Ready?

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