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How to work with subtle energies and get results.

Instant Relief

Hands on

Think about the last time you had a headache. Did you put your hands on your head? Didn't it make you feel at least a little better?

When you bang your elbow or stub your toe you put your hand there, or fight the urge to! That's because we instinctively know that a hand applied to an injury promotes pain relief and healing.

The reason for placing your hand physically upon the area is to create a current of conscious energy; your hand acts as a conduit carrying the vibration you consciously create to that area.

The next time you hurt yourself, don't stop with your hands. Add an ONA chant, do the One-nostril Breathing, and project white Light to the source of pain. This will assist you to stay focused and centered, And you'll be amazed at how effective it is!

This technique assists in bringing more oxygen to your lungs and brain during headaches and times of emotional trauma. Make sure you relax and unclench you teeth. Relax your jaw. Lower your shoulders and chant and breathe. Repeat this as many times as you may need to feel the life force gently coursing through you.

This is a great stress management tool, and can be applied anytime you feel out of sorts, or just want to relax!

In later workshops, you will learn more specific techniques for promoting healing of yourself and others.