It seemed so simple when we were children! The biggest problems seemed to be what games to play.

Then, the big, bad world of grownup-hood came along and things got complicated. And worse…and worse…and now, sometimes, things seem so bad that you can't see how to ever fix them.


Suppose you bought a house, because you really liked the floor plan and location, but then discovered there were really serious structural problems. But, you love the house! Are you going to move? Burn the place down? Or try to rebuild the structure from within, strengthening the weakened and damaged parts, replacing timbers where needed, and in general fixing the place up so that it was good as new?

If that last choice seems best to you, then you're in luck! In this segment of the ONA website, we will look at common "structural errors" in people's lives, and show how these problems can be fixed using ONA principles. You are worth working on!

Nothing in your life is beyond fixing.