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Monitoring Your Inner Dialog

By: Paul S. Cilwa Page Views: 3149
Have you ever listened to the things you tell yourself? Perhaps you should.

Working with ONA includes creating and saying statements (also called affirmations) that will strengthen your Systems (the parabolas that extend from your energy Centers or chakras) and help you get the most out of them. However, most people make negative "affirmations" all the time. So part of getting up-to-speed with ONA is learning to monitor your inner dialog so you know what you've been telling yourself all these years!

System One, Foundation, uses affirmations of the "I AM" variety. Some examples of helpful I AM statements might include:

  • I AM a teacher.
  • I AM happy.
  • I AM one with the Universe.

But people who've never heard of ONA make I AM statements all the time. Unfortunately, they tend to be negative statements, such as, I AM so stupid! or I AM always late. Interestingly, our culture discourages the use of positive statements, such as I AM pretty! or I AM the fastest member of the team. No wonder we have issues with our own self-esteem!

It is essential that you listen to the I AM statements that you make. When you find yourself making a negative I AM statement, back it out: Okay, I was late this time, but I AM usually on time. (This said with the intention of making it so, of course!) And don't hold back positive statements, though it might be best if you say them quietly or in private. (After all, the purpose of the observation is to gove energy to yourself, not to garner praise from others.)

Verbal abuse

When someone attempts to aim a YOU ARE at you, this is an attack on your own integrity. Even a compliment, You are talented enough to be a professional! requires that we deal with it consciously if we are not to leave ourselves at the mercy of the opinions of those around us. That doesn't mean we need to refuse compliments or even insults; it just means we should examine them as they come and mentally tally them: Hmm, that's right, I am talented, or I have been late in the past, it's true. I don't like that about myself, so I'm going to change it. From now on, I AM always on time!

And what about a YOU ARE that is simply untrue? Know that it is untrue. It's also all right to correct the speaker, if you want to make the effort; but it isn't neccessary as long as you let your own judgement of yourself be the only one you let stand.

Each System has its own verb in the statement. For example, System Two (Acknowledgement) statements are I HAVE; System Four (Connection) are I FEEL. All the statements are described in the Workshop section, along with exercises and examples.