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By: Paul S. Cilwa Page Views: 1943
About a simple way of envisioning the connection between you and your other lifetimes, and you and all other people.

Concurrent Lifetimes

Traditional explanations of reincarnation assume that linear time is a constant. That is, a life in, say, the 15th century incurs certain karmic debts that must be worked off in a subsequent lifetime in, say, the 16th century. Thus, we speak of previous lifetimes and look forward to future ones.

But linear time is a feature of our space-time continuum, fondly referred to as the Universe. It doesn't exist beyond that, although growth and development do.

So a better model for reincarnation is the mobile. You made mobiles in grade school; they are delicately balanced collections of things suspended by wires from a central post. Wind chimes are often designed as mobiles; many mobiles decorate babies' cribs.

Think of your soul as a mobile, from which suspend many concurrent lifetimes. Whenever anything comes along to jiggle the mobile, every lifetime is affected. They wobble back and forth until a new balance is achieved.

So it is with karma. Each experience of each life, affects all the other lives lived by the same soul.

Hayley Mills and Hayley Mills

Also note, these lives do not have to be separated by linear time—two lifetimes may well exist contemporaneously, and may even interact with each other, sort of like Hayley Mills playing both twins in The Parent Trap.

But if time doesn't exist beyond our Universe, what does the karmic jiggling of lifetimes actually mean?

There are many, many parallel Universes. (Infinite is the usual estimate.) Think of them as four-dimensional space-time continuums, laid end-to-end in a fifth dimensional continuum. That fifth dimension can be thought of as soul time. The jiggling is expressed as minute variations in the way a lifetime is lived, from one parallel Universe to the next. All are real. All are valid. Each set is internally consistent, so that no matter how miserable (or terrific) one lifetime may be, you are guaranteed a balance within that Universe.

Star Wars mobile

Most mobiles are actually multi-mobiles—that is, one branch of the mobile will, itself, branch. This makes for a more attractive mobile. Following our analogy, sometimes a pair of lifetimes will be more closely aligned than others of the same soul. These are the lifetimes that come out in a hypnotic, past-life regression. (Most people only remember previous lifetimes because that's what they've allowed themselves to expect.) They also are affected more tightly by karmic imbalances of the other member of the pair.

Now, think of your soul as one branch of a bigger mobile, from which dangle many soul-mobiles. These are members of your soul-group, for want of a better term. To some extent, actions of individual lifetimes of one soul affect another, although to a far lesser extent than they do other lifetimes of the same soul. Still, the entire soul-group is always seeking an internal balance.

The soul-group is, itself, one branch of an even bigger mobile that supports many soul-groups. And that mobile is part of an even bigger one. Eventually, you come to one, grand Mobile from which everything that exists, has existed, or will exist, is suspended. That Mobile, All That Is, is what many call God.

All soul groups

See how simple it is?