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All about the 12 Systems that make up YOU (and everyone else).

Fields, Inner Aspects, and Systems

Through the centuries, people have struggled to identify the subtler aspects of the Human body. In the times before scientists refused to acknowledge anything they hadn't already catalogued, the fact that the Human body was surrounded by glowing fields of light was well-known. The question was, how many fields? And, what did they mean?

Even now, approximately one in twelve persons can perceive auras without any special training or effort. Many of those people are unaware that their vision isn't shared by everyone—for them, it's simply "the way things look!" If you are not one of these people, try asking your friends: "Say, do you ever see a sort of glow around people?" and see what they answer. You'll be surprised at how many people you know have this supposedly "psychic" sense!

As some cultures devoted substantial time to the problem, they developed theories, and practices based on the theories. For example, the Hindus perceived seven major cones of energy emitting from the body, from which the aura energy seemed to emit. They called the source of these cones, chakras (Sanskrit for "spinning wheel").

As it turns out, the energy of the cones was just tip of the iceberg, so to speak; there are actually twelve centers of energy within the body, each of which emits a dish-shaped field of energy all around the body. These parabolic dishes will be calledSystems, because their shape helps support the structure of two other major energy patterns.

The Fields are perceived by most psychics as auras. The difficulty in establishing how many layers of auras there were, came from the sheer number of Fields, the ways they interact, and the fact that they are not all composed of the same types of energy. In addition, aura readers believed that a single aura glowing in different colors revealed illnesses; whereas, we understand that the various fields, each in its own color, interacts with the others in ways that reflect the states of not only physical, but emotional and spiritual health, as well.

The Fields intersect with the Systems, each at a ninety-degree angle to the other. In a perfectly healthy person, the parabolic Systems are perfect parabolic dishes; the Fields, perfectly smooth orbs or spheres. However, illness or discomfort can be seen as a ripple in one or more Systems, irregularities in one or more Fields.

Humans are multi-dimensional beings. The third energy pattern is harder to point to, because it lies at ninety-degree angles to both the Systems and the Fields—in other words, it is a fourth-dimensional structure. The elements of this pattern are called the Inner Aspects.

Physicists have already found that there are 11 or 12 dimensions. They theorize that there could be as many as 29 dimensions in order to understand the quantum behaviors they've already observed.

Einstein worked with four dimensions in his Theory of Special Relativity, but it wasn't this fourth dimension. Although, that one is interesting, too!

While the Inner Aspects were unsuspected by previous explorers of the metaphysical universe, they are there, nonetheless; and understanding their purpose and workings aids you greatly in your understanding of yourself.


Fields are probably the easiest energy matrices to start with, since so many people see them without effort—and almost anyone can learn to see them.

One of the most important pieces of information that can come to you with relation to the Fields is that, long before diseases actually affect our physical bodies, they exist in one or several of these Fields. It seems so simple! All you have to do to arrest pain, disease, accidents or illness is to find out in which Field these have originated. This is one of the benefits of studying ONA.

The first Field is the Physical body, itself. As a Field, it is the Body others see: Your face, hair, physique. While it can be expressive, as you'll see shortly much of your communication actually originates in other fields. Still, your voice and body language either reinforce—or contradict—what others perceive, subconsciously, in your Fields.

The second Field is the Electromagnetic. This is the Field that affects an old-fashioned TV set with rabbit ears (as you move around the room, reception is improved or degraded). As electrical currents flow around the body, the second Field is activated. It can also be affected by static electricity and the Earth's magnetic field.

The third Field is the Emotional. Have you ever walked into a room and, before you even saw anyone there, knew that a fight was going on, or a tragedy had just taken place? The fourth Inner Aspect generates the chemicals that make you feel emotions, but the emotions themselves exist as energy patterns in this Field, where others can sense or even alter them. These alterations take place when your emotional field comes into contact with someone else's. That's why we say moods are contagious.

The fourth Field is the Mental. This field is made up of energy patterns that represent every memory and experience you've ever had—including memories from other lifetimes. The patterns of habits and programs that move us through so much of our days actually reside in this Field. Knowing that, you can easily break bad habits by removing them or develop good ones by placing them in this field. This is where habits, both good and bad, are kept—or broken.

The fifth Field is Intending. As the fourth field holds programs, so the fifth Field holds your intentions. If your life doesn't seem to be going the way you wanted, sometimes you have cross-purposes activated in this field. Find them and resolve the conflict, and things can start moving smoothly again.

The sixth Field is the home of your being Aware. The sixth Inner Aspect can give you knowing regarding your inner self, but the sixth Field allows you to see the Truths in things external to yourself. If you “always know” when someone is lying to you, for example, that's your sixth Field working. It means you are Aware of the world around you.

The boundary between the sixth and seventh Fields—halfway through the Twelve—is the place where we begin to touch the Divine. That is, the first six fields exist mostly in space-time and interact with the outside world. The outer six fields exist mostly in Eternity and interact with the realms beyond the physical.

The seventh Field is the Integral. In our Universe, all things need boundaries that separate them from all other things. This field performs that function, working to isolate us sufficiently from All That Is (God) so that we can be perceived as individuals.

The eighth Field is the Morphogenetic. This field acts like a prism. A conventional prism transmits light, but transforms it in the process: sometimes reflecting it, sometimes transmuting it into its component colors. You have had the experience of having another person see you, not as you are, but as he or she thinks you ought to be. That person is seeing his or her own reflection in your Morphogenetic Field. And the effect works both ways; you must be careful when you look at another that you aren't just looking at your own reflection!

The ninth Field is Transcendent. With this Field you rise above mere physicality, finding yourself able to perceive the realms beyond this physical Universe. This field is also the primary one perceived by non-physical beings (such as angels) that attempt to communicate with us. The stronger this field, the more non-physical phenomena you can perceive.

Intuitive is the tenth Field. When this Field is active, you find others are drawn to you as a problem-solver! —And rightly so. A person with an active tenth Field has risen above office politics; he or she has graduated to statesman status, with love and understanding for all.

Such understanding can lead to an activation of the eleventh Field, the Conscious. Operating in the eleventh Field, there is no karma, no accident, no coincidence in the conventional sense of being unexplained and mysterious. Everything is understood and purposeful. You attract to yourself situations in which you can help others find their own consciousness. Do you have a friend in whose company you find your own capacities exceed what you thought of as your limitations? That person has an active eleventh field; and yours is more active when you are in his or her presence.

The twelfth and ultimate Field is Unifying. This Field extends outward to the boundaries of this Universe and beyond. With a strong Unifying Field, a person perceives and accepts all his/her component parts. These parts are still parts—they are integrated, but still distinct. (It is not until you go past the twelfth field, somewhere, that Unifying is resolved into Oneness, where there are no distinctions.)

Field Colors

The 12 Fields

Each field has a characteristic color, and knowing what it is can help you distinguish it from the others.

Field Typical Color
1 Physical Flesh
2 Electromagnetic Electric Blue
3 Emotional Multi-colored
4 Mental Yellow
5 Intentional Multi-colored
6 Aware Indigo/Navy
7 Integral Golden
8 Morphogenetic Reflective
9 Transcendent Multi-colored
10 Intuitive Iridescent
11 Conscious Silver
12 Unifying Gold

Because the Fields interact, you may see tendrils of one intertwined with tendrils of another.

Especially in the multi-colored fields, the colors you do see may indicate the current state of that field.

Inner Aspects

Folder paper.

Suppose you take a piece of paper and fold it in half…then fold it again (it will be in quarters), then again (eighths). As you hold the folded paper and look along its side, you see what looks like many pieces of paper. Only when you inspect the corners is it clear that the “edges” are, in fact, folds; and that the “separate pieces of paper” are, in fact, merely facets of one, larger, simpler, object.

Similarly, there is more to you as a person than any one aspect. You as an individual might be an artist, on the volunteer fire department, have a mild form of diabetes, be black, and gay. Which of those attributes describes you as individual the “most”? If you had to pick just one, which should be picked?

Of course, the right answer is that you can't pick one. All of those things are part of who you are as an individual; to omit any from consideration is to disregard your individual wholeness.

But, where are these attributes stored? You know where the heart is, and the spleen and the kidneys. Where is the “artistic organ”? Where is altruism stored? Where do you keep your nationality, religion, or sexual orientation?

Just as a piece of paper can be easily folded in our world of three spatial dimensions, so that what is one and whole can appear to be many and separate, so is your individual reality folded, over and over, along dimensions beyond that. Your true self is a multi-dimensional being; each lifetime is but one expression of that being. These expressions occur by “folding” the Innermost Self so that different lifetimes “face” the three-dimensional Universe in different eras. Similarly, the seeming complexities of each lifetime are really just the simple Whole, finding expression through different dimensions. These complexities are called Aspects, because they are faces of the whole as seem from different perspectives. Because these complexities are aspects of your Inner Aspects, they are called Inner Aspects. As is suitable for Humankind's current level of understanding, you can most easily deal with these aspects by counting twelve of them.

The twelve Inner Aspects reside within you. They resonate in harmony with your outer experiences. If you took a pebble and dropped it into a pool of calm water you would see rings emanate from its point of entrance into the water. These rings may seem to be ethereal in nature and yet are experiential in relationship to you; it's the same with the Inner Aspects.

The Inner Aspects seem to have a physical location and, at the same time, they don't. In one sense, you look inward to find the first Inner Aspect; then within that to find the second, and so on. Thus, the deepest of the Inner Aspects requires the most introspection to perceive.

Since the Inner Aspects interact profoundly with the Fields and the Systems, any change to an Inner Aspect shows up almost instantly in the matching Field and System; likewise, a change to a Field or System will produce an effect on the associated Inner Aspect.

Inner Aspect Function
1 Physical The internal workings of the physical body
2 Electromagnetic The electrical nerve impulses that allow the body to experience the outside world
3 Emotional The chemical reactions that produce the hormones we perceive as “emotions”
4 Mental Neurons of the brain that provide access to the mind patterns stored in the fourth field
5 Intending The body's ability to survive, succeed, evolve, celebrate
6 Aware The body's built-in ability to recognize body language, recognize patterns, perceive subtle energies
7 Integral Supports our perception of ourselves as individuals
8 Morphogenetic Supports our perception of God/the Divine/All That Is
9 Transcendent Supports our perception of realities beyond the local space-time
10 Enlightenment Supports our perception of our place in Creation
11 Emanation Supports our intentional progress through life
12 Unifying Supports our full integration as a fully-conscious being


Each System discussed in ONA is formed at a 90° angle to each corresponding Inner Aspect and Field. These interactions create the twelve dimensions of you. Each System is a dish-shaped, parabolic plane of vibration that emanates from a central place, which we call a Center, which is connected through the physical body throughout all Fields and Inner Aspects.

Remember, a Center is not a chakra, but the terms are related. The spinning energies of a chakra emanate from a Center. It is our belief that “chakras” are actually incompletely-perceived Systems.

The first dish emanates from the Center at the feet. The other dishes progress up the body, each emanating from its Center. There are three Centers that connect above the top of the head. These emanate at one-foot intervals progressing up to three feet above the head.

The 12 Systems

System Colors

Color is all around you. It can be viewed as a visual perception, a particular dye or pigment, a part of the electromagnetic spectrum of light, a spectral composition in physics, the study of physical stimuli in psychophysics, or have spiritual concepts attached to it. In a way it is nothing more than illusion, since color is actually just our perception of the vibrations of a stream of photons.

Yet, illusion or not, the concept of color is so pervasive that you use it in contexts that don't have a photon within a mile of them, for example, “white noise”, being “green with envy”, having a “red hot” date.

Each color has a particular vibration. These relate to the various vibrations of a being. A Human being can thus be represented as a spectrum of colors. Every living cell has a vibrational signature. Your cells and systems selectively assimilate their range of rays and vibrations from the environment. This can be in the varying forms of light, color and sound. Knowing how each color can influence the different aspects of yourself gives you one more tool for health. Due to its influential presence, color is a basic healing system whether you consciously know it or not.

You don't have to be a sighted person to perceive color! The cells themselves react to the color of light around them, whether the eyes are open to vision or not.

Because of the psychological and energetic richness of color, it can be said that each of the Systems has a color that supports and reinforces it.

Don't be confused by the colors of the Systems and the Fields. They are not the same.

Underlying Truths

So, what good are these Systems, Fields, and Inner Aspects? What are they for?

It turns out that each reflects an even more, underlying Truth: That of the Twelve.

You already looked at the Twelve Levels of Consciousness. It turns out that Twelve (and multiples of twelve) occur everywhere you look. And, each part of the Twelve has a profound meaning that expresses itself uniquely, but in an inimitable way, wherever it is found.

Here are the Underlying Truths, and the names given to the Inner Aspects, Fields, and Systems, with the System color on the left.

Inner Aspect/ Field System Underlying Truth
1 Physical Foundation I AM
2 Electromagnetic Acknowledgement I HAVE
3 Emotional Connection I FEEL
4 Mental Mobility I THINK
5 Intentional Aspiration I WILL
6 Aware Awakening I KNOW
7 Integral Communication I RELATE
8 Morphogenetic Transformation I SEE
9 Transcendent Perception I REALIZE
10 Intuitive Enlightenment I UNDERSTAND
11 Conscious Emanation I SERVE
12 Unifying Continuance I ACCEPT

More than anything else, the ONA material is concerned with the Systems: their meanings, nuances, care and abilities. It is the System that provides the keynote for the associated Field and Inner Aspect. The Systems have the greatest accessibility for all the other areas of your being.

Here is a quick reference guide to the Systems.

Systems at a Glance

System Location Governs Color Truth
Foundation Feet Survival, food, job Double-Infrared "Ground" I AM
Acknowledgement Knees Ownership, authority Infrared "Bronze/Tan" I HAVE
Connection Genitalia Life, procreation, emotions Red I FEEL
Mobility Navel Facts, plans Orange I THINK
Aspiration Solar Plexus Intentions, organization, plans Yellow I WILL
Awakening Heart Love, connection, higher consciousness Green I KNOW
Communication Throat Speech, writing, words Blue I RELATE
Transformation Third Eye Change, learning Indigo I SEE
Perception Crown Clairvoyance, deeper senses Violet I PERCEIVE
Enlightenment One foot above head Synchronicity, karmic balance Ultra-violet "Iridescence" I UNDERSTAND
Emanation Two feet above head Empathy, good works Double ultra-violet "Silver" I SERVE
Continuance Three feet above head Oneness, wholeness of self Triple ultra-violet "Gold" I ACCEPT