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How certain sounds affect us psychologically, physically and energetically.

The Sound of ONA


When is the last time you heard a song over the radio, and unexpectedly found yourself remembering some past event? Perhaps the song was also playing when that event originally occurred (and perhaps not), but how can a song, or any other sound, cause a memory to arise?

All light, color and sound have vibrational wave patterns. Your twelve Fields are also composed of vibrational wave patterns. When two similar patterns are present, it causes sympathetic vibrations which activate the more complex "super-pattern" of which it is a part. That's what brings up the memories, or (in more rare but well-documented cases) headaches or various other physical sensations.

Not all your patterns are connected with happenings or illnesses. A great part of your Fields' energies are set in patterns that reflect your health: You, the way you were designed to be.

Thus, using sound in special ways can be a natural healing technique. It can naturally enhance life, balance and soothe or stimulate or irritate. The effect of sound on matter, plants, animals and Humans has been researched and documented.

The sound of O-NA sets up specific vibrations that call the various Fields, Inner Aspects, and Systems to remember balance and wholeness.

Exercise 0-d: Toning O-NA

In this exercise you will call forth your own sense of wholeness. When you practice this, hold an image of yourself as whole, complete and perfect. Envision the colors of the Centers, Systems, Fields and Inner Aspects as perfect and whole, according to the color formations you have learned here. Experience each in communion with the other and the whole.

Before starting, remove any ornamental jewelry and timepieces from your person.

  1. Sit quietly in a quiet space. You may play very soft, instrumental New Age or classical music in the background if you wish. Gently close your eyes.

  2. Chant (inwardly or audibly, as you prefer) ONA by saying: O NA, O NA, O NA …

  3. You want to inhale on the first syllable and exhale the second. You may use the breathing technique you have just learned to enhance this process. Take it to every place within you and around you. Feel it permeate every cell of your body and every structure of every Field and Inner Aspect. Begin to experience it as a wave washing through each System and Center.

  4. You should spend about five minutes on this exercise to start. With experience, you will be able to keep it up longer and will find yourself getting more deeply into an altered state of consciousness. When you are done, quietly open your eyes. Write down in your journal your experiences and impressions. Feel free to share these with others in the workshop.

  5. You may find that chanting ONA once a day brings balance and promotes your finding the energy of yourself as whole. Keep in practice. Make time for yourself and honor your wholeness. Keep a journal and keep track of your journey.