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How color affects us psychologically, physically and energetically.

The Significance of Color

"The world is a carousel of color," as Walt Disney used to remind us. Whether you, personally, can perceive color is irrelevant to its importance in understanding our world. Even those who cannot see color (or at all) know the names of the colors, and their emotional significance. Red with anger, yellow with cowardice, green with envy, are all common phrases. Even blind people can get the blues.

When chemists need to ascertain the identity of an element, they perform a spectrum analysis to see what color wavelengths are present. In this analysis is seen the signature of the chemical components involved. All physical things have their own color signature. Even when various constituents combine to form more complex compounds, the spectrometer can break them down into their elemental forms.

Since matter is made of energy, and energy vibrates, you can guess that it is the energy that expresses the color. And since your Systems are also energy, it stands to reason that they would also have color.

Dr. Valerie V. Hunt was the first to discover vibration patterns during moments of pain due to illness, which she found also involved emotional states and spiritual awareness. She has found evidence of field signatures and subtle energies. These patterns could be reproduced, and show what the general pattern of various emotions looks like from a spectrum of colors and what the colors of certain illnesses and diseases look like as well.

Through fine tuning your ability to see and experience color you can learn how to address colors so subtle that cameras can't photograph them.

When you are performing energy work on yourself (and, eventually, others) you pay attention to which colors are most present and which ones are out of sequence with regard to the Human energy fields or systems. This is one of the most important concepts ONA teaches you.

Compositing white.

For now, you will need to work with a simple palette of primary colors. As you know these colors, together, are perceived as "white," generally associated with concepts such as peace, purity, and innocence. For it to be pure white it has to have all the colors in balance and thus white promotes wholeness and integrity. This is why metaphysicians traditionally surround themselves with white Light. Just to make sure, some spiritual practitioners draw three circles of white Light around them to protect them from any possible scuffles with negativity.

In chromotherapy, the art of heading with Light, white is used for regeneration. Also, provides energy and balances the chronobiological rhythm, by stimulating the production of serotonin, a substance which regulates both sleep and the nervous system. Rebalances the psychophysical and hormonal systems in people who suffer from seasonal depression.

How does one "surround oneself with white Light?" You'll be happy to learn the technique will not raise your electric bill! You simply imagine yourself being surrounded by a bubble of Light. Mentally look around you, and see it everywhere. You can also "imagine" white Light to surround anyone else, or even inanimate objects. (If you must park in a sketchy part of town, place a bubble of white Light around your car to discourage thieves and vandals. It works!)

You may have noticed we are capitalizing Light when used in this sense. Light, with a capital L, actually refers to an increase in quantum frequency. Obviously you are not a flashlight. That kind of light needs a light source. But energetic Light is something you can and do generate from your own mind. The increase in quantum frequency is real, can be measured, and has the effect of making those who encounter it a little more noble, healthy, happy. That's why it can protect your car, and why it is advisable to project white Light especially to politicians with whom you disagree. It might help them to see things more clearly.

So use white as a color to protect you and keep you safe. As you study here remember white is always your friend. In times past as people studied these levels they tended to wear the color related to the level they were studying so as to intensify the experience and support the process of learning about that System. Clients and practitioners were encouraged to clean up in a white bathroom using cold water on their face and hands before and after each segment and definitely following a session. Carry pure water with you whereever you go and infuse it with white Light. drink it prior and after each action. White is the general panacea and the general feel good Light medicine.

In these days following December 21, 2012, Earth is increasing its quantum frequency (Light) and thus evils that used to thrive in darkness are being exposed.

Oh, and one more thing about Light.

It is synonymous with Love.