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All about the color of Connection (red).

The Color of Connection

Red is the color of Connection

Alex Jones, in Seven Mansions of Color, describes red as symbolizing life, strength, power and vitality. As The Power of Color states, red can stimulate strength, joy, happiness and love.

Both sources refer to red as being a primary color, the "furthest point away from the cosmic center of the universe" (Seven Mansions of Color), and "the slowest vibration of all the visible colors, affecting the emotions quicker than any other" (The Power of Color).

The Power of Color states that, according to some anthropologists, red was the second color primitive man was able to distinguish. During the time of the Knights of the Round Table, red was associated with blood and life; it became associated with fire and danger; and as a symbol of love, vigor and action. Red was a major color for certain ancient Chinese, Japanese and Asian Indian cultures in the first recorded history 5,000 years ago.

Alex Jones describes how red, as deeply connected to the emotions, can be supportive and transforming with conscious direction. He states that red can help in overcoming feelings of inertia, depression, fear and melancholy. It can help plant one's feet firmly on the earth and root in the now. It can supply energy and physical motivation to help accomplish one's goals in life. The Power of Color confirms that red can be used when the vitality is low or blood circulation is poor.

Once again Alex Jones describes how "anger, when used consciously as righteous indignation, emits a brilliant, scarlet flame. Many emotions can be used negatively or positively depending on one's state of consciousness. If, at will, one chooses to manifest anger because he can see the emotion will serve him or others, then pure vibrant colors will manifest in the aura. When emotions are used this way a person will be a master and not a slave of emotions and circumstances in his life" (P.38)

The conscious use of red to manifest clearly and brightly in the aura, can show "the qualities of affection, generosity, sensitivity to others, ambition to better one's self and strong physical properties." (Seven Mansions of Color, p.38). Alex Jones further states how red can be used to be the "center of self-knowledge and introspection, the ability to look at one's thoughts and actions and avoid the things that will later cause misery." (P.50)

As a vibration, red can be one of excitement, stimulation and warmth. It can help stimulate will and life force to overcome obstacles in one's life, according to Mr. Jones. Therefore he suggests that in some locations like where we eat, areas to meditate in and places for resting, red can be too stimulating. The Power of Color also suggests that this color might be disturbing to people with mental problems or neuroses.

Red, when used consciously, can then direct and revitalize the life force and support in the mastery of the emotions through thoughtful conscious choices. This awareness of the qualities of red can integrate the I FEEL statements and the Third Inner Aspect and Field of Emotions. Red as a support of the now and connecting to the earth, can interconnect System Three, Connection and red through System Two, Rendering and Bronze-Tan, to System One, Foundation and brown and their sounds.

The Power of Color tells how exposure to red influences the pituitary gland. A chemical signal goes from the pituitary gland to the adrenal gland and epinephrine (adrenaline) is released.

This can produce certain physiological alterations with metabolic effects:

  • Elevation of blood pressure

  • Increase in the rate of breathing

  • Reactions become automatic as they are activated by the autonomic nervous System

  • Taste buds become more sensitive

  • Appetite increases

  • Awareness of the sense of smell is heightened

  • Males are drawn to yellow-based reds

  • Females are attracted to blue-based reds

As a personally chosen color, red can show that you can be outgoing, assertive, vigorous and perhaps prone to impulsive actions and variable moods. There can be a deep sympathy for fellow Human beings, have a strong sex drive and entertain stimulating fantasies, be optimistic and voice freely your complaints. (The Power of Color)