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How to meditate using the Breath of Life.

The Breath of Life

Kiss Of Life (1967)

Because on this level you are addressing all living things, which include other people you know, plant life and animal life alike, let's learn the way in which you can connect with all life through breath. This is an essential breathing technique that allows you to make contact with other life forms on an energy perception level, as well as placing your consciousness with them and theirs with you.

This can be done standing, sitting, or running, or while being still and quiet.

  1. Focus first upon the being with which you wish to connect. Closing your eyes at first may assist you in centering and visualizing them more clearly.

  2. Start breathing into and through them and visualize them breathing into and through you.

  3. Connect one at a time through each center, breathing into and out from each and visualize them doing the same with you, their breath of life mingled with your own.

  4. Breathe in and through each of their fields and have them breathe into and through each of yours.

  5. If you are planning to do a session with the being, you may start when you feel the connection and it is flowing.

You can set an intention that the connection remain even when you are not physically present. You may do this for healing or telepathic purposes.

This technique is even more powerful when you engage the other person's consciousness to do this breath with you.

Remember, you do not want to impose upon the will of another. If you are working with a being with whom you can communicate, ask permission; if not, ask with your inner self and be sensitive to the response. A being may respond in kind (telepathically), or may exhibit discomfort as you proceed. Always honor the being's wishes as well as you can determine what they are.

This technique is very powerful and can have some remarkable, lasting results when completed with love and joy.