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The 'sound' of Connection and how to use it.

The Sound of Connection

The flow of energy between all of its parts to ensure eternity and wholeness of all. The flow utilizes all of these connections to create a functioning balanced aliveness. Aliveness is created through this open portal of connection to multidimensional eternity.

Remaining open to The Wholeness of All
Cosmic portal of connection to multiple dimensions Flow of energy between all parts
Enlightenment and Functioning of Aliveness Process of balancing
Disperse prana from center out Neutrality

POR-DAU creates an open doorway that enlivens everything that comes into contact with or passes through. POR-DAU represents a view of energy as it moves in many directions simultaneously.

Seemingly diverse parts remember themselves whole through the constant flow of energy. Neutrally dispersing energy from the center in order to allow the process of balance to take place.

POR-DAU assists in breaking up and cleansing over-solidified accumulations of energy. It also supports the utilization of energy in any form through the constant flow of energy. A sense of oneness, a progression of continued movement exists during the application. There is a reminder of wholeness and purpose for whatever POR-DAU is directed towards. The parts resonate with each other in order to unite.

Chant POR-DAU to break up, utilize and remember itself as functioning those condensed or constricted areas of the Inner Aspects, Fields and Systems. Use POR-DAU to break up compacted energies, utilize and remember itself as functioning while maintaining the inherent integrity of the form.

Chant POR-DAU to disperse a blocked or resistant area, situation or relationship, while observing it reiterating the concept of the united whole.

Recall a situation, person, place or an emotion that seemed unmoving, separate or lethargic. Chant and breathe POR-DAU into the focus of that particular area. Pay attention to the movement of energies and their connection. Allow all things to happen. Notice the aliveness now. Notice your level of awareness and your ability to direct your own emotions. On any area you have considerations excess or stuck points apply POR-DAU.

POR-DAU In Our World

The Sumerian words POR and DAU have already been introduced to our world.

Por is the Spanish word meaning "for", which means "applying to". It thus refers to an energy moving outward in a specific direction, similar to the prana (life force) moving from center out meaning of the original Sumerian term.

DAU is an alternate spelling of Tao, the popular Chinese religious system based on the teachings of Lao-tzu. This religious system includes magic and a belief in the pervasive presence of spirits, which is in keeping with the original Sumerian meaning as shown above.


It's particularly important that you practice saying this Sound…but not so that others can hear. Remember, it can bring up issues of Connection which often manifest as emotional or relationship problems; remember techniques taught in this Workshop to maintain higher emotional tones can be used to catch any manifesting issues and resolve them before they become serious.