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Learning new things

The ONA information has depth and complexity. The best way to approach it is akin to peeling back layers, gradually delving deeper into the subject matter. By revisiting and exploring more intricately with each pass, we gain a richer understanding. In this introductory section, we make our first pass, looking at the underlying facts that led us to ONA.

The ONA system is based on more than 40 years of research into the subtle energies that surround and influence us. Unlike most energy systems that only recognize seven significant points, ONA identifies twelve, which reflects our growing awareness of other dimensions. In this website, we will introduce you to the basics of ONA and how it can help you improve your life.

The following topics are covered in this introduction:

Road to Wholeness

By: Paul S. Cilwa Page Views: 2463
Like all journeys, the road to wholeness begins with a single step. Well, twelve steps.

Now, a full and complete realization of your whole self is not possible for a living Human being—it would, in a sense, kill you (actually, cause you to transcend the Human experience entirely). But it is possible to allow yourself to expand your awareness of your own wholeness, and, in so doing, rise above many of the petty trials and tribulations we have come to associate with that feeling of emptiness inside. This expansion of awareness is what many people refer to as spiritual awakening, spiritual evolution, or the like. And those terms are not inaccurate; because, as one's awareness of one's wholeness becomes more vivid, one does indeed become more spiritually aware—it really is the same thing.

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Spiritual Technology for the 21st Century

By: Paul S. Cilwa Page Views: 2167
Unknown author

When people of the far future look back on the 21st century, what do you suppose they will see as the number one, most noticeable, prime hallmark of the age? How will people remember the 21st century? We suggest the 21st century will be known as the Age of Spiritual Emancipation.

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By: Michael Manion Page Views: 2210
All about just where the ONA information came from.

ONA is, at least partly, a compilation of metaphysical and physical information that Humankind has been gathering for thousands of years. Some other aspects of the information we now call ONA began to come into this system in concentrated form about fifty years ago. Now, a statement like that will lead some people to assume that ONA has come from channeled sources, like so much of the information made available in this New Age. ONA's Spiritual Technology is not channeled material. To understand the difference, we'll take a moment to see what channeling is.

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What's In A Word?

By: Michael Manion Page Views: 2310
All about the word we've chosen to represent this information and why.

As a word, ONA is designed to have meaning at many levels. First, let's look at it as a word composed of letters. In this perception, O expresses a circle that has been completed. When the first writer desired to form this letter, it originated from a point. So at one level it means coming to the origin. Another way to view this is to see the O as the line between inner and outer. If we express parts or elements as within the O, then every element within the O is complete and whole. These parts or elements can be expressed as particles, sections, directions or in any number of other ways. The letter O includes.

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By: Paul S. Cilwa Page Views: 2297
How our choice of words helps form, limit, support and expand our world view.

Since language began as sounds that mimicked natural sounds, when we create combined sounds or tones to represent an idea, concept or tangible object, we are adding more information and experience into our lives. These sounds, these words, incorporate colors, shadings and connotations that make their meanings even more full. We can even create new words from the root meanings of known, accepted words. We flavor and texturize our perception of the world by our choice of words. For example, lime-green, velvety-soft or red-hot express more than just colors; they imply an experience as well. It's been shown that in languages that do not include green as a distinct color, speakers of that language do not perceive green as a distinct color band in the rainbow. It is clear, then, that words are not only our way of describing the world we experience; they also contribute to our experience of the world. As we extend our vocabularies, then, our ability to experience is enhanced. And, when we coin words to describe experiences for which words previously did not exist, we open up the possibility of that experience to others.

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By: Paul S. Cilwa Page Views: 2108
Like Earth's Van Allen Belt or our global magnetic field, the human body is also surrounded by energy structures that are invisible but real.

Even if you can't see them (interestingly, the statistic is about one in twelve people can see subtle energies such as auras and chakras without training), these energy centers are perceived in distinct ways.

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