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All about the word we've chosen to represent this information and why.

The literalness of the letters is lost when lower-case letters are used. The shape of "n" is not the same as "N".

Where did the word, "ONA", come from? What does it mean?

As a cdoncept, ONA is designed to have meaning on many levels. First, let’s look at it as a word composed of letters. In this perception, O expresses a circle that has been completed. When the first writer desired to form this letter, it originated from a point. So on one level it means coming to the origin. Another way to view this is to see the O as the line between inner and outer. If you express parts or elements as within the O, then every element within the O is complete and whole. These parts or elements can be expressed as particles, sections, directions or in any number of other ways. The letter or concept of O is incluesive.


NA is an ancient concept for a Self or the Self. In this case N represents two connected flows of energy: that which rises from the Earth to beyond (↑) and that which enters Earth from Beyond (↓). These are connected through energy as \. These physically express the formation of the letter N. A represents two connected flows of energy: that which rises up from the Earth to beyond as (/) and (\). These are two impulses that are connected in the middle (-) with connective energy and meet as a single concept toward the top (^). These physically express the formation of A,  the first one, or one that has come first. Combining these, NA has as it's meaning, "the first one as Self" or "Self."

Evolution of language

Through this process of symbolic representation of energy, you see an energetic view of the origin and sound and it's concepts. Concepts which evolve into words and can be pronounced. ONA, as a concept, means Whole-Self simply because it directly expresses that concept. So, why not call this work "Whole-Self?" The answer is that ONA is also a sound that initiates a particular energy. The energy is that of Whole-Self. The words, "Whole-Self" are English words and are recent in their meaning. When we want to include any part of our genetic makeup in a healing (or "wholeing") process, this material and its components have a lineage along memory patterns within the physical cells of the human body. ONA, as a sound, addresses these primal components. In its way, ONA is more than a word just as you are more than your name. ONA includes past and future as well as now. The sound "ONA" comes from the source of your being, as the English words "Whole-Self" do not.


Finally, why is ONA spelled with capital letters? It is not an acronym. It is the literalness of the letters, as described above, which can become lost when lower-case letters are used. The shape of "n" is not the same as "N".

If you were reading this in a language that doesn’t use the Roman alphabet, for example, Japanese, the characters for this technology would not be pronounced "oh-na". We hope someday to translate this material into other languages; the characters would be chosen just as carefully, to produce a combination of visual symbols, sounds, and word-meanings, all of which would reinforce the concept of "whole self."