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How to meditate using the Breathing Technique of Emanation.

Breathing Technique of Emanation

In this breathing technique we will stay focused on the present moment. This is the process of being truly connected with this universe. The "anointed" means the chosen. You have been chosen and have chosen as well this healing path that you are on. It includes your individual self and the greater you that transcends the physical and is immortal. There are only two parts to the breathing technique.

  1. From the farthest reach of your being and beyond your Twelfth Field, breathe into and through each Field and Inner Aspect. Each time your breath reaches the farthest it has been, include just a bit more and keep going from the farthest point out to the farthest point in and back out again and in again.

  2. Meet the other breath coming in at the level of the physical body. Bathe it in the light of these two breaths as each passes the other and continues its journey. Take this breath to just beyond the farthest reaches you have ever gone and then bring it in as the other breath is returning out again.

Continue this breathing technique and you will experience the expansion and fullness of your true Self! You can use this in healing sessions with yourself or others or just as your own meditation.