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All about the color of Emanation (ultra-violet B, or silver if that's easier for you to picture).

The Color of Emanation

Silver is the color of Emanation (utlra-violet B)

The true color of System Eleven is Ultraviolet B, in the range of 315 nm–280 nm. This is the wavelength responsible for the formation of Vitamin D on the skin, and for tanning. It isn't directly perceptible by Human eyes. So we represent it here as Silver (which, in true Crayola fashion, we shall deem a "color").

Silver represents honesty, directness, trustworthiness and spiritual protection. As a protective color it intimates a sense of neutrality. It portrays an area of combining the qualities of the inner and the outer along with subjective and objective realities. Through this process the other qualities mentioned here come into play. As the metal, silver's shining appearance has the quality of emanating the afore-mentioned qualities through its association with its bearer or wearer. It also helps to bring forth these qualities in the area in which it is displayed or utilized.

Those that use this color predominantly in their lives are the kind of people that are advocates for worthy causes to assist others and build a better world. They act to spearhead noble causes and drive to bring clarity and order. People who have this color in their fields are charismatic and seem to attract the right things to them at just the right time.

Wearing this color shows that you seek truth and wish to be perceived as honest and trustworthy. This color will allow you to learn to trust and recognize your own worth and place in the life you are creating.

This will seem to be a color that brings forth the champion in you. It becomes your own compliment that heals any illusionary sense of separation. These will all dissipate in the presence of the color silver. It presents those things that may need to be healed and put into a warm and nurturing place that will invite this process of healing to commence. This is where healing is the process of becoming whole again.

Place this color in areas or in rooms where you want others to come forward in their honesty and integrity. Places and special moments that you want to share with friends will be best orchestrated in areas accented with silver. Silver works really well with light blues, various shades of aqua, light greens and white. Light blues, silver and white work together to forward truth, peace and expression.

It has been noted that there have been several benefits from the use of silvery light or water in healing. Some of these have been noted as healed broken bones and rifts between people or families. Silver has been used to counteract the negative effects of various drug therapies and deep sense of loss. If utilized in healing institutions, it brings calmness and a restful feeling to traumatized patents and allows them to concentrate more upon their own healing process.

Silver is said to be the light of those that are chosen into a life of projecting peace and service to others. People who have experienced silver light in spontaneous healings report that it comes upon them as a feeling of warmth and total love. Some report the healing of multiple injuries or complications from being sick over a lengthy time. In many cases silver has been likened to the light of a supernal being that comes to intervene on the behalf of the person requesting assistance.

Silver, as a metal, if worn, presents advantages over time. You may find that you evolve an improved quality of speaking and lend a more eloquence to many of your conversations. In the presence of the metal silver rough and crude tendencies seem to have less weight as it perpetuates a sense of dignity and eliminates abrasive traits. You may find people are more drawn to speak with you.

Its shine and shimmer can act as a mirror to the soul, one which shows the seeker of truth the expanded Self which will include the physical body and the fields of energy permeating through and around it. Through this process one can gain insight into oneself. This sight is a neutral observation of your expanded beingness. Having these experiences provides you with a progression to the further enhancement of your higher senses. You will find that you have more tolerance, patience and perseverance in all that you undertake. This metal helps you get in contact with your purpose and stay connected with it throughout any chosen task or project. Your perceptions become heightened and you can more readily regulate your emotional responses and become more accurate with your own intuition.

Metallic silver provides for a very strong connection between your first field and the second through the eleventh fields. It is utilized within all of your out-of-body transitions. It transmutes and becomes the "silver cord" which connects you with your physical body. This "cord" provides you with connection with your this life form for all your soul journeys.

The reason why silver is used so extensively with gem stones is because as a metal it is able to attract the incoming energies that are specific to that gem and retain it,. Thus it acts as an amplifier or storage facility that greatly enriches the properties of gems. It then empowers the gem with those qualities which are emanated by the stone. The silver provides consistency for the influence for the gem or stone. It can be used during the preparation of elixirs to energize the primary mineral of the elixir. When silver is placed with any other mineral during the creation of an elixir it allows the other minerals to strengthen in their potencies.

Due to its reflective and water-like qualities silver is known to enhance the powers of the moon and is an excellent mineral for the use in energizing gems or stones during the height of the full moon or the commencement of the new moon.

Wands and tools constructed of silver and combinations of gems can be used for opening the vortexes and the vertical channels of the Human form. These energies can be directed to bend or take circular forms. It has been shown to pull off negative partials from the Fields and Inner Aspects. This balancing allows the positive energies to circulate and flow more advantageously for that form. These can provide a way for the vital force to renew the centers as they can be opened, properly shaped, cleared and stabilized.

Silver in the form of "colloidal silver" helps to cleanse the body via its pores so it can eliminate toxins at the cellular level. It can be used in the treatment of hepatitis, and to increase the assimilation of Vitamin A and E. This form form of silver can work with disorders associated with unstable vision.

In ancient times knights and those of service darned themselves in the metals and colors of silver. In some cases these metals were highly polished so as to reflect light into the eyes of opponents to temporarily blind them, giving its wearer an advantage in battle or defense. In this way the spiritual light serves us to reflect back to us, not so to blind us as to show us the truth of what is. Each of us has the choice to become blinded by the light of truth or to see what is so.