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How to place Light columns to stabilize the energy in an area.

Placing Light

Placing Light

It is possible to assist yourself, a client, and the world by placing Light at significant points. This Light can take the form of columns or other shapes, large or small. The cool thing is that the Light persists where you put it, even after you're no longer present.

You place Light through a physical or intended connection with the point at which Light is to be placed. Before actually placing the Light, first observe the energy present. Get a good sense of feelings, emotions, thoughts, ideas, and especially colors present. If it's a person, by let him or her describe them as you listen neutrally, without comment in word or expression. If you are placing Light on an animal or inanimate object, spend a few minutes allowing the feel of the energy to come to you.

When you are touching or using your intention to work with people you are placing the Light. What this means is that at this level of healing you are neutrally placing your hands or intending the Light of life to be present with a person, place or thing. There are many levels of placing the Light and of using this to bring healing and wholeness.

Tissue Activation


The way to view any part of anything is to request it to appear before you, by specific name if possible. For example, "The tissue of the right quadrant of Joe's liver." Expect a visual of some kind to appear. When it does and you observe it, if there is something you have a question about, such as a structure or something that looks unclear, silently ask what it is. Don't assume anything, or ask leading questions.

If you sense a lump or dark mass, in a neutral way, place white Light there. Granted, you may sense another color that may be needed, Listen carefully to what the tissue needs, not what you think it needs. There is a difference. When you view or listen, you will get an answer if you are neutral enough! Practice and practice neutrality.

Activation of tissue is a very precise activity. You are being the spiritual laser surgeon. Know what you are viewing. Never request an action or take one without knowing what you are viewing or planning to do. There is no guesswork here.

Cancer cells appear and they can just as easily disappear. They are not dead, so why would you want to kill them? Just as wildly as they started growing they can return to normal, die off on their own or be replaced with normal functional cells. You don't need to make that call. You just need to present them with neutral Light, sound or color.

You only take action in this way when the person you are working with neutrally realizes why it appeared and what they got from having it that benefited them in any way. Then, like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, they had to learn it for themselves. It should be in their words, not yours! Don't prod or suggest. You can not do this part for someone. You may know it, feel it, taste it and the words may be forming in your mouth. Don't do it! Just ask them what they got from having it and are their complete with it. That is all you need to ask! They may not be sure or have doubt. That is a part of the process. Allow them the space to find out for themselves. If they need to sit with it for a while then, okay, let them have that space and time to do that.

Have you ever seen a person with growths all over their body? It may seem like some alien tissue invaded that person and is using their body to grow its own kind. Check the person's agreements to be a Human Petri dish! Ascertain if this was a genetic pattern. Remember patterns don't have to be forever and something handed down is not a dictatorial mandate.

You start here because tissue of any kind is similar enough in function, purpose and cell types. Use your scanning techniques and hands-on procedures. How many fields have been affected? How many systems are involved? What does the energy look like? Does it smell or taste like anything you or the person you are asking can describe? This is where knowing what the colors are is very helpful. Knowing what the tissue you are examining is meant to do, will greatly assist you in allowing it to find its wholeness, resume its original matrix and function and provide it with a renewed sense of purpose.

Toughened liver tissue is great as long as it is not rubberized or too extreme for its adequate and proper function. That is what neutrality is all about. It invites remembrance of the original matrix. Once the template of its original form has been reinitiated, the tissue will perform its own healing process. You are just there for support.

Cell Enlivening

Sometimes it is all about a cell or group of cells that have not quite become tissue. These have fields as well and they can be viewed through Kirlian photography as having all the normal shapes and colors expected from normal cells. It is easy to see when they are abnormal by their irregular shapes and chaotic fields. Before and after healing photographs have proven that your hands-on procedures can cause an effect on these cells to have them calm down or come back to being even and normal. Follow the procedures as above and the ones you have learned in earlier Workshops.

Quantum Particle Support

Quantum Particle

These particles are important because they form the atoms that make up the molecules that create life. They act on their own mechanics to form everything in the universe. All subatomic particles are quantum particles. When these are addressed in the healing process, it becomes faster and easier to advance the healing protocols. You may find that this level of viewing shows up when scanning or you can call on it to appear. Follow all the same procedures you have learned. Quantum healing may take place in a flash or over any length of time needed to reestablish the original matrix of which it was a part.

Enhancing and Focusing

The following are ways in which placing Light works well in tandem with various healing modalities. There is a great wealth of knowledge written on each of the following subjects. Study these if you feel drawn to them. Knowing is always the best way to go. When working with placing Light it is not needed to know how it works. Using your tools will greatly enhance and help to focus the healing energy that is needed for these to work well together.



Homeopathic medicine is nothing short of amazing. What a great concept! You show the body or its tissue and cells what it is doing and it brings it into the conscious state. Homeopathic remedies help you see the path to wholeness in its entire splendor. It is not about treating an illness per se or one particular thing that the person is focused upon. It deals with the whole body and the whole being. If you interviewed the person all through the process you would hear the most astounding things of what it felt like to transcend trauma, illness or disease. It functions on the principle that the remedy is approximating as close as possible the symptoms that are being addressed. This is due to the physical universe concept that like cures like. If I have a cold I want to introduce a remedy that would bring about the same symptoms as a cold. It is almost like tapping the life essence of the body on the shoulder saying you-hoo! When the life force recognizes what it has become the affect of, it can readily heal itself. You can assist this process with your hands-on procedure. Remember, allow the process to unfold. Placing Light is a very effective adjunct to homeopathic remedies, since you don't have to know details about the condition, illness, disease or injury.


Botanical Medicine

Botanicals are usually plants used for medicinal purposes. Although one plant can have any number of constituents, each constituent may have a number of effects on the Human body. These help to enhance the healing process and also focus in on any number of ways to handle illness, disease, or conditions present.

Many of our modern medicines have either used botanicals in their formulas or synthesized a medication that can approximate similar benefits. Some concentrates work fast and well. Many synthetic medications have a list of side affects that most botanicals do not.

Botanical medicine can be administered in a variety of forms, from teas to pills and poultices. Some of them work really well with drugs and medications; others can not be given with their counterpart drugs for fear of conflict or overdose. Thus when a formula is being administered to a person using botanical medicine, placing Light is the greatest companion medicine to these plant remedies.


With all injuries, see if you can easily touch the area injured. If an accident has just occurred and a person's vitals are low or they are losing blood rapidly, find out from paramedics if they need to slow the flow of blood down until they can contain the wound or area. You have sounds and tools that address each of these.

Don't get in the way and only converse with paramedics if they are willing. Stand back and allow the process. Do not barge in saying, “Look ou,t I am an energy healer!” If you are the first responder and you know what needs to be done, great. If you don't know what happened or what needs to be done, apply first aid as needed or make sure someone can.

 If you haven't already, be sure and take a first aid class and a CPR class from the Red Cross or at your local health center or YMCA. These will give you tools that will allow you entrance where others stand dumbfounded. Always administer CPR and first aid first; chant your sounds inwardly with your breathing technique if you can, and run energy while tying bandages or tourniquets. When you have the person stable enough, placing Light will calm down everyone in the vicinity. You do not have to be present to place Light. If you are a bystander, use placing Light with the person, the whole incident and all the people involved as well as the paramedics. If you are working with people in a hospital, always place Light with the people administering to them as well.

Energy Centers

All living things have energy centers. The earth has energy centers. It also has meridians that are called ley lines. Each city and major area has a series of centers and all of that area rotates around this center energetically.

New York Light Column

When in New York City, a group of us found all twelve of its energy centers. The stories on this subject are told to this day! It was the most amazing journey to reenergize these centers. It is like recognizing old friends you have not seen in a long time.

So go out into the world and find the centers of the towns and cities in which you live or travel through, and place columns of Light and envision them connecting to the center of the earth and going from the spot you found, straight up into the sky and beyond to forever. Rotate your hands and arms above your head clockwise to open up the energy, and sense that column of Light shining brightly. If it is a specific center like the heart center or the throat center, envision its color as green or whatever is appropriate.

Light Column

You can also plant Light columns in the middle of cities, villages and towns or even countries. These should be white Light columns. When a group of dignitaries get together, or an important meeting is taking place, place the whole venue under the protection of a column of white Light. This then becomes a center for subsequent meetings as well that can be assisted by that Light column. These can be intended into being if you are not physically present.

So now you realize you are the bringers of the dawn and the bearers of the Light. This Light is neutral and allows the highest and best for all concerned. A center of Light has a purpose and focus just as your systems do, and relates in a similar manner. A Light column uplifts and promotes the best for all. Go forth into the Universe and bring the Light of wisdom, truth and wholeness.