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Congratulations! You are ready for your next step.

For Workshop Ten


You have embarked on a journey of personal discovery that can take you far beyond your expectations at this point.

As the journey continues you will find deeper meaning and focus in your life. A process has begun. This initiation will assist in focusing the energy you are working with.

The word initiation as used here or to initiate means to begin, set going, or originate: to initiate major social reforms. To introduce into the knowledge of some art or subject.

It is traditional, when one embarks on a spiritual journey, that one be initiated into that school. However, in the traditional mystery schools, there is a "keeper of the mysteries" who must perform the initiation. In other words, one must receivepermission to advance spiritually.

Because ONA is about you becoming conscious, we feel that no one can initiate you, but you. You do not need our permission to embark on this journey; you only need your own. Because you are making an agreement with your Innermost Self, it is appropriate to stage the agreement in the form of a ritual. (Ritual is a language that communicates more deeply with the Innermost Self, which is why people instinctively use it regarding matters of importance.)

Initiations should not be taken lightly. You are making an agreement with your Innermost Self, and your Innermost Self takes these things very seriously.

The ONA Initiation

Place yourself in a quiet, sacred space. Any space you choose can be a sacred space. In it, you should feel safe, serene, and sane. In this space, light 12 candles. Do the 12 Systems Breath. When you are ready, read this agreement aloud (filling in the blanks appropriately):