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The 'sound' of Enlightenment and how to use it.

The Sound of Enlightenment

ONA teaches and supports consciousness in all you do. The Sound of Enlightenment can trigger dynamic changes in one's life—whether he or she has had this Workshop or not! Because it would not be supportive to trigger such changes in the life of a person who had not consciously agreed to experience them, we ask that you not share this Sound with people who haven't had this Workshop. After all, they wouldn't be conscious of the possible effects, and would not have received the techniques for dealing with them..

Do share other information you learn here.


This is the energy of the aesthetic beauty that shows the Light within, and creates a new Light of what has come before. The two most important elements of this energy are the demonstration of what is so and the attraction to establish a form of perfection. Simply put, it is the demonstration and establishment of the more fully perfect. This is the energy of knowingly living as the Light of perfection.

Placing a new step into the fold Making a new one like those that have been made To put into place a new order
Ascending into a place that is now formed Upholding a new place Establishing the new order
This is what is The act of or presentation of Demonstration of perfection
Showing how something works Lifting something or someone toward the light Recognition of the light within
Forms that are beautifying Attractive forms that hold respect Considerations of, aesthetically pleasing to the senses
Compelling attention toward The ideal that is strived for The process of attempting to attain the more

The sound of this System relates to, supports, upholds and forwards the concept of enlightenment. Chanting or directing this sound consciously brings forth and promotes enlightenment and understanding. These are demonstrated in this way and a new order is established.

This is the energy of new beginning. ASANDI-CRA-ILANA reestablished a new order. It does do this from the elements that have gone before it. ASANDI-CRA-ILANA allows us to see the light within us so that we can perceive it in others and all things.

Once you learn to tap into your own wellspring of the divine, it is a very short step into living in that state. It is a constant vigil of being aware of all energies as they ebb and flow through life. It will demand of you a full time awareness as living and being aware that you and all things around you are energy. Use this sound to open new possibilities into the future. it can be sounded out load to make light known as being present. Plant light columns in dark places so that they can come alive again using this sound.

ASANDI-CRA-ILANA is the sound you place on or in relation to all projects to uplift the energy and bring in the aesthetic aspects of the project at hand. Address all those involved through the eyes of what is best for all concerned; leave no one out. If you do, that will be your downfall. Wholeness maintains its original order of intention. If one aspect is not addressed then it is like having a part that does not interrelate with the whole and eventually the intentions put forth begin to misfire and not connect. it is the concept of the missing or weakest link. Strengthen and support that part so that the whole area business or project stays on course and working for the whole of its members.

Use this sound to reestablish connections in healing with parts that have been deformed and help its original vision of wholeness come more alive. Some times before the light comes or returns darkness seems to take hold. Do not worry about this. This is what is known as a healing crisis and with consistent application the known value will return. It is not a matter of faith; it is just the process that healing takes.

Use the sound of ASANDI-CRA-ILANA when you want to bring attention to an issue that others can not confront and are having a difficult time regarding as important. Remember it works on a very high, imperceptible, frequency so that you may be humming the sound under your breath. It will not offend others and it will not fight battles. It can open an area needing to find joy and connection again. It helps you to support and uphold in order to reestablish the proper whole order if difficulties arise.

Always give thanks for the opportunity that has given you a chance to use this sound! It may seem to be difficult, confusing and something gone wrong. ASANDI-CRA-ILANA is just there to bring all parts back into the fold.


ASANDI, in ancient times, was a place of considerable importance, an important Jain center. Jainism is an Indian religion that prescribes a path of non-violence towards all living beings. Its philosophy and practice emphasize the necessity of self-effort to move the soul towards divine consciousness and liberation. An ancient representation of wholeness and enlightenment, this is its symbol:

Symbol of Jainism

CRA most closely relates to the creative process of how things come together and are related in order to work properly. One of the native peoples of North America who are known as the Cree, established themselves in an order of nations. They received their name from Cray, an old French term for a dweller of a hill. In Celtic the name is of a rock or rocky place. We can see the lifting process here. It is something raised up or established at a higher level than its origin.

ILANA, in our times, is a name of Greek origin which means torch or bright light. Not far to see its relationship to enlightenment.


It's particularly important that you practice saying this Sound…but not so that others can hear. Remember, it can bring up issues of Enlightenment which often manifest as poor intuition; remember techniques such as The Projecting Fields Technique. This will assist you to break new ground and see and go beyond any self-imposed beliefs or limits.