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The 'sound' of Perception and how to use it.

ONA teaches and supports consciousness in all you do. The Sound of Perception can trigger dynamic changes in one's life—whether he or she has had this Workshop or not! Because it would not be supportive to trigger such changes in the life of a person who had not consciously agreed to experience them, we ask that you not share this Sound with people who haven't had this Workshop. After all, they wouldn't be conscious of the possible effects, and would not have received the techniques for dealing with them..

Do share other information you learn here.

The Sound of Perception


This is the sound that places all the energy into clarity by the process of delineating all of its parts and placing them in an order that will give them an affordable outcome. Through the energy of ordered knowledge, comes the clear view of what needs to occur so that life or livingness can continue in its most optimum form or flow.

Mapping or tracing one's way
Being clear about the outcomes and purposes and destinations that are in the path of who or what is moving toward an outcome. That which feeds. To delineate
To be clear of, clarity. From the hand that provides. Placing something or someone in a position where they are in the affirmative of a positive outcome.
To bring clearness or make clear. Showing or pointing the way to existence. Placing all the parts together so as to show the way.
Opaqueness Exhibiting by way of a hand. Every part of the whole can be seen and works together.
A view that is seen and comprehended. Giving over to. Knowing how to arrive at a place through viewing the whole road or way.
The ability to act with foreknowledge that is clear. Indications of something to come.

Through the use of this sound, we allow the proper form to materialize through delineating all the parts. In this way the energy can flow clearly.

When you want to bring a sense of transcendence to an area, question or form, you can use this sound to bring about the most optimum solution. It works by laying out all the parts involved in the sequence that will afford the greatest good for that area; question or form in relationship to all the things in is in contact with.

When you want clarity of a purpose chant OPA-MANI-OLI and your thoughts will become delineated so that clarity will come present.

If you are working on yourself or someone else and there is confusion or chaos, always ask for the highest good of all concerned and chant silently or aloud OPA-MANI-OLI and that physical part or issue will begin to find the clarity it needs.

Chant OPA-MANI-OLI while you are preparing for a new job, project, venture or career for it to have clarity for you. Include in it that all those involved find clarity for the highest good of all concerned.

If you are taking anything into your body, be with it for a while, chanting OPA-MANI-OLI so that it is delineated and clarity is reached so that it can have the greatest good for you and all concerned.

Clear perceptions bring awareness that thought is being transcended by an even more inclusive energy. This is the energy being that the spiritual part of us exhibits. When you are clear by way of delineation of the path all things are truly possible. You can let go of trying to control the outcome because it is clear as to what it will be. From this place you can make your choices and take action accordingly.

Healing (or, as we like to refer to it, Wholeing) is continuing in a state of awareness of all the possibilities. When the way is too narrow, not all the possible outcomes are available to you. When you request of yourself and the universes for all the parts to interact with each other and become delineated, you are asking for them to find that combination that is for the greatest good for all concerned. This process brings along with it clarity of how you are being whole and how you can continue as whole.

OPA-MANI-OLI begins taking you there as often as you decide you want to be in that state of awareness. It creates the place for those energies to manifest and take hold so that wholeness can be experienced more and more. The more you live in your own wholeness the less fragmented you view yourself as, and the world around you. You no longer choose fear and anger to try and control others or situations.

If you want chaos to continue in your life eliminate the consciousness of OPA-MANI-OLI and watch yourself slide back into being run by your life instead of consciously living it. Clarity forgoes blame and sides and is your first step into the spiritual realms of living in harmony and peace with Self and others and situations that are as fleeting as the wind. They come and go more quickly then the memories that you provide them with and keep them alive with.

OPA-MANI-OLI is the sound of now and presents it in a form that, if you choose to, will allow you to step to the beat of life and continuance instead of disruption, chaos, separation.

As you gain clarity, affirm that it will be most prevalent in your mind and in our life. Hopefully you will keep faithful to its being present in your life, for it becomes your life line to the essence of who you truly are.


There is an expression in Greek when they say Opa. Opa is a Greek interjection used to express joy or high spirits, especially when dancing. Opa describes a jubilant emotion of celebration.

Mani can relate to Mana such as hand or even Manna which is a substance that some dessert plants use to repopulate themselves. The Judo-Christian Bible mentions the children of Israel picking manna from bushes and harvesting it to make what they called mana, a type of bread used to sustain them on their sojourn in the dessert.

In Spanish the people yell out ¡Olé! when the bull has missed killing the matador one more time. They both get to keep all their parts whole and intact for one more round.


It's particularly important that you practice saying this Sound…but not so that others can hear. Remember, it can bring up issues of Perception which often manifest as poor transcendence; remember, the breathing technique, hands-on and Haling Technique you learn in this workshop, can be used to catch any manifesting issues and resolve them before they become serious.