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All about the color of Perception (purple).

The Color of Perception

Purple is the Color of Perception

The color that best represents this system is purple. The qualities of purple are those of insight, feeling full, regality and spiritual. Although it is a proper color in its own right, Purple can be derived from the combination of red and blue. It unites red's fiery out-flowing energy with blue's cool inward-moving calm.

Purple is often used to represent royalty, imperial power, justice, and/or truth. It is the most intuitive of all the colors. This color brings a sense of high value for others as well as self. This color imparts the gift of grace and inner wisdom, and can lead to having or developing an intimate nature, blending intuition with sensitivity. Purple implies an understanding of the more expanded concepts of reality.

Those people that are drawn to use purple or shades of violet are more sensitive and are learning to trust their true feelings, to listen to their inner voice and trust what they have come to know. This color assists in developing the use of your own intuitive powers and abilities. In this process you can learn that the innocence of youth has not left you. It has been covered over with veils of appropriateness that may or may not work for you any longer. Working with this color can open dialog between you and your inner child.

Wearing purple will assist you to deepen your understanding in what is around you and how you relate with the more intricate portions of life itself. It will allow you to stay free from entanglements. It can stimulate your own intuitive sense about yourself and the things around you. Outside pressures will not seem as hectic.

Utilizing purple or its shades in rooms sets a tone of dignity and adds a feeling of respect and openness. You may want to watch that you do not make this a loud statement in any area into which you wish to project sensitivity. Also, stay in touch with your sense of texture here. Stay clear of glossiness. This is a good color to combine with whites, pure creams and silvers. Be aware that black and darker colors can give result in a heavy effect.

Regarding physical effects, purple is a vasodilator and lowers the blood pressure, It is used to treat excessive menstruation, for it is opposite in effect to scarlet. In severe cases of excessive bleeding, use indigo; yet purple does a fine job otherwise. Purple has an analgesic, antipyretic, narcotic and hypnotic effect; and to achieve these purposes, purple can be used with a long exposure. Purple is indicated in malaria. Purple can be the color of intensity, divinity or royalty. Purple can be used where animation without irritation is needed. Purple is a venous stimulant.

Areas of the body that can be treated with purple are the kidneys, lungs and a hot or excited stomach.

On the other hand purple stimulates the spleen. It can be applied as both a motor nerve and lymphatic depressor. It is a cardiac depressor. Purple nourishes the blood and upper brain. It purifies the blood, as it is a leukocyte builder. It maintains the potassium and sodium balance in the body. It is good for bone growth.

Other diseases that have been treated with purple are: bladder trouble, bone growth, cerebral spinal meningitis, concussion, cramps, epilepsy, kidneys, leucoderma, mental disorders, neuralgia, nervous disorders, rheumatism, sciatica, scalp diseases, skin diseases and tumors.