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How to meditate using the Perception Breathing Technique.

Perception Breathing Technique

Perception Breath

This breathing technique can allow you to access that place that spans between physical and beyond. When this is done correctly you can feel a bit light and floating at first. Then as you continue calm and certain become the operating modality. From this expanded view you can easily divine auras and colors much more readily.

  1. Sit comfortably with nothing on your mind and relax all your thoughts from cares and distractions.

  2. Close your eyes gently.

  3. Take three very deep breathes repeating inwardly the sound of ONA. Say ONA as you inhale and as you exhale.

  4. Now open your eyes and focus upon your Crown Vortex while continuing to breathe. Listen to which sound comes most present to you and chant that while you are breathing.

  5. Breathe each breath through you Crown Center and beyond. Each breath leading to connecting with the Fields and Inner Aspects of those around you. Begin to sense the colors and energies present.

  6. Start to distinguish those of your own energies and those energies seeming to emanate from those around you. Continue to breath deeply as you do.

  7. Use your newfound perceptions to intuit what is present at each level you contact. This is not the thought level. It comes as a flash or first impression.

  8. Keep making note of the differences you find while breathing. Begin to use all your own perceptions, touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight and so on to perceive what is present.

This breathing technique will be most useful during energy assessments of yourself or others. You want to make a mental note and keep notes on your clients or on yourself of what you perceived. In future sessions with your client or yourself note any changes that have occurred.

You are not using your intention to wish anything to happen or change anything. You are being neutral and inviting the energy to guide you with your breath. Allow it to show you what is there. At this point you are just neutrally observing with your sounds and breath. Later you may learn what to look for after you first observe. Make sure you start out observing neutrally first before any assessment. This is the true meaning of perception.

This breathing technique can be completed in any length of time you desire. It can be utilized during the whole session on yourself or others.