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We examine in depth your Morphogenetic Inner Aspect and Field, as well as your energetic System of Transformation.



Welcome to Workshop Eight of the ONA Workshop Series. In this workshop, we will study Transformation, the Eighth principle of ONA and the principle that underlies your Eighth Field and Inner Aspect (Morphogenetic), and System.

  • The Definition of Transformation

  • The Statements of Transformation

  • The System of Transformation

  • The Morphogenetic Field and Inner Aspect

  • The Transformative Breath

  • The Color of Transformation

  • The Sound of Transformation

  • ONA Initiation: System One

  • Hands-On: The ONA Session

  • The Transformation Technique

To take this workshop, you may print the pages or view them on-screen. Either way, you'll want to read them at a time you can concentrate without interruption. There are questions for you to answer, and a place for you to type in your answers; but the information is neither sent nor saved anywhere. The fields are just there to support you in thinking about your answers, which people are more prone to do when they have to write them somewhere.