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A few questions to help you measure your own progress.

Workshop Eight


Please take a week or so to practice the techniques you learned in this workshop. Each workshop builds on the skills learned in the workshop previous.

Then, take a few minutes to answer the following questions. This is not a test; it is intended to give you a baseline against which to measure your progress. The “right” answer is the honest one!

When you are done, click the "Send" button at the bottom. That will transmit your information to the ONA database, where we use it to determine the usefulness of our materials, and to note that you are ready for the next workshop.

Upon receipt of your questionnaire, we will email you a certificate of achievement you may print and frame.

Please enter your first name:
How would you judge the quality of the material in this Workshop? Excellent Above average Average Below average Poor
How would you judge the importance of the material in this Workshop? Extremely important Very important Unimportant Misleading Dangerous
How many hours did you spend in the last week practicing the techniques presented in this Workshop? More than 10 5-10 2-5 1-2 None
What does the concept of Transformation mean to you? How do you think maintaining an awareness of Transformation might impact your life?
What is your basic concept of your Morphogenetic Field?
What is your basic concept of your Morphogenetic Inner Aspect?
How can your I SEE statements enhance your ability to transform?
Describe your experience in making positive I SEE statements with certainty.
Do your System I SEE statements—your coincidences—tend to remain constant, or do they change? Why do you think this is so?
Your Field I SEE TO statements describe your transformations. What percentage of your transformations are positive? Negative? How do you feel about this ratio?
Your Inner Aspect I SEE statements describe the way you transform, easy or difficult. What do the statements you made, say about you?
What did you experience as you toned the sound given in this workshop?
What was your experience with the Transformational Breath? Did you experience a change afterward? If so, how long did it last?
How big a part would you say doubt plays in your life? How big a part does certainty play? How might you balance doubt and certainty to your benefit?
What was your experience Doing the ONA Transformational Techniques?