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How to clear the Inner Aspects and Fields

Clearing the Inner Aspects and Fields

Clearing Inner Aspects and Fields

It is essential to clear any obstructions and large blocks to wholeness in the Fields and Inner Aspects. This will promote health on all the levels of your being or that of your clients. Issues and conditions occur in the fields long before they ever manifest in or on the physical body. Thus it behooves you as a practitioner of ONA to clear your own Fields and Inner Aspects first and then those of your friends and relatives and clients as well. Follow the simple and easy method of clearing that follows. Complete each step. Clearing the Fields and Inner Aspects is always done prior to tuning them.

Prepare For Clearing

  • Wash hands with cold, lightly salted or sea-salted water

  • If doing session on another, first do hand positions on self

  • While doing clearing, use any of the breathing techniques

  • Plan on 30 to 60 minutes for procedure

Inner Aspect Clearing

The hand positions are listed in Workshop One. Click here to remind yourself if necessary.

  • Place hands in first hand position

  • Envision each of the twelve Inner Aspects, its color clear and clean

  • Repeat from the other eleven hand positions

Field Clearing

  • Place your hands where your intuition tells you each Field is

  • Start with Field One, the physical body

  • “See” the Field's color as bright and clear, its structure as integral

  • If you perceive an irregularity in a Field's shape or surface, “brush” it into place with your fingers

This procedure may take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour to complete. Check with your client (yourself or another person) when you are complete with the Inner Aspects and again when you have completed the Fields. Ask these points: How is the client doing? How does he or she feel? Acknowledge what is said and handle anything relating to the client's comfort to the best of your ability. If all is fine, continue. The client may request additional clearing in specific Inner Aspects or Fields. Comply as long as the client perceives he or she needs it (even if you perceive it cleared). There is no need to tell the client you cannot continue for a few more minutes. On the other hand, the client may feel complete before you think he or she is. Honor the client's perception. There may be more to be done but it is up to the client to decide how much is to be done in a single session.

Proceed with what the person is comfortable in completing. The client may need time to integrate the whole procedure. Do not coerce or force a person to receive clearing at any time under any circumstances. When you or your client become more familiar with the reactions and sensations that arise in this procedure, you can re-clear those areas. Never violate a client's boundaries of comfort.

Field Misalignments

You may perceive (intuit) that one or more of the client's Fields are misaligned. Some examples of misalignments are:

  • Field is too large (extends beyond “outer” Field)

  • Field is too small (enclosed within “inner” Field)

  • Field is misshapen

  • Field is “chunky” (contains dense energy patterns)


After the Fields are cleared, they may need to be tuned. Generally, the tone of a Field or Inner Aspect is suboptimal because of dense patterns trapped in the Field. Dense patterns lower the frequency and are usually the result of trauma.

Sound is the essential ingredient that evokes the integrity of each person's Fields and Inner Aspects. The process of knowing and hearing sounds of each Field and Inner Aspect simultaneously creates harmonies and eventually an overtone. This overtone resonates throughout all the Fields and Inner Aspects. In this work, an overtone is the single sound produced by several sounds that come together at the same time. This overtone is that individual's tone or sound current. This tone is structured through all the Fields and Inner Aspects and reverberates through whatever is within each.

Since every being's Fields and Inner Aspects contain different amounts and types of information, the current flowing through these will most likely be different for each person. At times one sound may approximate another or resonate in the same area. How this works is in this way: Let's say we are examining your Mental Field and the Mental Inner Aspect. A vibrational current of energy may be resounding through the Mental Field and Inner Aspect. As it resonates through these, it will alter the current of the Mental Field and Inner Aspect. The denser the patterns that are present in these, the slower the current resounds. This is called lowering your tone. Memories of past traumas that remain charged in the mind tend to possess their own sound current in response to the sound generated through the Field and Inner Aspect.

The procedure of tuning the Fields and Inner Aspects generates them as whole and integral, without interruptions. It has the benefit of tuning it to that Field or Inner Aspect's own vibration and pattern. This can also be performed by using tuning folks. These sounds, or recordings of them, can be played aloud within each Field and Inner Aspect. As they are, each Field and Inner Aspect becomes aligned with that tone. The Fields and Inner Aspects will then find their own resonance with the assistance of these sounds.

Tuning The Fields

The technique for Field Tuning is similar to that of Field Clearing, in that you place your hands on the Fields, which you locate intuitively, and envision the Field's color as being bright and clear. To this you add the Sound of each System (using intention with "ONA" for Sounds you have not yet learned) and the musical note for that System.

When you are giving someone else a session in order to tune their Fields and Inner Aspects, have them do the envisioning and let you know when those colors have been envisioned for them. You do the chanting out loud if they are trained to your level or to the level they are trained to. If they are trained beyond your level, request them to chant aloud those you know and silently those you do not know or have not yet been instructed in. If they have not been trained in ONA at all, just chant the sounds that you have learned inwardly, intending those sounds into the Field and Inner Aspect you are addressing. They will get it on another level. Listen to when they sense for themselves that they are complete. You always go with what the client tells you as far as their sense of completion. Teach your client simple breathing, long deep breathing, so that you can have them breathing along with you. Remember proper breathing allows oxygenation of the cells of the body and assists in opening up the channels, Fields and Inner Aspects.

Do not forget to continue to perform this procedure with yourself and upon your clients as you learn all twelve sounds of ONA. After each ONA Workshop from now on, tune your own Fields and Inner Aspects and those of your clients you have applied this information to so they have the benefit of wholeness and completion.