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Communication Technique

In addition to first aid, to ease pain and bring comfort while awaiting conventional medical attention

After or during conventional treatment, to help resolve the underlying issue, thus permitting faster and more complete physical recovery

Communication like anything else does really well when it is practiced well. When we take time and focus our attention we tend to communicate much better with one another. This process will help to open up new pathways for you to see how to be more effective in communications. It has been demonstrated that communicating properly makes performing any task easier and safer. All communication cycles contain the same elements there is an beginning, acknowledgement that you heard what was said, an answer and an acknowledgement to that answer. This makes communication a lot easier and more effective in the long run. Here is a good example:

Good Example:
Person A: Nice day isn't it?

Person B: Yup! Sure is!

Person A: Yes it is or they could have smiled or nodded or gestured

Person B: Thanks! Or smile or node

Communication is very simple but leave out one part and misunderstanding on confusion can set in like this, can you spot what was left out?:

Poor Example:
Person A: Nice day isn't it?

Person B: looks around and does not say or gesture anything.

Person A: Looks confused walks away.

Person B: Says- ahy what'a wrong?

Person A: Assumes person B is joking or making fun of them and walks away upset.

So at the completion of a communication both people or all invovled feel they were heard and understood. This will help you a great deal in talking with other people, family members, frinends and loved ones. So much of the conversation in our life consists of people talking over one another and that is accepted as natural and they way people talk. Really, it is a sign of aggressive conversation and conflict. It reeks of emotional turmoil. So this technique has four basic parts. You will partner up and switch partners after a while to get use to communicateing with different people.

ONA Communicatiion Technique:
Section 1: Person A: Decide who will orginate the first communication and that person says anything at all such as, like your hat, nice shirt, is it bit chilly in here? These can be longer statements as well. Just don't start talking in sentences keep it simple.

Section 2: Person B: The person being addressed says: thanks for noticeing, got it in Paris or says yes or no or whatever will acknowledge that they heard the other person that seems appropriate to the statement of question.

Section 3: Person A: Then makes a comment gesture or statement regarding what the Person B said, such as: it is a bit warn, or It looks French or nodes, smiles or waves, whatever addressee the question or statement.

Section 4: Person B: the says thanks, OK, or sure thing, smiles politely, nodes or gestures.

Section 5: Reverse rolls and start all over again when this is complete go on.

Section 6: Now change partners and Sections 1 thru 5 again.

You can practice this on your own or with other people you know. Make sure you explain to them why you are doing this so they don't think you have lost it or are asking them trick questions. Communicateing can be very healing and rewarding when we learn to listen to what others say and let them know you heard what they were saying and they recognize you did. When you are complete share with others what your expereince was.