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All about the color of Awakening (green).

The Color of Awakening

The color of Awakening is Green.

Green is traditionally the color of harmony and balance. It symbolizes hope, renewal and peace. It is to a great extent the color of our planet. It is neither acid nor alkaline.

People who are drawn to this color tend to be benevolent, Humanistic, service-oriented and scientific. Many people here have a strong interest in the healing arts. Some learn to serve and help others as well as themselves with insights that they have learned to draw upon. They want to know and understand the plights of others as well as themselves.

This color in general helps to restore purpose and balance.

Green in your wardrobe counteracts emotional stress. It allows you to be in touch with clearer insights. It also helps you to stimulate yourself and others to practicality and maintain balance while doing so.

Use the color green to motivate your objectivity, promote health consciousness, and stimulate and independent goal and calm your emotional response to discord.

Green is cooling, soothing and calming both physically and mentally. It acts upon the sympathetic nervous system; it relieves tension in the blood vessels and lowers blood pressure.

Green dilates the capillaries and produces a sensation of warmth. It stabilizes the emotions and stimulates the pituitary gland. It acts like a sedative upon the nervous system and is helpful in treating sleeplessness, exhaustion and irritability.

Green is a muscle and tissue builder. It acts as an aphrodisiac and sex tonic. It is also a disinfectant, germicide, antiseptic and bactericide. It is emotionally soothing.

The Channel

Recall that the Systems extend outward in all directions from a central point in curved shapes called parabolic dishes.

At the center point of each System is that System's Center. That System's energies revolve around the Center.

A Center is an axis around which the energies of a System revolve. A revolving cone of energy called a Vortex moves and encircles the Center. The Center and its Vortex are a core, a place of concentrated activity or influence. Each Center and Vortex is employed for the collecting and filtering of specific levels of vibratory energies. Each flavor or rate of vibration manifests as a specific color in that System. Each System has a predominant Color or vibratory rate, known as Primary Energies. Each System possesses a balance of each of the other energies that appear as specific colors. These we call Secondary Energies. The predominant color will be the one the manifests as that System. For example, System Six will show as the color green although all the other colors are in constant use in that System and exchanging and moving.

Primary energies are fed directly into a Center and its Vortex from the outer Fields.

The major Centers of each System are connected to the Vertical Currents Connecting Channel or what we shall refer to as the Channel. This Channel acts as a variable ground, in that, at any location along its length, energy of a particular color naturally wants to concentrate. The Channel itself, then, looks like a rainbow. At every 50 nanometers' change of frequency, another Center arises, and a System forms around that.

Thus, all systems can interact and exchange energies, and through them, the Fields and the Inner Aspects. Secondary energies are taken from the Channel and are only utilized by the Centers and Vortexes of other Systems. They are taken into that System, as needed, to maintain the equilibrium and balance of that System.

Each Vortex is connected to the Channel by a Seal that regulates how much of that System's energy is taken in or released. It's a selective filter that permits different amounts of each frequency to pass.

Visualizing Colors

To strengthen the Systems, visualize the proper color for that System at its location. Note any difficulty envisioning the correct color! That can mean that System particularly needs the proper energy frequency applied there.

1 Foundation

Ensure that you are comfortable before we begin this visualization. Gently close your eyes.

Take a long breath, inhaling the primary color of each System while moving from System One to System Twelve. That is, on one inhalation, you'll breathe “Ground” (Double infra-red), “Bronze” (infra-red), Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Purple, “Iridescent” (UVA), “Silver” (UVB) and “Gold” (UVC), focusing your attention on the appropriate center for each color (feet, knees, groin, etc.).

Then exhale each color while moving from System Twelve to System One.

2 Acknowledgement
3 Connection
4 Mobility
5 Aspiration
6 Awaken
7 Communication
8 Transformation
9 Perception
10 Enlightenment
11 Emanation
12 Continuance

Practical Colors

Shining colored lights onto or into an area can promote healing or bring balance to an area. It has been well documented that light in colored forms can assist in the healing process. It can also aid in the redistribution of the appropriate colored energy into the desired vortexes.

Theatrical gels

Exposing a person or a particular vortex to its primary color orientation creates a more concentrated and lasting health-generating atmosphere. As a healing practice this can be achieved through a variety of means. One efficient way is by the use of a flashlight and the use of colored theatrical gels. These gels allow the light to color the area and bathe it in the light to elicit various color properties. This can be done as routine therapy for practitioners who wish to set up lights with colored gels above or below their massage table. In this way one could give one's client an ONA session while timing the lights, shining them all or one at a time to ensure a more inclusive session for balance and healing.

When purchasing the gels, remember to take the light source temperature into account. Conventional flashlights run towards the red side of the spectrum, while the newer LED flashlights tend toward the blue; so gels should be chosen to compensate. Also, if using conventional flashlights, be sure your batteries are fresh, as the bulbs redden even more with lessening voltage.