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All about your sixth System, Field and Inner Aspect.

About the Word

Baby waking up

Awakening is a state of becoming more conscious. It is an unfolding of becoming aware. This is the state in which a person is opened to noticing more and becoming of greater asset to self and others. Awakening is the process of rousing from sleep. It exists to stir up memories. This process allows you to become alert and more focused and present in the moment of now.

Awakening is the process of becoming more coherent and cognizant of your surroundings and having the knowledge of your own placement there. Self (accessing all the aspects of yourself) to unconscious levels of encasement, i.e., armoring, accumulation of energy, etc. When we speak of awakening within ONA we are referring to being a conscious creator; being at the very core or center of that which you are awakening to.

Purpose of Awakening

The purpose of Awakening is to evolve into a position of unlimited scope, quantity or quality. To become aware of Self as the one who knows and wills into being a greater potential. The reason for this level of consciousness is to be aware of the process that you are undertaking to become a Conscious Living Being. Awakening represents your own desire to be willing to be the center of your own universe and to see and know yourself better as you go toward that destination.

At A Glance

Location of Center Heart
Statement I KNOW
Associated Field/Inner Aspect Aware
Interactions Creates, Forms
Tone F
Color Green
Chakra (for comparison) Fourth
Planetary Ruler Jupiter

The Heart is our connection to life and death, to Earth and Infinity. It is our connection to the God within you. Since it connects you to All That Is, it is also the home of being aware and therefore I KNOW is its principle.


As an infant, one of the first things you become aware of is love. You accept the love energy from your parents, that being the path that eventually teaches you the difference between self and non-self, and that non-self is not necessarily frightening. It is the beginning of your relationship to the Universe beyond our skin. It is the beginning of awareness, without which there would only be introspection.

From being aware grows consciousness, there is becoming aware that you exist; and your evolution into a more complex being grows from that. Finally, you create yourself as a new being, more than you were before. If you keep at it, you may become a Fully Conscious Being, aware of your distinction and your relationship to All That Is.


The active intelligence that creates statements of Awakening is in the form of I KNOW.

I KNOW comes in a variety of forms. I KNOW statements are made which apply to the Aware Inner Aspect, the Aware Field, and the System of Awakening. Inner Aspect statements refer to the manner in which you perceive information from beyond yourself and your physical senses; Field statements refer to your stories, and System statements describe your experience of the the Universe beyond yourself


Inner Aspect Field System
Quality of or how you obtain Awareness as information Your stories: Facts, beliefs, plus narrative (explanation) Your experience Awakening
I KNOW what I sense makes me aware I KNOW my girlfriend is cheating on me. I KNOW the Earth has a vibration
I KNOW when I'm in danger. I KNOW my parents hated me because they wanted a boy. I KNOW there are angels around me.
I KNOW when people are lying to me. I KNOW I forgot my keys this morning because my spouse distracted me I KNOW that people are basically good.

Inner Aspect

The Sixth Inner Aspect is that of being aware. The aspect is the part of you that works with the Sixth Field to allow you to work with information that you neither obtained through direct experience nor by being told—in other words, attained information through becoming aware of it. Talents such as knowing the best routes to take or how to perform something well, require a healthy Sixth Inner Aspect.

Inner Aspect I KNOW statements refer to the way one perceives this information, such as “I KNOW when it is time to make my move” or “I KNOW just how to get there.” You have many senses. The ones within you is based on many lifetimes of information that you seem to know or you were down that road once and just know it.

Unhealthy Inner Aspect

An unhealthy Sixth Inner Aspect is evidence by a lack of knowledge—which, far from being a special talent, is actually something all Humans can attain quite easily. But an unhealthy Sixth Inner Aspect results in a person who doesn't trust his or her know how, or they are even riddled with doubt or fear of failure—that's when a person scores so poorly on tests they are never sure what to study or if they really know what the material is that they should study, or they have developed just poor study habits. They have not really been able to be validated or validate themselves for what they do know.

These individuals need to practice validation of knowing what they do know and work with people to can confirm that they have gotten it down. Knowing comes from times you know something that works and it works just the way you knew it would. It involves self discovery sometimes denied to some people for all kinds of reasons. None of this is insurmountable and can be learned and Affirmed.

When you become aware that you know things for yourself it confirms that knowledge for yourself. More and more of this allows you future access to just having that awareness for yourself in this lifetime or any others that follow.

Exercise 6-a

Write down four Inner Aspect I KNOW statements (referring to the way you do, or don't receive being aware that something is so), Mark statements that indicate success at being aware “A+”. Mark statements that indicate limited, negative or doubt in being aware “A-”.

Inner Aspect

Inner Aspect Health

As with any ability, your awareness gets better the more you use it. Playing games that increase your knowledge of things and reading how-to books and applying those skills to a result can help achieve a sense of certainly. You also need plenty of sleep, since the time you spend slumbering, your mind spends gathering information about the next days' assignments. Meditation also helps, as it gives one an opportunity to listen to the Inner Self.

Since a symptom of an unhealthy Sixth Inner Aspect is anxiety attacks, take the time to re-evaluate the fears in your life. When we experience fear for a lengthy period of time, it lowers our vibrational rate and that makes it more difficult to perceive new information—a vicious circle. If you can see those fears as joyful challenges, with confidence that you can and will overcome them—even if you don't know how, right now—your frequency will rise, making it easier to, indeed, overcome those challenges.

Aware Field


In the First Field, the Body, you've learned that you store ailments and health. In the Second you maintain awareness of the things you own. In the Third Field, you store beliefs—information that was passed down to you. In the Fourth Field, you maintain facts—information you've directly experienced. In the Fifth Field, you place plans. What goes in the Sixth? Why, stories, of course, about the first five!

In your stories, you take elements from the first five fields and add a narrative. The narrative is intended to explain the ailments, possessions, beliefs, facts, and plans.

While stories are as necessary to you as facts and beliefs, it is, again, important to distinguish them and to become aware of the properties that make them distinct.

For example, suppose you run out in the morning, get to your car, and discover you forgot to bring your keys. “Unh!” you cry, pounding your head. “I'm so stupid! I can't believe I forgot the keys again!” Stupidity is not actually a factor in forgetting one's keys; but it has now become part of the story.

You might then, while hurrying to work, manufacture an explanation for forgetting them. “My spouse did nothing but annoy me this morning,” you might think. “It's a wonder I remembered my shoes!” You've now incorporated your spouse into this tale of the keys, and in a few minutes will probably remember the whole incident in those terms. Instead of the simple facts—you forgot your keys—you have now replaced it with an elaborate story that fits any number of facts together in a way that seems to make them relate—even though they may not relate, at all.

And they may. As said earlier, narratives have a purpose and they can be accurate. But they can also be inaccurate, and it's important that you not create a story where none is needed, and where it serves only to shift blame or responsibility. The real hi-light of stories is to give certainty to those things that happen. It might help you remember more details and become proficient in knowing where things are such as establishing specific places for your keys or seeing how they were out of sight.

So, if your Aware Field contains all these stories, where does the being aware part come in? Simple: Your Sixth Field interacts with every other Sixth Field in the Universe. Your "Awareness" comes from reading the interaction between your own Sixth Field as well as other Sixth Fields.

In general, it's easier to read a person or situation that is physically or emotionally close to you; such as, Mary has a specific kind of coffee everyday at the same time and drinks it in the same way, Mary is a coffee drinker. As well as anything that is very powerful can be read from a distance— such as every time water rises above a 5 meter mark of the flood wall there is a flood. Why is that so? Because you know the limit of the flood wall. You retain all sorts of details and information from many sources. That's why so many people, including many who don't usually acknowledge their own awareness, could become aware of things yet to come.

And you contribute to all that energy. Your Sixth Field broadcasts your own stories, just as it picks up the stories of others.

Psychic Readings

So how do psychics do it? It's actually pretty easy. It just requires you to know your own stories very well.

When you are reading the Sixth Field of another, the stories you have in common will reinforce each other, making them feel stronger; the stories that are in opposition will cancel each other out, making them feel weaker. This is not necessarily intuition or being psychic. Some people have raised their ability to read the images in the Sixth Field. Sometimes they are accurate and other times their own judgments and experiences cloud their view.

Learn how you have interpreted your own stories. Your readings will involve archetypes that come from your own vocabulary of tales. (Remember, we covered archetypes in Workshop Five.) Remember, what you gleaned from those experiences, the information is seldom literal—it is almost always couched in metaphors and archetypes. The better versed you are in your own stories, the better you can interpret the information you receive concerning these for others as well as yourself.

Unhealthy Field


A person with an unhealthy Sixth Field has as many stories as anyone else—but they do not serve him or her, because they all explain his or her misfortunes in terms of what someone else did or didn't do. In other words, they are about blame and shifting of responsibility.

Now, such a person will deny that these stories are inaccurate, because he or she truly believes in his or her victimhood. But victimhood is an illusion and a trap; and such stories don't help because they do not lead a person to make improvements to his or her life. After all, if all his or her misfortunes are due to the machinations of others, there is no clear path to improvement, since we cannot change other people.

In the other direction, we have people who refuse to take credit for the good things in their lives. They say God did it, or angels, or their parents, or their spouse—anyone but themselves. Either way, its a way of avoiding responsibility in the co-creation of their own lives.

An external symptom of an unhealthy Sixth Field is that other people mis-read you or your intentions—they always seem to jump to the wrong conclusions about your motivations, plans, or what-have-you. And you may frequently jump to the wrong conclusions about them: An unhealthy Sixth Field can neither be read, nor read others, with much success. This is when the archetype work you have done in workshop five really helps a lot to see through this area.

Exercise 6-b

Write down four I KNOW statements referring to your stories, Mark stories that accept responsibility or achievement with “F+”; Mark stories that indicate outward blame or responsibility “F-”.


Field Health


To achieve a healthy Aware Field, you need to re-evaluate all your stories, and acknowledge your own responsibility in every one. It doesn't matter what anyone else did to you; you allowed yourself to be there and that's your responsibility. Don't confuse this with taking on responsibility for what someone else did! If you were murdered, to take an extreme example, your responsibility was for being there. The murderer's responsibility is his or her own, part of his or her story, not yours. "I was murdered on October 5th" is an accurate story. "I was murdered because he hated me," is not, because you cannot know someone else's motivations. Even if that's what he told you, you can't know he isn't lying or diluted or deranged—and so that cannot reasonably be part of your story.

It is quite possible that you may require lengthy processing to help re-evaluate all your stories.

Re-Evaluating Your Stories

You can write your autobiography, or you can wait until each of your stories come up in conversation. Either way, learn to listen to yourself and identify stories that have been twisted to shift responsibility, assign blame, or otherwise obfuscate the facts.

Here's the basic premise: You cannot know what another's motivations are. Even if they tell you, you can't be sure they aren't lying to you (or themselves). So, stick to the facts, and leave it at that. You'll find that, in so doing, you'll release a lot of the anger and guilt you've clung to for years; and this can only be good for you.

Suppose your story—what you tell people—is, "My parents hated me because they wanted a boy (or girl, or pet elephant)." Clinging to such a narrative can promote an uncomfortable relationship to one's own gender, not to mention to one's parents. So, what is the underlying truth? How about something like, "My parents did not give me the regard and love I needed from them." This statement does not presume the parents' motivations or underlying emotions. It simply states the facts of how they related to you.

Going too far, someone might bend over backwards to avoid making any more negative statement than she had to: "My parents were unable to give me the love and regard I needed." Sounds good; but this statement, too, presumes a limitation which the parents may or may not have had. From the experiencer's viewpoint, all that can be said is what the parents did or did not do—not why.

Here's another example: "I forgot my keys this morning because my spouse was carrying on so, I got distracted."

Many of us, for one reason or another, are so strict with ourselves that we demand nothing less than perfection—and, when perfection is not achieved, some of us feel we must explain why it was not. This story, paired to its accurate core, is, simply, "I forgot my keys this morning." You'll be amazed at how much freer you become when you release the need to explain every imperfection.

And, of course, what goes for yourself goes for others. Unless you are a playwright or a psychologist, you need not understand others' motivations for what they do. Let it go and concentrate on understanding yourself better.

Finding Your Awakening

Referring to the Systems chart in Workshop Zero, please note that the parabolic plane for System Six extends from a point just at the heart.

Awakening as a System

Our culture has driven into us, with every resource at its disposal, that reality is out there. Happiness, you are told, can be purchased and will look like a new car or a supermodel spouse or even an illegal drug. By its constant barrage of instructions and rules, you are told that discipline comes from a government that is outside of you. You are told that God is outside of you, so far outside you need a priest, rabbi, or mullah to intercede for you.

All of this in incorrect. In a multi-dimensional reality such as ours, happiness, discipline, and even God reside in a higher frequency reality, or higher dimension, than Earth. You are not directly equipped to point towards a higher dimension—but you can do it, just the same, by looking inward.

That's right. The direction to God, self-discipline, happiness and the rest—all the rest of infinity, in fact—is as far inward as you can imagine. And most of us find that direction to be within the heart.

Therefore, when you pray, direct your thoughts to God within your heart. You'll find your prayers to be much more effective.

Unhealthy System


An unhealthy System of Awakening, obviously, does not awaken! You would feel disconnected from the Universe, certainly from the Divine. If you believe in a God, that Deity would seem distant and unapproachable, like a stern and unforgiving parent. You would fear death, probably while insisting you don't (in case that scary deity were listening).

With this unhealthy System There would be a feeling of being lost, unloved, unprotected, unsafe. It's not a happy existence; yet, millions of people live their lives this very way.

Exercise 6-c

Write down four I KNOW statements referring to your intuitive awareness, Mark intuitions that indicate connectedness with “S+”; Mark intuitions that indicate lack of connectedness “S-”.


System Health

To increase the health of one's System of Awakening, one must keep one's vibrational frequency as high as possible. That is done through meditation. Proper diet, rest, and exercise help as well.

How can you tell what your frequency is? It's easy: The higher it is, the more joyful you feel; the lower it is, the more fearful or uncertain you feel.

One of the best methods of assisting the System of Awakening is the Heart Breath. Click the Next button below when you are ready to try it.