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How to increase your lung capacity without sweating.

Increasing Breath

Lungs and diaphragm

Aspirating to increase aspiration is a fine aspiration in itself! The goal with this hands-on procedure is to allow you to increase the time a breath can be taken and to increase its intensity. Breath is essential to the build up of energy within your systems. This kind of energy increases the bodies ability to oxygenate the cells and the energy of the cells can build and can pass on that build up to all of your and those you work with.

Begin here by placing your hands on your lungs right to right and left to left and increase the length of each breath and the depth of each breath. Use any of the breathing techniques you have learned as you desire. Try different breathing techniques that you learn here and see which ones your body and lungs respond to the most. It is best to keep it simple and feel the energy building up in your hands and allow it to flow to where ever it needs to go in your body.

This is how to get this moving:

  1. Sit still. Feet flat on the floor if possible.

  2. Close your eyes. This helps you tune into the energy better.

  3. Place both hands as described above on your lungs.

  4. Start to breath, take long steady deep breaths each time increasing the length of each breath and its depth. (this is not hyperventilation.)

  5. Use any appropriate sound or color that will assist you in this process. Make note of which ones work best and when. If it changes go with that.

  6. Complete this at least twelve times if not more.

  7. Be careful not to become light headed or make any sudden movements during or following this hands-on.

  8. When you have completed this sit still for a while and when ready open your eyes.

  9. Drink water and move easy afterwards.

If you are working with other people you can have them do this procedure by directing them through it. This will help increase their ability to breath more evenly when they are panicked or shallow breathing. Those are the times that they could rob themselves of needed energy during stress which could deprive the body of needed oxygen and cause a person to pass out. When you work with other people observe their breathing and make sure they are not repaid breathing have them relax into long deeper breaths.

When doing this with another person place your left hand on their left lung and your right hand on their right lung. This has to do with the body's energy flow patterns. You will be flowing energy in the same directions. You can do this from the front or back or even both. Have them give you fee back as you go. When you note that they are breathing easier come to completion. Lift your hands slowly. Both of you need to drink some water and do not make sudden motions for a while.

You can instruct your client or the person you are working with on how they can do this hand-on for them self. They can use this technique even while considering reaching for something to knock them out! This technique is not meant to replace medications prescribed by a licensed physician. If it does we did not prescribe it.

After completing this hands-on feel free to share your experiences with others. We would love to hear from you regarding any insights you might have gained doing this!