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How to meditate using the Diaphragmatic Breath.

The Diaphragmatic Breath


This is a great way to open up and allow your aspirations to become consistent and increased. Remember any breathing technique primarily effects the System it is associated with and yet it can ultimately effect any and all other Systems.

  1. Place your hands over your solar plexus.

  2. As you inhale, allow your diaphragm to drop, allowing your breath to fill the abdomen. This will push your hands outward.

  3. Continue inhaling as you fill the chest area. Chest will rise

  4. After inhaling as deeply as possible, breathe out "through" your solar plexus, allowing the air to exit your chest first. Your hands and solar plexus will move inward toward your backbone as you exhale.

  5. Practice until you feel comfortable with inhaling for a count of six, and exhaling for a count of six.


  • With this breath, place your palms together, at chest level. Note what happens. Write it down.

  • Place your palms six inches apart. Breathe using this technique. What happens?

  • Place your palms one foot apart. Breathe using this technique. What happens?