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All about the color of Aspiration (yellow).

The Color of Aspiration

The color of Aspiration is Yellow.

Yellow is excellent for the nerves and the brain; is a motor stimulant and nerve builder. Yellow carries positive magnetic currents which straighten the nerves and aid the brain.

Yellow stimulates, cleanses and eliminates actions on the liver, intestines and the skin. It energizes the alimentary tract. It purifies the blood, activates the lympathic system, and depresses the actions of the spleen, cathartic, cholegogue, and anthelmintic.

It can be a good treatment of people who are despondent and melancholy. It brings a sense of joy, gaiety and merriment. It is considered to be the color of intellect, percept rather than just reasoning.

Yellow activates the motor nerves and generates energy for the muscles. Directed at the gastrointestinal tract for short periods it acts as a digestive aid. For longer treatments it acts to purge this system and as a laxative. It can be useful in the treatment of parasites and worms and stimulates the flow of bile.

Yellow assists the nerves to rebuild themselves.

It has been known to assist in the treatment of these aliments: arthritis and rheumatism, constipation, diabetes, digestive problems, eczema, exhaustion, flatulence, hemiplegia, indigestion, kidney diseases, liver disease, mental depression, paralysis and paraplegia, diarrhea.

When this color is not flowing properly it manifests indigestion and constipation.

Yellow is the color that allows us to express ourselves more easily to others. It invites us to share in group activities in forms of socializing, counseling, and advertising. Yellow balances depression.

In a room, this color is considered to be cheery as it stimulates a sense of self esteem and a feeling of good will. A person in encouraged to express him or herself and converse with others. It invites those in this room to think clearly and to have more high minded discussions and brings a sense of wisdom to conversations.

Those who choose to wear yellow are applying a more light and lively attitude to their lives. It can be worn to promote sociability and communication. It assists in dispelling frustration or a sense of limitation.