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Workshop Four

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We examine in depth your Mind Inner Aspect and Field, as well as your energetic System of Mobility.



Welcome to Workshop Four of the ONA Workshop Series. In this workshop, we will study Mobility, the fourth principle of ONA and the principle that underlies your fourth Field and Inner Aspect (the Mind), and System Four.

  • The Definition of Mobility

  • The Statements of Mobility

  • The System of Mobility

  • The Mind Field and Inner Aspect

  • The Breath of Motion

  • The Color of Mobility

  • The Sound of Mobility

  • ONA Initiation: System One

  • Hands-On: The postures and motions of Mobility

  • Movement and Stillness with Color Technique

To take this workshop, you may print the pages or view them on-screen. Either way, you'll want to read them at a time you can concentrate without interruption. There are questions for you to answer, and a place for you to type in your answers; but the information is neither sent nor saved anywhere. The fields are just there to support you in thinking about your answers, which people are more prone to do when they have to write them somewhere.


By: Michael Manion Page Views: 1744
All about your fourth System, Field and Inner Aspect.

One of the primary characteristics of animal life is movement. One's ability to be mobile allows for a greater variety of experiences—and we Humans are the most mobile species on the planet, with the ability to travel through the air, sea, and even into space, with correspondingly greater ranges of experience than are enjoyed by the less mobile species.

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By: Michael Manion Page Views: 1581
How to meditate using the Breath of Motion.

Do this breathing technique prior to any body postures or body motion exercises or movements. It will assist you to increase your awareness of motion and stillness within spaces. This breathing technique can be used for a very active meditation; it is also very powerful in strengthening the Fourth System.

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All about the color of Mobility (orange).

Conditions that can be alleviated to some degree or another by the use of the color orange are asthma, bronchitis, colds, epilepsy, gall stones, gout, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, kidney ailments, menstrual difficulties, mental exhaustion, prolapsed uterus, rheumatism and arthritis, tumors, both benign and malignant

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The 'sound' of Mobility and how to use it.

The variation of beginnings which establish forms into even and equivalent relationships. The energy that forms cohesiveness and arrangements between parts of a whole. In the process of beginning growth occurs and is affirmed into perfection.

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Congratulations! You are ready for your next step.

Because ONA is about you becoming conscious, we feel that no one can initiate you, but you. You do not need our permission to embark on this journey; you only need your own. Because you are making an agreement with your Innermost Self, it is appropriate to stage the agreement in the form of a ritual. (Ritual is a language that communicates more deeply with the Innermost Self, which is why people instinctively use it regarding matters of importance.)

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Unknown author

Mobility is not just about motion—it is also about stillness. System Four Postures make an excellent warm-up to the mild exercise of System Four Movements.

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Technique is missing.

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A few questions to help you measure your own progress.

Please take a week or so to practice the techniques you learned in this workshop. Each workshop builds on the skills learned in the workshop previous. Then, take a few minutes to answer the following questions. This is not a test; it is intended to give you a baseline against which to measure your progress. The right answer is the honest one!

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