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How to meditate using the Breath of Motion.

The Breath of Motion

Do this breathing technique prior to any body postures or body motion exercises or movements. It will assist you to increase your awareness of motion and stillness within spaces.

This breathing technique can be used for a very active meditation; it is also very powerful in strengthening the Fourth System.

Step 1

Breath of Motion posture

Stand with feet about three feet apart, toes facing slightly inward, hands on navel.

Step 2

Move from side to side, slowly shifting your weight between your feet

Step 3

Make the sound HO, increasing the volume and frequency as you increase the speed and intensity of the motion

After each three HOs inhale; feel the effects of each breath upon your Fourth System and Center.

Step 4

Extend your belly through the sound, pushing it out to fill your hands. Keep repeating HO, HO, HO…

When this is complete stand still and silent and observe the energy present in your naval area. See if you can describe this to yourself and how it feels in your hands.