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How to make use of the Emotional Integration Technique.

Emotional Integration Technique

Integrating emotions

Whatever or whomever put the Human brain together made no junk! This statement can be the topic of a huge discussions, so this will be simplified as to what is meant here.

The Human brain being a series of circuits that carry out functions of the body is actually controlled and set into motion through infinitesimal patterns of energy. These energies are constantly racing throughout the bodies neural pathways and through the brain itself. Encoded in these patterns are concise messages for motion and instruction to various tissue to perform many functions. It is more then an electromagnetic control center, it is also a chemical dependant form that requires certain amounts of chemicals to be utilized within certain structures to properly carry out its multi faceted function. Too much of one chemical and overstimulation wreaks havoc on the person's thought processes and mobility. Too little and these can become depleted and suppressed setting the person up for any number of dysfunctional reactions and diagnosed diseases from the DM4 � a manual used to delineate various disorders and diseases. When a person is born to a family that has a proclivity for passing on its patterns and programs through inheritance, diseases can appear and dysfunction and/or death can be it's proving. Many experiments have been preformed to isolate which of the various chemicals need to be present in what amounts and what affects occur through too much and not enough.

Emotions are a person's ability to act through expression based upon stimuli within its learning, intuition or within the body or the environment. These emotions are vital to the survival of the pathways in the body and proper absorption and distribution of chemicals and metabolites for optimum performance along all lines. This will ensure the continuity of the persons successful Connection. It has been well observed that a persons emotions can be altered by disproportional balance among these elements and chemical compounds. What has also been evidenced is the affect upon the distribution and flow throughout the body by using various emotions to stimulate healing and bring into balance those pathways thwarted by any number of patterns inherited or otherwise acquired.

This is why it is of great importance to use this technique to bring about adequate and optimal proportions of electrical and chemical components within the physical structure that can be altered by use of emotional means. This process or technique steps beyond the bounds between regular function and dismal dismay. In using it, you are consciously affecting the function of chemicals that can find balance within the structure. It has been well known that deprivation like starvation can cause unprecedented disruptions in the brain and neurological systems. How do some individuals survive the onslaught of privation while others crack completely debased and mortified by the slightest suggestion of lack? These are programmed functions, granted they are dysfunctions as they fail to contribute to the over all survival of the body.

Clue: Thus reprogram the function through emotional means by expressing causatively those emotions usually caused by reaction to a dysfunctional stimuli. When you are in control of the amount expressed or how it is performed and to what extent and you are feeling success at being the cause of any emotion, those emotions expressed in this way, cease to function as a deterrent of chemical complexes that are involved in diagnostic disorder or disease.

Many workshops and seminars have used the laughing process to gain control of countless areas of the psyche that have sad components that depress the immune system and have stunted the emotional growth of an individual. How many use depression or sadness or other emotional qualities to over come these basic chemical debacles. In the same way you would use laughter by continually laughing. Create causatively depression keep creating causatively if it has no words fine and if it does talk them out say how you are feeling over and over and over again until it starts to lift. You might find yourself going into bouts of laughter or crying continue through. Keep causatively creating that emotion and it will lose its ability to alter your chemistry and your brain and the nervous system will begin to alleviate itself from the encapsulated conditioning and the devastating affects and the pathways will begin to seek balance.

This process is very powerful and is not intended to cure or be used instead of doctor prescribed medications. If used while a person is on prescribed medications, the persons prescribing doctor needs to periodically check their levels as these may shift. Never end these sessions on a sad note! The person must at least have a shift in awareness and you must continue the process until it lifts! If a reoccurrence does occur continue ensuing this process. It is not that you have been re-infected or it was not handled. As you grow your awareness increases and places that were aware of different levels within you can become affected and stay dormant for some time so you will need to work with this one from time to time.

Use a full scale of emotions and taking each to its joyful completion! These are best done with a partner you feel safe with or a professional. Some people have learned how to process these on their own effectively. Those on prescribed medications would be best to work with a professional with this process.

For the purpose of this workshop we will cycle through a few emotions that are key to this area being talking about. So with a partner do the following:

  1. Sit a foot apart from one another no touching or excited displays from the person requesting of the other person. Neutrality is important!

  2. From the following emotions start at the top of the list and ask your partner to �causeitively create the emotion ____________________�.

  3. Keep repeating the question asking if they have done so, then acknowledge that they did by saying OK, Thanks, or Alright! Etc.

  4. Repeat the question again and acknowledge them each time they have completed doing it.

  5. You are both looking to see if something comes up around the question. It may be boredom, or silly laughing or seriousness whatever.

  6. When the person doing it comes to a new realization or has an aha moment, you can move on to the next emotion.

  7. When the list is complete reverse roles and the other person has a chance now.

  8. What you are looking for is a sense that something has shifted or changed sometimes it is O, OK other times it is WOW! That's different! It is what it is for you.

  9. Do NOT evaluate or invalidate anything a person says, don't try to solve problems or tell them what they should do! Just acknowledge and go on until complete.

  10. After you are complete share wins new realizations and such! Thank each other for sharing when complete.

How temping to want to go home and run this process on your 82 year old mother or father or spouse or O yah the kids need this too. I have this neighbor or best friend! They are not here taking this workshop and they most likely do not have an agreement with you as a therapist or energy worker. Have your wins don't press others to have the wins you think they should have! Allow, invite or suggest they take this workshop if they would like to for themselves not to impress you or some one else or find hot guys/babes to date! This is about personal growth. You come to it when you are ready no other time!

This Technique is powerful and can prove to be a great asset to handling all kinds of conditions that seem to be out of control. When a person feels more at cause over their life and existence the chemical components will respond to support them in their emotional stability.

This concludes Workshop Three. Click the Next button below to fill out a questionnaire and investigate your next steps.