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How to perform energy therapy on an animal.

Sessions With Animals and Plants

Cat massage

ONA sessions can be performed on plants and animals. They are done for the same reasons as they are for Humans: To assist the being in finding health, peace, and its full potential.

You may perform an ONA session on any being that has given its permission. With plants and animals there is a language gap, but be as sensitive as possible to the being and do not continue if the being seems uncomfortable or distressed with what you are doing. A dog that tucks its tail between its legs and shivers when you come near, is not giving permission for you to approach, much less lay your hands on it. A plant whose health declines after you begin sessions is withdrawing its permission.

As with Humans, there should be a balanced energy flow. Fortunately, this is easy with animals and plants, as generally they return the energy in the form of love willingly and with ease.


You may need to be creative in working out hand positions for animals and plants. Sure, if the animal is shaped more or less like a Human—a chimp or an orangutan, for example—the Human hand positions, learned in Workshop Two, will do perfectly. On the other hand, a horse or cow may be more of a challenge; and it might really take some imagination to work with a tree or an amoeba. With extremes of size, you may need to rely on intent to get your positions in.

There are two basic principles that will not fail you:

  1. The structure of Systems, Fields and Inner Aspects described in Workshop Zero is universal. Figure where the Systems align on the animal or plant, and adjust the positions accordingly.

  2. Use your intuition to guide your hands to where they are needed. This might take practice, but if you just move your hands to where it feels right, and then move them again when you feel you should, you'll be doing the right thing.

Medium-Sized Animals

Medium-Sized Animal Position 1: The Ears

Hands covering ears, fingers pointing forward.

Medium-Sized Animal Position 2: The Shoulders

Hands covering shoulders.

Medium-Sized Animal Position 3: The Heart

Palms to sides of heart area.

Medium-Sized Animal Position 4: The Groin

Left hand on coccyx, right hand on (or over) genitalia.

Large Animals

Large Animal Position 1: The Occiput

Hands on base of skull.

Large Animal Position 2: The Throat

Hands at neck, cradled under chin.

Large Animal Position 3: The Heart

Hands on sides of heart area.

Large Animal Position 4: The Navel

Hands at sides of navel area.

Large Animal Position 5: The Groin

Hands on sides of or near the genitalia. Be aware of animals' preferences in this area.


Plant Position 1: The Roots

Hands around roots.

Plant Position 2: The Leaves

Hands around leaves.

  • On large-leaved house plants, each leaf can be cradled in the hands.

  • On large-leaved outdoor plants, cradle as many infigureidual leaves as seems appropriate.


Tree Position 1: The Roots

Hands on ground near base of tree.

Tree Position 2: The Trunk

Hands around trunk. On large trees, wrap arms around trunk. Make sure your hands make contact.

Tree Position 3: The Blossom

Hands cradling blossom.