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How to perform energy therapy on another person.

Sessions With Another Person

Energy session

Besides being able to direct this energy for your own personal use, it can be shared with others. One of the ways to share is to give another person a session. When working with others, the neutral viewpoint is very important. Being and keeping centered while allowing the greatest view possible will facilitate the most expansion for everyone. Before you start any session, do a complete session on yourself by using breath and sounds to center yourself. The greatest goal while working with others is to support them to know themselves better. Healing can only be done by the individual self. You and this energy are there to facilitate the remembrance of wholeness. There are guidelines to enable a balanced flow of energy and comfort to all.

Ask for feedback throughout the session. This provides valuable information for you and allows the client to keep conscious track of what is happening with him or her.

Remember: Right hand on the right side or front of body. Left hand on the left or back side of body. This has to do with the general polarity of the Human body. The right and front side tend to be out-flowing and thus the same form of energy will tend to balance that same energy. The left and back sides tend to be the in-flowing sides and once again the in-flowing energy will tend to balance those sides.



In this Universe, energy can move from here to there but cannot be created or destroyed. That's no problem; there's plenty to go around!

To maintain awareness of how the energy is flowing, it's a good idea to be conscious of its path. Therefore, it is reasonable to expect the client, who will be receiving energy from you, to know how it is to be returned.

The most straightforward method would seem to be payment. And, if you find a growing clientele desiring ONA sessions, that may be the most practical way of managing it. Just remember, money is the least desirable form for energy transfer to take. because entities that had nothing to do with the transaction siphon off a portion of the value (in the form of interest and/or taxes) without your conscious knowledge.

The most even exchange would be to simply trade places with your client, and receive an ONA session from him or her.

More complex, but in the end perhaps more rewarding, is to allow the client to "pay it forward".


Sacred Space

As you would want for yourself, your session on your client should take place in a "sacred space", Your sacred space is anyplace you designate for one. It should be a place where you will not receive phone calls, where pets. children, or bill collectors will not unexpectedly intrude. It should be kept quiet, and at a comfortable temperature.

That said, you can also create a sacred space in a wartime bunker or a subway during an air-raid drill. If possible, simply create a boundary around you in the form of a circle of twelve candles. If you don't have twelve, use four, or three. If you don't have any, mentally create a bubble of bright, white, light that surrounds and protects you and your client.

During a massage, many people like to play soft music. An ONA session is not a massage. If you need to mask exterior sounds, try a CD of running water, ocean surf, or rain. (And physically keep the CD player as far as possible from you and your client.)

No Jewelry

A Bajoran with earring

Because you are dealing with the client's energy fields, which are influenced by crystals and metals, neither you nor your client should wear any. It is permissible to continue to wear a few pieces, such as a wedding ring or tongue piercing (or, if the client is Bajoran, his or her earring) that are worn every day—they have become incorporated into the client's energy patterns.

You and the client must not only turn off your pagers and cell phones; they must be removed from the vicinity of the body. Also beware of some security cards used as keys for high-tech office buildings. The magnetic stripe on a credit card isn't a significant problem, but if the client will be on a table he may be more comfortable without that lump in his or her pocket.

You might consider placing a cardboard box near the entrance to your space for the client to deposit these items.

Watches must be removed. Also, the client's shoes.


You should wash your hands in cold water before and after the session. Some people prefer salt water; many people swear by sea water. It is our opinion that the type of water is less important than its energetic purity. You aren't actually washing "dirt" off your hands (though that is a side-effect); you are using the energy surrounding the water to "wash" residual energy from your client away from you.


Cupping energy with fingers together

Very important! As with personal ONA sessions, the fingers must be together as much as possible, cupping so as to "focus" the energy like the curved surface of a lens.

Respecting the Client

It is very tempting, when one is psychic or attuned to energy, to "read" the client—that is, to interpret their energy for them. Remember, ONA is about wholeness, consciousness, and remembering. Your clients must do these things for themselves; no one can do it for them—and it is a disservice for you to try.

Encourage your clients to discuss any feelings or sensations that occur during their session. Listen and ask questions—but not leading questions, and do not interpret.

Table or Chair?

You may give an ONA session to someone while they are in a chair or on a standard massage table. Which you chose will depend on the client (some people may be unable to sit up; some may be uncomfortable lying down) and, of course, on whether you own a massage table. If you don't have a massage table, you can nevertheless give a "table" massage by having the client lie on a bed or the floor.