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Predict the Future!

By: Paul S Cilwa Page Views: 2172
A free Windows application designed to help you develop your natural precognitive abilities.

The Precognition Builder

Scientific studies have shown that trying to be precognitive, helps one become precognitive! That is, your psychic ability is just like any other muscle: It gets stronger with use.

If you are using a computer with Microsoft Windows, we have a little program you can use to build your precognitive abilities. it's very simple: It lets you pick one of two cards. If you pick the right one, the one with a green circle on the back, you win a point. The cards are shuffled randomly, so it's impossible to guess logically which card will be the one. The program tracks your progress.

After you've gotten good with two cards, you can up the ante with as many as five!


The download is a ZIP file. If you are running Windows 98 and have installed the Compressed Folders option, it will simply appear to be a compressed folder; otherwise, you have to expand the ZIP file (using WinZIP or something similar). The Zip file expands to three files, one of which is SETUP.EXE. Run it. The Setup program will install the application, including giving you a menu entry. Click on the menu entry to run the program and follow the prompts.


Download the PrecogBuilder (1.69 mb).