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All about the color of Continuance (ultra-violet C, or golden if that's easier for you to picture).

The Color of Continuance

Gold is the color of Continuance (utlra-violet C)

The true color of System Eleven is Ultraviolet C, in the range of 280 nm–200 nm. This wavelength acts as a germicide and continuous overexposure to it can destroy the physical body. It isn't directly perceptible by Human eyes. So we represent it here as Gold (which, in true Crayola fashion, we shall deem a "color").


Gold has been considered to be the color of the gods. It is a metal that is highly valued upon this planet. Gold is illuminating, sacred, durable; it is precious. It is almost universally associated with the highest stage in spiritual development. It is heralded as embodying the powers of the Earthly plane, along with being the heart of the earth as it is thought to be the color of light. It is the heart of the earth, so it is symbolic of superiority.

Gold is associated with many symbols of fertility; the Tree of Life supposedly had gold roots, plus wealth and abundance. Some scriptures report that this tree had twelve gold branches. Its immunity from rust brings it connotations of immortality and incorruptibility. It is an amulet for wounded people.

As a color it projects its sense of purity and a feeling of value and wealth. Those who are drawn to this color can be said to be optimistic and looking for the more and beyond in situations that arise in life. Gold as a color projects the knowledge of the highest virtues and ideals.

Those people that work with this color of gold in its purest form pursue high ideals and goals. They will tend to reap and accept what rewards come to them from the good acts they do. These people have a feeling of satisfaction from being successful in their accomplishments.

Although many places that are ornamented in gold remind many of antiquity, this color projects a sense of future and well being. Much of the learning in relation to gold is to not expect rewards that with a clear sense of purpose and action rewards will come in their own timing.

Wearing gold or accenting your outfit with it is to give your self a sense of accomplishment and confidence. This becomes a way for you to recognize yourself as a self-esteem oriented person. It is a way to be in touch with your highest sensing. The lesson of gold, in placing it around you, is to learn how to feel satisfied. This is a journey to experience how the color gold creates a sense of atonement for you. You will project the image of success and one who attains their goals. Gold works well with various shades and hues of green and purple exuding the air of confidence, continuity, wholeness and value.

One way to heal a deep melancholy or sense of loss is to surround your self with images and things of beauty or any images painted or represented in the color gold as it counteracts a sense of loss.

Yet beyond all the physical properties and behaviors associated with the color gold is its spiritual sense of safety, serenity and blissful joy. Gold is the color of the illuminated man. It has represented the power of immortality and the form of all things godlike. As a color it brings forth an idea of equilibrium, perfection and wholeness. Within its illustrious form all the vibrations have some profound connection to the center of its being. Gold makes the statement that we are gods living in all the realms of creation integrated and simultaneous.

The reason kings and queens on this planet used gold crowns, as well as objects made from gold, was to be able to project some portion of this ray or have the qualities that this color imparts. Placed upon the head, it interfaced with the twelve brain rings of the head. It then could emulate and transmit information and inspiration to and from the highest realms of reality.

The color gold heals any rifts we have had with our inner and outer selves. It creates a bridge between all the worlds and places that we have knowledge of. It recognizes the ascending and descending portions of our being and maintains a clear communication between these.

Utilize this color when in communion with the highest parts of yourself. It is very subtle and unless you maintain a sense of oneness with it the true properties of this color can elude you. This is not the color of big bangs and hoop-de-la! It is a gentle soft steadiness that persists throughout all that is. When we learn this vibration in our lives we truly learn a sense of wholeness and integrity. This becomes the kind of continuance that is lasting with which we begin to build new lives in new dimensions of our own being.

When you are standing in the presence of your own being as All That Is, you see yourself radiating the gold ray both inwardly and outwardly as whole and perfect. When we have become fully integrated and utilize the gold ray wholly in our lives, the continuance of being goes forth and the real journey has just begun.

the gold ray both inwardly and outwardly as whole and perfect. When you have become fully integrated and utilize the gold ray wholly in your life, the continuance of being goes forth and the real journey has just begun.