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How to place yourself in the world as an Energy Being.

Emanation & Illumination

Energy being

Emanation is the process of placeing your self there in the world as energy and sharing energy and seeing it flowing. Illumination is bringing or putting light into those areas that most need and could use a good dose of "Wake-me-up and show me what's up!"

This healing technique is all about that and it may be one of the most important ones for whereever you are living. You can apply this to issues, people, places and circumstances that need to get a shot of universal truth and light! Be the good light bearer that you are and use it as frequently as possible.

In times past energy healers and light workers were depicted using a form of this technique. It has been used by them so often it almost represents the work they all do when using this technique. The world you are living in and the universe may need your assitance. This is for larger issues that need balance & nuetrality. This is also for unresolved issues that a place is still mirered in. Entities and old energies may darken old roadways where several accidents have taken place. Old buildings, institutions where execrations and death have occurred many times have need of this technique. In other techniques and energy work sending energy is seen as doing the best for all involved. We once did this, sending energy to sadom Insane. The energy of beings of a high order stopped us cold and said, “What are you doing”? We got it plan and clear, sending energy to others empowers them to continue to do what they are doing! This is very important. You are not doing that here! You are calling first on the light of the highest order as truth to reign supreme. You call for no distruction or harm. This energy is you as compassion, loving and truth. Many people do not see what justice is. In a just society people live by order and vitures that uplift and are honorred. Justice=balance. A society that is in harmony and balance lives in justice for all are accepted as a part of the whole and everyone values the uniqueness of each being, soul and relivance of each person. Some where at some time past people were trained and learned to forget their abilities to do this work and live as energy. For to live as energy is the fulfillment of all prophecy or every master that has lived on Earth. Living as energy is being! It contains nuetraity and joy and peace and most of all love! In its pressence injustice ceeses and imbalance comes to balance. Nothing binds it to decrease or ceese. You are the emanation and illumination of the world you live in. Do these things and live it richly and fully! It makes the difference worth while! This is not a hands-on proceedure. You are not physically moving, unblocking, inviteing, or radiateing energy. You are the energy! You and Your hands are focusing the qualities mentioned above.

  1. Do this standing or sitting. Some do it while lieing down.

  2. Some people close their eyes to concentrate while others enjoy learning to focus energy with their eyes open.

  3. Place your hands right over left at your heart level.

  4. Begin by filling your hands with as much pure heart energy as possible.

  5. When your hands are full, place your hands at your sides relaxed your palms facing to where you are facing

  6. Focus on the issue, person, place or thing, situation or circumstance that needs a dose or more.

  7. Visualize the energy from your hands engulfing it. See these streams of energy plugging right into it.

  8. Next visulaize it streaming from all parts of you and bringing into balance and harmony all things invovled with that.

  9. When you feel peace and it quiets down, (it stops resistaing), place your hands in the same way pooling the pure heart energy into your hands.

  10. Place these slowly faceing forward at heart level. Focus it on that person, place or thing. REMEMBER! You are not sending it or them energy! Yes it is neutral energy but you are not attemping to energize that person, place of thing. You are bearing the light of truth and justice upon the area. It is very different in quality. You are neutrally emenateinig opure heart energy.

  11. When it starts to soften slowly retrun your hands to heart position and fill up again!

  12. Place your reved up hands faceing out in front as far above your head as possbile. Call for the light to sooth and bath the entire area surrounding that person, place or thing allowing it to plug into the energy.

  13. When you can see bright white light with no distinctions cease! All entities and darkened light have been transmuted.

  14. Be a good do-bee and wash your hands and face in cold water! As things were when you came, leave them the same. Leave no foot print! Exit as you entered with love and joy in your heart! Take nothing with you, no feeling of satisfaction, no momentos and least of all no old or new pictures.

  15. At this level practice will be your best guide. Start out at a small place with calmer energies and learn to handle the big guns after you have had a few expereinces with the light. Do not run out to handle the pyhc ward or old state prisons. Start off by doing this in your room and then other places less confrontational until you build up certainty and establish what nutrality looks like and find out what leaving no foot print really means.