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All about your tenth System, Field and Inner Aspect.

About the Word


Enlightenment is that state in which a person has gained intellectual or spiritual Light. From this awareness one can instruct others in the path in which they have become more knowledgeable. With this Light one can impart knowledge to, shed light upon or make known or more knowable. En- as an English prefix indicates placing what follows into a specific condition, often to form objectives. The termlighten, is from middle English and is used here to mean less dark, to gleam or shine or brighten, to have a brightened face or eyes, to become more intelligent in spirit. This also means to become more knowledgeable concerning one's own spirit or sense of spirit. The English Suffix ment, follows nouns that denote action or the resulting state.

Purpose of Enlightenment

A person's views on life and living become expanded. This starts one along the path of Enlightenment. It serves a purpose for Humans to want to achieve this for themselves. This is the action or pursuit of a more, expanded or higher level of awareness, knowledge or intellect. This will lead to a higher level of spiritual awareness of self in relationship to others. You will have a better understanding concerning life in general.

Towards Enlightenment

Enlightenment is the action or state of becoming enlightened. One expresses this to oneself and others as understanding. A person who has learned how to perform the various functions of his craft with expertise is said to be an expert in a particular area. Through a series of studies a person learns to master the arts and sciences of healing the body and mind so that these components are working with you to achieve wholeness and peace. When you are enlightened you have choices of attaining more physical and mental perfection and thus are considered to be one who has mastered the basics of life and living a more spiritual life. You carry the knowledge concerning the wisdoms and masteries of life.

Location of Center One Foot Above the Head
Statement I Understand
Associated Field/Inner Aspect Intuitive
Interactions Demonstrates/Establishes
Tone A
Color Iridescent
Chakra (for comparison) N/A
Planetary Ruler Pluto

The perfect vantage point to view all that goes on around you is to be above it all. Actually that is what this system affords you to do, be above it all. While experiences with this system may have you feeling euphoric and give you that floating feeling, it is important to stay in connection with all of the other systems as well. This is not about flying away; it is about seeing the bigger picture.


Understanding allows you to see clearly what is before you from where you have been. It lays waste the haphazard and the confusion that so often can accompany looking ahead and beyond the known areas of thought and comprehension. It invites you to intuit the future moment so it can enter easily with predictable consequences.

You reach this by gradually looking and examining what is before You. Giving it room to be a part of your experience in our living day to day. By the time you even know that you had any questions you begin to see that you have a clear understanding of what that subject or concept is because you worked and surrounded yourself with it every day. It is a part of you at that point.

This area of your existence is really where you begin to be able to meld with other people and comprehend what they are going through. Through this process you learn great compassion for others. In some other programs there is a saying, "There for the grace of God go I" and "before you criticize another walk a mile in their shoes." These phrases speak to you of your divine ability to empathize with the plight of other beings, putting yourself in their place. It is more than saying, "Glad it is not me!" It is more of seeing what suffering others sometimes endure and finding out with what part of that you can interact. It is not that you go around trying to "fix" or change people! You find out what can be done to permanently better the world you are co-creating.

So you have a team, called Planet Earth, and some members are not playing as well as you see they could. Perhaps they need just a little something. Is it knowledge or skills that are not being tapped? How can you make a difference with that? What can you lend to the overall experience to improve the value of each player without overshadowing their own sense of pride and self confidence and achievement?

Perhaps knowing that everything is perfect and that it is all part of the divine plan is one way of looking at anything you start to approach. True enlightenment then is knowing what can be done, what are the immediate possibilities that can take place to improve your team and seeing the long term goals of such actions. So it is all about knowing what you can do and when.

This is why really understanding all situations and circumstances and the interplay of all their lines and relationships might be a good place to start. Examine the in-flows into that situation, circumstance or person and their out-flows. Realize that in groups you work as a guide to have others assist each other. On an individual basis, you are working one on one with a key member of a unit, family, community or otherwise described. Each member affects many other lives in ways you need to see prior to intervention.

Living in a major city can be a dazzling experience! You come across all kinds of people and there you are walking down the street and the day is sunny and wonderful and you come across a young man pleading for money to buy food because he just lost his job and can't afford a meal today. What would you do? So many people give him money because they feel guilty or really want to help the guy. Some people will turn a deaf ear and keep on going, not my problem, get a job you bum! Other people might offer to take the time to buy him a meal or walk him to a fast food place, pay for it and split, feeling I did my good deed for today!

OK this is what some of us have learned from that experience. People that are really down and out need food, clothing and shelter. Well he most likely has his clothes on. So you offer to buy him something to eat. You walk to the nearest place. Listen to what he says. Ask him questions. When did you eat last? When do you expect to eat again? Where are you staying? Is it safe there? Is he helping to support his family and where are they? After the basics, sit with him a while and talk. Have him work out a plan to be presentable for looking for work. What kind of work can he do and does he do? How can you make sure that he is willing and wants to be successful? If he is not, why are you trying to assist him? No matter what it looks like, this is an adult who has the right to live as he pleases. Examine your motives. Are you helping a fellow player on your team to become more successful or are you temporarily contributing to his continued pleas for free meals?

Yes, we do what we can. You will need to understand all the parts to be able to really help people. Some people in a city years ago formed a group that helped homeless people that had been evicted from their apartments. They had jobs and worked 9 to 5 and made money. When the greedy landlords, who did not even live in that city, raised their rent so high they could not pay and they were evicted. Many of them went to live temporarily in the local park. The landlords called the police for fear that their property values would be affected. A riot ensued; many people were injured and the local hospitals were jammed with women and children bleeding and crying.

One man stood up and saw what was happening. He lived nearby and got other people to help. They hired lawyers to fight for these people's rights. He designed a logo for them. He helped them develop a sense of pride and purpose. Organized, they published a newsletter so all people in the city would know about them and that they were not bad people and were trying to help others. The city took notice. They won enough court battles to gain city recognition and many of the families were assisted in finding affordable housing, all because one man saw what was happening and cared to do more than just feed the homeless people in Tompkins Square Park in New York City.

It took time and patience and talking and foot work and most of all they had to have attainable goals every day, things they could accomplish, setbacks they could face and move on from. It took information to be given to the public as to what was really happening. Because one man could make a difference. That winter those children would not freeze in makeshift tents. This happened to real people and the man was a friend to all Humankind.

The price of this kind of freedom is constant vigilance and persistence. Your enlightenment does not belong to you. You don't wear it like a garment and hang it up in the evening and proudly display it to others. You don't talk about it. You don't need to have a certificate that has those words written on it.

You must live and breathe your knowledge of your enlightenment in every breath you take. For to live outside of it after you know what it is and have it as your conscious waking state is excruciatingly painful and no one wants that anyway! This is where the phrase comes from, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." Because to know what can be done and take no action is the road to hell!

System Ten is all about making a difference in the lives around you. In the earlier workshops you learned how to restructure your life to be successful and live as energy. You learned that life is filled with all kinds of energy and interplay between energies. You learned to manipulate the energies of life and living so that it works for you and you are not running uphill and never seeming to get ahead. All previous workshops prepared you for one of your greatest tasks ever. With this energy you change the course of history and Humankind has the possibility of a greater future than ever before known.

Changing The Future

Being enlightened and intuiting the future is based on what you have come to know and experienced. How does this come about? You guessed or should I say intuited it, through experiences that allow your Intuitive Field and Inner Aspect to guide you through it all. You learn to trust what you know because you have seen it work and it is consistent. This will give you a new future.

Begin to see yourself knowing and looking forward to what can become the future. Embrace it as something you want to have as your future. Be very clear as to what that looks like. Find its hopefulness and willingness to want to change from what was always or never expected to be the possible outcomes for all people, places and things.

Time and time again, be willing to stand up and then again and again because that is what being persistent is all about. Showing up one more time until it happens. This is not about obsessing. It is about the birth process. That includes the ups and downs and all the paths that lead the way.

When the future looks dim, light the way with your own understanding. Be willing to share and know what is occurring at every given moment. Forge ahead and give those who question your motives and progress every opportunity to say yes! I stood up just one more time and here I stand today!


The active intelligence that creates statements of an intuitive nature is in the form of I UNDERSTAND. Enlightenment is achieved through understanding.

I UNDERSTAND comes in a variety of forms. I UNDERSTAND statements are made which apply to the Intuitive Inner Aspect, the Intuitive Field, and the System of Enlightenment. Inner Aspect statements refer to the manner and quality in which you intuit information from beyond yourself and your physical senses; Field statements refer to your stories about what you now understand due to what you have intuited, and System statements describe your perceptions of the the Universe beyond yourself.


Inner Aspect Field System
Quality of or how you understand Your understanding Your understanding of the people and things around you
I UNDERSTAND that concept clearly. I UNDERSTAND how those parts came together now. I UNDERSTAND just what you meant by that joke.
I UNDERSTAND how to bake a delicious cake. I UNDERSTAND why I was late getting to your house. I UNDERSTAND that your building was unsafe and had to come down.
I UNDERSTAND that accomplishing this takes finesse. I UNDERSTAND that what was difficult for me years ago is easy now. I UNDERSTAND why you two are in love with one another.

Inner Aspect

The Tenth Inner Aspect is the Intuitive. This will include your inner ability to come to new awareness with regard to your way of looking and thinking about how you mentally and inwardly put things together. Putting two and two together is not always about four. It may be about their reason for being positioned one from another and how they are interacting with other things around them.

This Inner Aspect has you examine your own views and how they are working for you. When they are not working for you, the next thing you would be most likely want to know is how to correct those viewpoints so they align with what can viewpoints do work for you even better. Such as, I can use a vase to put water and flowers in and there may be a hundred of different uses for a vase. If I am satisfied with using it to hold cut flowers, I may never comprehend other purposes in which it can serve.

The mundane part of you remains satisfied with what is. The expanded Self constantly looks beyond and finds other ways for existence itself. You are not always aware that you have bought into the ways things are and that you are remaining blind to what can be. People that spend their lives looking for more are called "dissatisfied" in some social settings. If the more they seek consists only of having more material items, they will forever remain dissatisfied. However, when the more desired includes inner understanding, They called visionaries. This is because they choose to see what is and what can either make it better or worsen our lot. These people have come to understanding in just the same way you can. If one person had the possibility of seeing it, so anyone has the possibility of having that same insight. They just concentrated their efforts in seeing their vision through to manifesting it. How many people Have visions and ideas that they either never see through to making them real and if they do, they allow themselves to be bought out, So it never is presented to the public or they give up along the way?

The Intuitive Inner Aspect begins with first finding out what the status quo is. How is it regarded? Then find what limits a thing, idea or feeling, etc. Challenge it to go further. See if you can go within and question. When you make it real for yourself find out how to make it real for others. Perhaps it has one other purpose or two or more. You may find it only has one. Then come to understand that one purpose in its entirety. when you know it entirely don't be backed off from sharing your understanding with others. first own it as yours. You may be very surprised that some other person or people may have the same or similar understanding for themselves as well.

Unhealthy Inner Aspect

An unhealthy Tenth Inner Aspect relates to a dog eat dog world. This is where some one attacks to gain advantage because that is the game they've been taught. They come to spout about limitations and what can't happen and all the reasons why it is bad and nothing can be done about it! WOO WEE!

If you can get these head cases to look just a little outside the box they can begin to see the perhaps and maybe, and begin to question. No one is a slave to society that hasn't been convinced or convinced themselves that they are.

This sort of inner not understanding leads to mystery illnesses. My back hurts, the doctors don't know what is wrong but gave me medication anyway. WHAT!? Are you nuts? How many times you will hear, well they couldn't find anything wrong with me and put me on Zallotol or Ambutol or lord knows what other drugs as well. To calm you down or knock you out, Good night! You don't handle mystery illness with mystery drugs! Limitations on reasoning or not questioning why you are taking those specific drugs and what they may be doing to your health and your body is really asking to get your ass kicked but good!! Don't be satisfied that the doctor knows and you don't! FIND OUT! Understand your process. It is YOUR process, your living. Unless being ill or sick is your game which is playing Russian Rolette with yourself. Don't expect any one else to know what you think and feel inside. They don't live inside you, YOU do hopefully! Then ask questions when you don't know. If you don't know what a drug does or what it really treats, find out! Most of all know what side effects to look for. Yes, Way down at the bottom of that list is, possible death in a lot cases.

The Inner Aspect of understanding, isn't that a mouthful! That is the way to Enlightenment! You won't get there diminished and limited in any way! Even mind altering drugs, even natural ones, are limits because you think and buy into that which they seemed to have opened you up to. You begin to think it can only be achieved by their use? Well, nothing makes you have an experience without your cooperation. Find the inner limit, block or emotion that halts you from finding all the possibilities inside of you. Go beyond it and wave goodbye as you sail on to your own Inner Aspect of Understanding. Who said you can't know it all? How do you think everything got here? A being, God or the Source didn't wake up from a long sleep of unconsciousness and say ooh I don't know that, I guess I am limited! You can't pretend that one either. Walk in the footsteps of light and knowing and as you do keep understanding everything that comes your way, buy into unlimited thinking and that there are no such things as mysteries. The mystery of faith my ass! There is no such thing. Faith is knowing on a very personal level. Everything that exists can be known and understood! Have your own inner understanding, and enlightenment is yours!

Enlightenment is a journey, not a goal. You will never awaken someday suddenly realizing you are now Enlightened! That you are studying this material, now, indicates you are on the path of Enlightenment right now!

There are no "degrees of Enlightenment." Those that got there before you, don't possess more of it. Because that is theirs and yours is yours. It does not depend on time. It does not have dimension! It is endless. As long as you live in constant awareness and understanding, that you can know and understand, that is all that is required, the possibility of finding out.

Sure you are going to meet up with those that are living in the limit of the moment. Ask them if they like it there? Show them how to get out of it. If you don't at least ask them and try to assist them, you will eventually turn on yourself and start living as they do. To be enlightened is to bring the light. When you don't you are not being enlightened. When you present the limits and do not present the possibilities of what can be, you leave others in confusion and darkness. Enlightenment will elude you then as well. To be enlightened you bring yourself and others to understanding. Leave no rocks unturned, no search not made. Wasn't there a great master who said, "Ask, and it shall be given unto you; seek, and you shall find. Knock, and it shall be opened unto you". There is nothing that you can't understand!

Keeping True to Yourself

As you see yourself develop into a more integral whole, all of your values and images of Self may change or transform even more than from what you have learned in previous workshops. You may find that you want to adapt a Self-agreement with what you know is true for you. You will be faced by a world with many different and various views concerning many topics. Become aware not to be pulled to far in one direction. Be wary of anger and frustration and most of all, fear.

Sometimes fear leads the pack. It makes people feel as if something has to be done right away, that something terrible will happen unless action is taken. Granted, in true emergencies—house on fire, car accident, someone drowning—immediate action is needed! Prevention of illness, accidents or burns can call for a swift action. Is it out of fear of the outcome? Or is it from a sense of preservation and continuance? Very different energy between these two! Fear has no resolution it propagates more fear.

Keep aware of your motives, where you are coming from. Where are others in their process? Are you going into agreement with other people's dysfunction or poor judgment or incorrect thinking? How do you reach other people to have them examine those fears and turn that into a positive so everyone wins? Because unless everyone wins no one does.

Here you are, driving to an appointment and your daughter calls and says the doctor says your Spouse has a 40% chance of living after an accident. What would you do and how would you think about it? You children are waiting for your response. Do they panic and start to mourn the loss of their parent or do you turn the energy into something others can feed from to see the Light in what they heard? That may sound like poor odds, but wait, any percentage is better then none and it means there is hope. (Besides, you know that doctors do make up those figures anyway!) Don't focus on the negative. Look to see what you have to work with. Do the energy work you've learned here, get your family to assist you, hold vigils and plant light columns; call in angels or guides to assist. You have a great deal of knowledge in your hands. You know how disease works and how life can be restored. Do these things and there can be continuance.

Always support the person in their process. We once had a friend in New York City. He was the poster child for intravenous Vitamin C for curing HIV or other immune disorders. It seemed to work when that person did the protocol correctly. We would get calls at all times of the night and day of how this person had to fight for every inch that he gained in a medical system that was insistent that they knew best. The medical system presented fear, that this alternative treatment was a hoax and a sham and that he would die by not taking their drugs. All that fighting and staying calm and trying to live took a toll on him. One which he got very exhausted trying to even maintain. He had made enough journeys through other inner and outer realms to know that he did not want to continue to live to fight through what he had been doing. The therapy was keeping him alive with his body and the world was not going to accept this yet! He decided to half his dose and slip away. We all talked about it. He wanted to go and said good bye to us all. He peacefully went to sleep and did not wake up.

Is it wrong to allow bodies to die if the being desires something else? Do you preserve life at any cost? Is it your choice? Some of us, years ago, lived on a street that had an abortion clinic on it. Some Sundays we would go to breakfast across the street from the clinic and there in the street were people protesting against the abortion clinic and they would try and convince the people going there to reconsider adoption and other alternatives. Some of these people turned violent and ended up bombing some of the clinics in that city, killing workers at the clinic and their clients and some of the unborn babies. Try not to judge anyone there! Yet in the name of principles and ideas and what we are taught about right and wrong, life hangs in the balance. Should life be preserved at all costs?

So Enlightenment is perfection and you are shown how to attain your own perfection. Your perfection is based upon the purity of your compassion first for yourself and then for others because they reflect you to you. In another's eyes I see my reflection! In their hearts I feel the flow of life and in their minds lie the keys to the continuance of all things.

You have come here seeking knowledge and truth first before all things. You found techniques that can assist you to heal and whole all things that exist. Healing occurs in a neutral space, where time is not the dictator of survival and your breathing technique will keep you and others focused long enough to get through it. A neutral space is not about outcomes. It is the moment you are in and you are the conduit of universal truth. You have no vested interest other than the wholeness of all that is. You see and make use of the sounds that connect all things with their original matrix. Most of all you persist and are constant and listen until you know that session is complete. Take nothing with you. All that occurred is there. All that is present is divine. You wash your hands in cold water, perhaps hot then cold. You came with no worry, just an open heart; you leave the same way! You make no promises and no prognostications. When the person begins to recover you follow up with whatever energies you sense are best! Always listen for key words, ones that express the energy that is present.

This is what Understanding is about. It does not leave you one day or escape your memory. You will begin to notice textures and qualities that expand your awareness about the energies present. You will secure the best possible outcomes for all those you treat or contact. These act as qualities of how you understand what you have come to know.


When we talk about things that are simple to understand and do, we are addressing competency. This comes with experience. No one can tell you what your experiences mean to you or what your views of them are. You do get to tell them and use them as tools. These will encourage others to find their own stories and experiences. Always remember, success in life and living as energy is not about how complex and incomprehensible you seem to be. Finding the obscure and esoteric to beguile and bemuse others and yourself is not being enlightened. The simple facts and the most basic truths can speak volumes and give the clearest picture concerning a person's issues. Learning how to listen to the slightest changes and observing energy shifts will help you immensely more than any book-learned disease or condition. So keep it simple and in the scope of what is applicable.

People love simple facts they can easily comprehend. They like to know what may be going on and what brought it about. You are not looking to cure or stop or end a flow of energy. You are a person trained to assist through knowing what you are looking at. The person being treated or addressed is in any number of distant relationships to these. They may not remember or comprehend energy as visible; they may get it as sounds or kinesthetically or any other number of perceptions, even ones you may never have heard of before. That is why simplicity is so important. Don't add to the already burdened individual by being technical or using correct anatomical or medical words. Yes, he or she may have a background in those subjects, but if the issue was originally contacted when the subject was five years old and it has been stuck there ever since, the issue has five year old language to it. Inwardly it may seem scary. It may have many twists and turns that hold it in place. The being needs to be gently guided through it to completion. The process has a beginning and how it occurred and what thought laid it in for it to have become stuck there and affecting them over time. It may have stimulators in the past and/or present, which can place very powerful controls over their life and performance in life.

The most basic energy that holds a lot of meaning for most people will be Understanding. It begins with a chant something like, "I understand…". This is an Inner Aspect process. It does not have to be considered right or correct or wrong or bad. It is however what will work best for them.


I understand shit or I understand it up to a point or even I know I can understand that someday! All speak of frustration or not really getting it or putting a hopefulness of someday I'll get it.

Well today is the day you get to look inwardly and find your statement of what you do understand. Here, today, now! You get to claim it for yourself. You get to see what qualities are involved with that statement such as more, greater than or well, sufficient, or remarkably good. After each statement you get to see which ones are working for you and what isn't working so well. In your evaluation see how you can turn around what does not work and turn it into what works better for you. Remember, keep it simple!

Exercise 10-a

Write down four Inner Aspect I UNDERSTAND statements (referring to the qualities involved in how you do, or don't understand things), Mark statements that indicate successful understanding “I+”. Mark statements that indicate limited or negative understanding “I-”.

Inner Aspect

Inner Aspect Health


To maintain your Tenth Inner Aspect health, you must begin to comprehend what you understand best and find out what it is you don't quite yet get. A large portion of this is learning to converse about ideas and concepts with others. compare what you have come to understand and listen to others' understanding. It is not always easy to become enlightened and properly informed on certain subjects. It may take time or it may just be like a bolt of lightening and BOOM! you get it! So be prepared for what ever way it might occur.

The health of this kind of inner awareness can be very uplifting and help you get good grades on tests or make inroads into your ability to successfully treat people and their issues, illnesses or conditions. Watch the big words, strange-sounding conditions or diseases that sound better written and buried under a rock! When medical literature and doctors confer that something is idiopathic it means

Just because one medical tradition does not know how to handle an illness or condition does not mean it can not be directly effected by another. In oriental medical traditions various energy assessments are taken and treatment is based upon what is found in order to alleviate the condition or illness. They use pressure or needles to increase or diminish the flows of energy in the body. In some native American traditions a shaman draws sand paintings to draw out illness and trap it and when they destroy the sand painting the illness is destroyed as well. In other modes of healing they have the person write down all the things that represent an illness to them and have them burn it. Evil words or sickness can be buried in the ground and transmuted by mother Earth. Just remember it is energy and it follows your dictates if it is yours. The reason it persists is because you are somehow promoting, creating, agreeing or avoiding looking at it and seeing and knowing it. When fear enters it brings mystery and pain in the form of separation. Use the laughing techniques to break free from these. Start by laughing and keep on laughing you will have a breakthrough perhaps many in this process. Thus there will be many ways to treat any condition, disease or illness.

One thing that some people take issue with is, why and how would any one create and promote disease or illness or even injury? So, it is basic to the idea that all things that are yours, for example your body and its cells and tissues and organs and so on, are served by all things, and blocks or energy manifest as disease. It is how you limit yourself or buy into being limited or agree that you were wrong, bad, evil, whatever the word is that matches your impression of that disease. When you begin to see this you find how you hooked into it and what it was doing for you. You also get to redesign and redefine it for yourself. This will bring understanding of it and when you come to terms with it that condition ceases to have a hold on you.

This process might also include the negative actions you took do to the limitation you bought into. There we were having lunch and our friend started berating the waitress because she had no knowledge of how to deal with the person at the table with the wheel chair. The person who is hard of hearting thinks the person talking to them is being mean or rude because they disagree with them. granted your ears may have degenerated to the point of not hearing all that is said and people will not always know how to deal with those who show up with challenges. So when you are lashing out at others from the things that limit you, are you truly clear on what has occurred, what was said or the other persons intention?

Injury is obvious along these lines. Many injuries, depending on the severity, are stopped flows of energy. This stopped flow may be due to a multitude of reasons, all converging. It may have just been a flash or fear or limitation that halted that flow. It is like a flash going off when a photo is taken, it can happen that fast. There you are blinded by the light and your sight interrupted. Some people who become seriously injured say they lost it at that moment and have little recollection of what occurred. It seems that their egos shut down and allowed some other part of them (or someone else) to take control. Reported under extreme circumstances, people have seen lights or some being they identify as a deity or supernatural being take over and save them from being killed. That is a big surrender to one's higher self which is connected to higher vibrations and more expanded beings of light, actually! The song "Jesus Take the Wheel," purports to request this very same thing, I am stressed, tired and want to have peace and joy again and I can't handle this on my own.

Experience a healthy Inner Aspect of Understanding! Learn to come to terms with these energies. Clarity and certainty are about understanding! Having enough of these experiences of understanding will give you an inner knowing of clarity and that which is often called intuition. This intuition or understanding is the most likely outcome based on your experiences. Your Intuitive Inner Aspect is truly your ability to have these consistently as a part of who you are.

Intuitive Field

With your Tenth Field you will begin to establish very clear views of how you relate within your world. This takes on a whole new concept of how you see outcomes that possibly others don't see or can not perceive. This is how you use this field. It is a way of placing in it the possibilities by which others may become enlightened. That is an important concept. How do we affect a change in our environment? We hold the answers and make suggestions to those who have the power and ability to make or implement these changes. When they claim these as their ideas and are able to carry them out, you realize ego and praise has nothing to do with accomplishments. It is how it got done and that it was accomplished at all.

This is just one of many ways to use these tools. Obviously selfless selfhood is not for everyone, but what if it were? My goodness, what a world! You must realize that nothing evil or bad or non-survival can make it this far and blow it all for everyone. The biggest faker in the world could not bulldoze their way through so much goodness and light to find destruction as their end goal. That is not the way this kind of energy works. They would find much of this fruitless and useless and would rather go for physical violence and direct confrontation then sit through any of these workshops. It does not take an enlightened person with psychic abilities to see this. War and violence are direct results of fear, raised to a pitch of Stop, stop I can't take anymore! If gun control is the issue, Some control freaks will plant a bomb or shot some children in a school or shopping mall to control all the guns. You don't get a world of peace by restricting peoples choices or proving them dead wrong by killing more people. Enlightenment is bringing to understanding! That is not accomplished through fear, anger, violence and death. Guns don't kill people, people do! That is the target of gun control. those people who are unstable or want to harm themselves or others need real assistance to get beyond that as a choice.

When you use your Intuitive Field you are living as a being of Light having a Human experience. You first need to handle the old tapes and programs that tell you that you are not divine and perfect. Not your ego, YOU, the spirit of Love and Light you truly are. That is the part of you that you want driving your bus. That is the part that can take to the heights and back home again. Always know that you know, trust your own true wisdom. Know that there is no right or wrong answer to the questions of life. If the way seems uphill and you are peddling as hard and fast as you can, handle your resistance because nothing in all of time and space is really that hard. It may be the resistance to the subject you are studying or a person or their philosophy. Perhaps you can see that they have part but not all of what needs to be done or taught or administered.

When you go along you are creating resistance in you because it is out of synchronicity with what you know. If you object, and present no handling mentioned or walk away you collapse all involved into mystery and chaos. Then they can only alienate you and try to make you wrong or try to get rid of you. It becomes war! Intuition is not war. It is blending and finding out what works best. It is where everyone wins. If war breaks out, stand back and do not be a target. Allow the process of lies and deceptions to play out; when it calms down find the reasoning for change. Present it as a plan to those who can and will implement the change. It might disperse the power hungry or those that are in fear. yet it is the greatest good for all those involved. Intuition is where everyone wins or if it is not then no one wins!

Unhealthy Field

It may not seem obvious but a person with an unhealthy Intuitive Field is less inclined to put much stock in inner guidance or impressions and when they get impressions or do comparisons others perceive something different and do not get the same take on people, places and things as they might.

On this level they may be out of step or truly see something others around them can't seem to relate to. They may say things like, "I don't know why I can't guess at things or I am always wrong about things or impressions."

The other thing to watch for is being in a space with one of these people. Their imbalanced field can make you feel queasy or off! When working with them they seem to just be out of step or think they are getting the project at hand when in reality they are not. They may seem truly excited about what you are saying or doing and when you ask them to tell you their impressions you wonder what were they listening to and you find it difficult to hear many portions of what you were doing or saying in what they describe back to you.

These people are not hopeless cases. They need to do exercises that affirm their rightness and when they make the connection or see what is going on, ask them what made the connection for them? You can get them to do comparisons of shapes and colors, tests to increase their differentiation rate. It is not about random guessing or anything like guessing. It is about practicing, really getting it, and understanding how you got there.

Exercise 10-b

Write down four I UNDERSTAND statements referring to your understanding of the world around you, Mark strong understanding with “F+”; Mark unhealthy or vague understanding “F-”.


Field Health

Synchronicity: Circumstances, happenings, events or situations occurring together at the same time with no obvious causal relationship. What does this have to do with intuition, understanding or even enlightenment? Once again, learn to listen well and be observant because you will be seeing more events or circumstances coming together and leading to your experiences. When you make the connections between two or more occurrences that seem to be at least similar in content or meaning, you will be able to see the messages that the universe, vital force, creative life essence, etc., is making available to you. That is synchronicity.

You will find you become more alive and able to be in the moment when you are living in this flow. Your health is more stable and perhaps getting better. This is due to your own vital force feeling uplifted and acknowledged. The more you live in this way the greater your potential toward higher consciousness will become. You will perceive differences more and know without knowing. In other words, you will know what you know and it is not just from book learning or rote memory.

The more you sense and feel or taste and become kinesthetic with the life and the vital forces around you the greater is your understanding and the more attuned you are with what can be and the more intuitive you are becoming and being. Your actions will reflect your awareness of any moment and you will be enlightened through your actions.

This is a healthy Understanding Field. People will say you seem to beam or radiate. You will notice your joy more readily in any moment. Rising above the mundane and persisting within the peace you can find, you are the corner stone, the crux and panicle of joy for others as well.

Health just follows you around because you make those choices!

Practicing Intuition

The best way to a healthy Intuitive Field and Inner Aspect is to practice, practice, practice!

It will require taking the time during your busy day to first find neutrality. How do you find it?

Exercise 10-c

Find something during your day that you have no feeling about, one way or the other. This is something that just is there: someone else's desk, a window, a door. Start with uncharged items in your environment, things that don't pull you one way or the other and to which you do not have an emotional attachment. Observe that item or thing. See if it tells you its story. Examine it from all angles. If you were that coffee cup or paper clip what would you tell someone about yourself? Tell us about how you came about. Where did you come from? Go outside the normal usage and story. What other things might you have been used for? Have people held you while thinking thoughts about their day or what they had plans to do?

You can do this outside really well with rocks and plants and trees and water. Streams and rivers have wonderful stories to tell. These may come to you as impressions or ideas or even images of past, present or future events.

You can really get to understand a tree. The roots and branches and the trunk all have ways to express to you how they became so distinct from one another to perform individual tasks that support the whole tree. Hold its leaves, hug its trunk and feel its roots. The tactile senses will assist you with whatever impressions you can ascertain from the tree.

This all sounds a little strange to some people and that is because in our world of rush here to do this and that we are trained to stay focused and do the task in front of us and block out the impressions of the things that surround us. The increased psychosomatic illnesses today are based on forced shutdown of our Understanding Field and Inner Aspect. It is why it seems like an illness, because you are forced to recognize matter and tangibility as "God" and the unseen worlds as fake, chicanery or foolish nonsense. Any number of brilliant and marvelous things have come from the unseen and imaginary worlds that we are taught to ignore, despise and negate.

Nature is all around us, waiting to be communed with. It won't seem to put gold or money in your pocket. Then again, you might get your greatest ideas and inspirations from such communion. Who knows what wonderful things we can discover about our world and all that resides within it?

When you have enough stories down and it seems easy to pick up impressions about things, walk down a lightly populated street and briefly tune into a passerby. See what you get. Now be very aware not to be influenced by what pops into your head; it might get icky! Remember neutrality just as you did with nature and objects. Your goal is to just be the neutral observer.

Then you start to practice with increased numbers of people in a room, auditorium, theater or street. Learn to differentiate what belongs to whom. Don't get overloaded and be discreet. Do not become a negative energy magnet; when you have got yourself in a high enough frequency nothing is going to harm you! Nothing in a lower frequency can reach that high. Get plenty of rest and sleep and the right kinds and amounts of food. You are on your way to having a wonderfully healthy Field and Inner Aspect of Understanding.

Finding Your Enlightenment

Referring to the Systems chart in Workshop Zero, please note that the parabola for System Ten extends from one foot above the crown of your head.


Enlightenment as a System

Your Tenth System demonstrates and establishes you as the enlightened being you are. This energy invites you to stand tall in your own enlightened beingness and realize that you are an intuitive being of light .You come to understand who you are through the process of doing unto others what you yourself would like done unto you. Thus we all learn to reach and touch many lives as the multidimensional aspect of Self.

The Light of all the previous systems we experienced blends here within this system to give us a fuller spectrum of the divine Light of Spirit! How it is manifested upon this planet or any other is how we make it happen.

Systems are powerful things, they demonstrate how the higher frequencies work within a moment of time and beyond. This one in particular consistently establishes a new order within our lives as confusions, doubts and worries melt away and certainty, clarity and peace reign supreme.

You will see the world. At times war and other horrible things might creep into your vision and momentarily blind you to the joy and peace that so many crave to have occurring at the same time. Remember all those uncomfortable things that often accompany life on Earth: disease, poverty, war and ignorance are part of the old world domination scheme. They will fail when you bring Light, compassion and peace within the grasp of those who see and know your Light.

So many on Earth have learned only shock, fear and anger. Show the way to Light, truth and happiness. That is what all people really want. You have the abilities and tools through this system to show them how that can be achieved.

Unhealthy System

A person with an unhealthy Tenth System express this through dullness and uncertainly. Fear and confusion have taught such a person to look pessimistically at life and doubt the things they see. They have heard talk of peace and have forgotten how to have it and keep it.

As with any disease there are degrees of unhealthy systems. At its worst this one is the antithesis of Enlightenment, a dull slight remembrance of things from the past. It is an assuredness of what a person knows. Be careful with this because there will be people who propagate, sometimes unwittingly and unknowingly, a false sense of knowingness and seeming truth. It all looks and sounds great and when you start down that path it is not what you started toward. It slowly becomes its antithesis. You can recognize it as partial and there will be lots of "we don't know why", "It works for some reason", and "It is just the way it is". If these things bother you, go find out! As one of us has said, "Don't drink the Kool-Aid!" You don't have to buy what others want you to buy! You can know on your own. If you want the paper or credentials get it! Because the paper says you are a wrapologist does not deter you from being greater and more than the limited name on the paper.

Unhealthy System Ten persons want power because they believe they need it. If you have power their goal is to convince you that they have it and you don't. They will use all means necessary to "prove" this to you. The goal is to convince you that you are powerless. Even though that's a lie, if you are convinced it is true you won't ever exercise your own power to learn it is not. They will use other people as mediators to sound the sweetness and light of it all. Many people quell in the wake of this sort of handling. Others will receive hasher treatment and be sent into fear of not attaining their goal.

(Note that a very common way to take your power is to tell you that you need a priest, minister, rabbi or imam to intercede with God on your behalf. God doesn't need a middleman!

Unhealthy System Ten is a hard place to deal with. Especially if these people hold a position of influence, as they often do. They do all they can to make you see them as acting in your best interests. They will direct your attention and conversation because they have become expert at doing so. Your best bet is to circumvent them if you need to.

When you are dealing with children or those in your care, or you encounter these individuals working for you in some capacity, you need to be gentle and process with them slowly to have them come to conclusions about the bigger picture. Most likely there is lots of fear manifesting as anger or frustration. They might laugh to avoid contacting some vast pain of previous doubt, reservation or separation. They are blocked from seeing or being intuitive. They don't really think along those lines and pooh-pooh the very concept of intuitiveness. They have learned to be logical and analytical and do really well in those areas. They need TLC and guidance. These people you don't avoid. You are in their lives for a purpose; find out what it is for you and where it needs to go for both of you. Take them there!

Exercise 10-d

Write down four I UNDERSTAND statements referring to your sense of enlightenment, Mark items that indicate successful understanding with S+”; Mark items that indicate unsuccessful understanding “S-”.


System Health

To increase the health of one's System of Enlightenment, one must keep one's vibrational frequency as high as possible. That is done through meditation. Proper diet, rest, and exercise help as well.

How can you tell what your frequency is? It's easy: The higher it is, the more successfully you will understand the world around you; the lower, the less successful you will be.

One of the best methods of assisting the System of Enlightenment is to do the Breathing Technique of Expansion, the Hands-On and Healing Technique you will learn in this workshop. Be inclusive as a rainbow in your relationships to color. A daily session on yourself will lead to your developing insights and deepen your self-assuredness. When you're ready to explore this, click the Next button below.