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How to scan a person's Fields and Inner Aspects for issues.

Scanning The Inner Aspects and Fields


In this Workshop you will learn the technique for scanning a subject's Inner Aspects and Fields. Remember, these structures contain much information, some good and accurate, others implanted by trauma or dysfunctional upbringing or unresolved forms concerning other lifetimes. Scanning enables the ONA practitioner to detect irregularities in the Inner Aspects and Fields.

Discussion of Scanning

What is meant by scanning? Scanning means to gain information, to search stored data systematically, through perception, for specific data. It comes from the Middle English word Scannen which means to scan a verse. This in turn comes from the Latin word Scandere which means to leap, to climb or to examine closely.

Each of you has the ability to elicit information through each of your senses. Perhaps you have recognized within yourself a dominant or preferred sense that you find yourself depending upon. This dominant sense can become the translator or bridge into all the other senses, which you can access just as well as the one with which you are most comfortable. Ask that sense to translate information further into the other senses: Ask touch to see color or motion; smell tones; hear textures. Through practice of your intending to experience these in different ways, you can soon become aware and you will be able to, at will, perceive information from every one of your own senses.

As you pass your hands through the subject's Fields, or your intention through his or her Inner Aspects, you will notice sensations; at first, perhaps, just warm or cool but with practice your repertory of sensations will expand. These sensations occur when you encounter irregularities. These irregularities represent encoded things (traumas) or events that the subject has encapsulated to avoid the pain of dealing with them. But, of course, avoided pain just gets worse and harder to deal with in time. And that is why the subject has come to you.

With practice, the thing or event you are observing now becomes just as plain as can be. It is what is present. Now remember, you will be receiving this information in terms of your vocabulary—in other words, your stories.

Remember, we perceive in terms of OUR stories, not the client's.

However, your stories are not your subject's stories. And an ONA practitioner is not a swami. An ONA practitioner does not tell anyone what he or she should be, do or have. We do not say what is so. We simply, neutrally, observe. The second you violate this you are not doing ONA. You are doing know-best and one-up-man-ship. You might as well hang out your shingle as a fortuneteller or poorly-trained hypnotist.

Scanning is quick, easy and precise. Any fuzziness or non-clarity is always on the part of the person scanning; not the person being scanned. The prime directive is never tell anyone what you think is wrong or right with them! This process will not require you to know personal data about the person. It will not require you to be chummy or intimate with him or her. You are not to invalidate or evaluate anyone's reality. You want to say, for example “I see blue swirls of energy in your Mental Field, can you tell me what that means to you?” or “There is a lot of heat coming from your Fourth System in the fifth Field, does that have any significance for you?” You can have them tell you first impressions or just what they are thinking or feeling in the moment, since activating the irregularity will bring it to their attention as well. Take what is given, work with that energy, and see what changes occur. Don't fall into the trap of answering the client's questioning you to tell them what it is such as “What do you think it is?” At that point you can calmly and politely say, “It does not matter what I say it is; what matters is what your experience of it is”.

Remember you are assisting them in the healing or wholeing process. Your clients know how to be whole; they are “re-membering” it. You are not to come to conclusions for them. Invite them to find out what is present for them. If they do not seem to perceive what you are saying or asking, let it go, move on until you find something they will respond to. It may be on an emotional level, physical level, mental level or some other perceptive level. Allow them to explore and find out for themselves. Don't prod, heckle or dig! Invite; calmly ask neutral questions that do not sound threatening or invasive. Say or gesture nothing alarming such as "O my God!" or "Ooo, I have something big here!" Watch your overreactions. Be pleasant and calm. Never say, "I am getting nothing" or "There is nothing is there", that is a sure invalidation because all areas have something there. Go for neutrality! When you live this way you have mastered a very powerful part of yourself that invites wholeness, joy and connection with yourself and others.

When you are working with yourself, avoid self-criticism that seems untruthful or invalidative statements such as, “Come on, stupid!” or “I am such a dummy!” etc. These are never okay to say to yourself or anyone else. They are unkind and unnecessary and do not assist the process.

You want clarity, wholeness and completion to prevail. Go for those intentions and it will all work out fine.

Demonstration of Scanning

Scanning With Your Hands

  • Wash hands with cold, lightly salted or sea-salted water

  • If doing session on another, first do hand positions on self

  • While doing clearing, use any of the breathing techniques

  • Plan on 30 to 60 minutes for procedure

First, get in touch with the beingness of the person you intend to scan. Explain that you need to assess a few things first. Answer any questions that may arise at this time. Be clear, honest and open. Maintain a place for them to be at ease with this procedure.

Start by touching the Physical Field, where possible. From the First System to the Twelfth System, elicit answers from them concerning where your hands are, only to receive information. Do no processing yet. You want to get a clear picture of the whole of what is present in the relation to that person's Systems, Fields, Inner Aspects and the Channel. When you get to the Ninth System, you intend to receive information from the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth System's while physically touching the area of the Ninth System.

To receive information by scanning the First System through the Twelfth, place your hands on the Physical Field at System One. Intend your view of all Twelve Inner Aspects, Channels, and Fields at this System. Move your hands to System Two and so on while keeping your hands on the Physical Field. Continue the scanning of this Field through to the Twelfth System. When this is complete, move your hands to just slightly off the Physical Field to the Second Field, and repeat the above. Then move your hands slightly further out from the Physical Field and the Second Field, intending to make contact with and through the Third Field. Continue assessing information by scanning with your hands through all Twelve Systems and all Twelve Fields. Intend each time you move your hands to contact or receive information through that Field or System.

Pay particular attention to any hot spots, cold spots or other energies; refer to your assessment sheet. Note any other perceptions you may have tuned to. Make note of these: texture, taste, vibration, tone, smell, motion, etc. Write these all down on the observation portion of your assessment sheet.

Scanning With Sight

  • Place hands in first hand position

  • Envision each of the twelve Inner Aspects, its color clear and clean

  • Repeat from the other eleven hand positions

Use the same exercise as in “Scanning With the Hands” and add sight. Visualize what colors, motions or patterns might be present. Through intention, translate what you felt in the “Scanning With the Hands” portion into a visual form or experience. Practice this until you can use your hands and sight together. When you have mastered using sight with your hands, scan by sight alone. First work with Inner Vision, which is “seeing” with your eyes closed. Your dominant sense may be active here as well. Translate it into a visual form or experience, through intent.

Use your Inner Vision to transfer your sight to Outer Vision. With your sight intend a translation to smell, taste, audio, sensation, texture, vibration or tone.

If the Outer Vision is more predominant, use that to transfer or translate to the Inner Sight.

Microscopic Viewing

  • Place your hands where your sense tells you each Field is

  • Start with Field One, the physical body

  • “See” what colors or shapes appear

  • Notice texture and any changes that you perceive

After becoming more proficient in sight assessing, train your sight to become aware of the more intimate cellular details of what is present. Train your Inner or Outer Vision to focus by requesting or asking for it to appear in a specific area. Tune your sight to focus as a microscope. Use words that will create your intent. Perhaps you can label each part that you intend to view such as “I will now look at the left ventricle of the heart.” You can ask questions for any irregularities that appear. You can ask them what they mean or what they are. It may appear as a dark spot, a blockage, or swirling redness etc. Whatever shows up when you ask the question will require appropriate wording of what you see in neutral terms that will just describe what you see.

Then when you have completed this procedure, begin to focus closer and then closer with magnification such as, scan the tissue of the liver. Scan its cells. Eventually you can learn to scan the bones and the marrow, blood vessels and blood cells, etc.

Remember to request what you desire to view. Sense what to view first; if you receive a strong sense to view a specific level do that first, and then come back and complete all levels. Make sure to be thorough in your scanning.

Sharing Information with the Person

Sharing the information that you have found may assist your subject to transform some or all of that energy into a more beneficial flow or even a different form. Use energy statements only, nothing that might be perceived as medical or frightening such as “ I see you have cancer” or “ So tell me about the death that shows up in your Fields.” You want to reflect what you perceive in a neutral, non-invasive statement such as, “What can you tell me about this blue ring of energy I am perceiving in your Ninth Field?” Keep it clear and simple. Let them answer and tell you what they perceive. You can request for them to gently close their eyes and see if anything comes to them concerning what you are requesting. If it is not clear to them what it is about, allow them to sit with it for a while.

After sharing the information concerning what you have perceived, make a note of it on the assessment sheet. After discussing it, always recheck the area to ascertain its current condition prior to hands-on in the session. It is possible that it has vanished all together. Inspection of the area or condition when pinpointed exactly enough by the person you are scanning can allow for either the energy to become dormant or less active, or for it to have become restructured or transformed through just the examination by that person. In this case the energy, when looked for, will seem to not be there. It has de-stimulated and released its grip upon your thoughts and actions. It appears to no longer be present.

In this case always ask the person about the condition, situation or area being asked about. If you notice that something has shifted or changed ask, “It seems that something has changed here, what has happened?” or “It seems to be different, what is your perception on this?” If it seems less active to you and something is still present , let them know this too. If it seems all gone and all seems perfectly fine yet you sense more there, do not draw attention to it unless you plan to handle it at that point. They may even say “It seems fine now!' or “That problem seems to have cleared up!” You can say, “There seems to be something else here, can you tell me about it?” Refrain from negations of their awareness, such as: “There is more here!” or “No, it is not!” or “That is not my perception.” Statements indicating that what they claim is incorrect, are inappropriate. You want to stay as supportive and in sync with them and true to what both your realities are in that moment.

Do not push someone or yourself into looking for more when neither of you are ready or willing to handle more at that moment. Handle what is present at that time. If something surfaces for you or your client handle it when it is present for you or them. This way everyone wins

Scanning Over Distance

Scanning over distance

Apply your newly gained awareness and skills of scanning to observe over a distance. Remember all things are connected and that time is the agreed-upon reality. Space is an illusion and distance is the same no matter if you are in different rooms, cities, countries or galaxies. Believe it is so and it becomes your reality. There have been an array of documented cases of communications at long distances and healings occurring through just the intention or good thoughts from one person to another. Once while an ONA Practitioner was visiting a friend on Long Island, New York, the friend had a house full of his friends that were all sharing the house for the summer. The guys kept pressing the ONA Practitioner for what he did and he said he was a massage therapist and healer. To which some of them smirked and said, "O really, how does that work?" The ONA Practitioner raised his hand and faced it toward one of the guys and the man jump back off his chair. The ONA Practitioner had not done anything. the guys smirk quickly turned to a seriousness and, "how did you do that?" The ONA Practitioner told the guy that he did not done anything. Then the ONA Practitioner asked, "what did you feel?" he said he could feel the warmth of The ONA Practitioner's hand and he was not even close to him! Obviously his fields were very active. Be aware of this, some people are very sensitive even if they are not fully aware of this to start with. You have been building your energy and your fields are very active and strong around you, and they are a lot clearer then most people on this planet at this time.

In this procedure you are going to first check on the room or space you are in. Make sure nothing about the space is distracting or uncomfortable. Always ask your client if you can scan them. Their awareness of the procedure can help you both to tune into any particulars that come up. This also invites and allows their awareness to assist you in making your assessment. Be as honest, open and clear as you can.

When you find you have success with this in close spaces, try scanning someone who is located in another room, across town the county or the world. You will come to have more and more experiences that confirm your own ability to scan at any distance. Remember you will need to locate the person first. The person's name, address, city, state, county or even date of birth may assist you to locate that individual. Contact the person on the Inner Aspects and the Outer Fields to elicit an agreement to scan them. This creates a greater intensity and connection between you both. The experience promises to be more harmonious and allows their feedback to assist you in your assessment. Exact information given to the practitioner, physician or person themselves assists in treatment much more effectively and precisely.

Do not forget to continue to perform this procedure with yourself and upon your clients as you learn all twelve sounds of ONA. After each ONA Workshop from now on, scan and tune your own Fields and Inner Aspects and those of your clients you have applied this information to so they have the benefit of wholeness and completion with all twelve levels of their beingness.