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The 'sound' of Communication and how to use it.

ONA teaches and supports consciousness in all you do. The Sound of Communication can trigger dynamic changes in one's life—whether he or she has had this Workshop or not! Because it would not be supportive to trigger such changes in the life of a person who had not consciously agreed to experience them, we ask that you not share this Sound with people who haven't had this Workshop. After all, they wouldn't be conscious of the possible effects, and would not have received the techniques for dealing with them..

Do share other information you learn here.

The Sound of Communication


The cosmic portal from whose center movement is freely flowing. It brings about the process of balancing and uniting all communications on every level. Through this process a third field of energy is created by which a united and balanced communication is activated.

Disperse Qi from center out The process of balancing and uniting
Movement freely flowing Activates communication
Cosmic portal

The sound of this System relates to, supports, upholds and forwards the concept of Communication. Chanting or directing this sound consciously brings forth and promotes Communication.

This is the energy of Rebirth. CORODA-NA reconnects the energy of the most primary life essence to the physical forms. When you continually call CORODA-NA while working with yourself, another, a place or a thing, you can literally reactivate those areas which seem to be lifeless.

The first thing to ascertain is what purpose the disconnection is serving. Then you want to know: Has the lesson been comprehended by that person, place or thing? Nothing will ever be the same after a separation or disconnection experience. It is the natural progress of all things to be reborn into another dimension of either redefined physical form, expanded mind capacities or soul advancement through knowingness. CORODA-NA transports that person, place or thing to its next stage of Self-decided development.

The second aspect of CORODA-NA, is that it dispels the sense of loneliness, despair or separation. Its statement is one of all-embracing connection and love. It forms lines and dimensional passageways between multiple communication networks.

Envision the sound of CORODA-NA along with the techniques you have learned and will learn, to handle old disputes with others. Direct this sound at photos of people, places and things you wish to have this energy reach or you can envision them in your mind.

CORODA-NA can be used for any person, place or thing with which you desire to connect in abiding love. Be patient with this energy; it forms in its own time, and reconnections occur accordingly.

CORODA-NA In Our World

We were not able to find this exact sound in common usage. However, CORODA does sound a lot like the English word corrode, a process in which molecules of one thing combine with molecules of the environment—a perfect example of relating, in which a thing and its surroundings are both altered by virtue of their relationship.


It's particularly important that you practice saying this Sound…but not so that others can hear. Remember, it can bring up issues concerning Communication which often manifest as poor integrity; remember, technique such as the ONA Communication Technique and the hands-0n concerning Clearing and Tuning the Inner Aspects and Fields, as described in this Workshop, can be used to catch any manifesting issues and resolve them before they become serious.