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All about the color of Communication (blue).

The Color of Communication

This color allows you to use your imagination and express ourselves artistically. When you are in contact with this color in your life you tend to have creative outlets and yet remain practical in the ways in which you express this.

Blue is a color that, when utilized for its ultimate energy, brings about the tendency to become more creative and imaginative. Those utilizing it in their lives correctly are self-expressive and use knowledge for problem solving.

Wearing blue prevents emotional draining, stimulates creativity and increases perception. It is the color of communication and interpersonal relationships. It encourages learning, calms down over-activity and increases one's logical and analytical insight.

Place this color in any area in which you wish to experience serenity. It can handle any feeling of mental dullness, inability to see calmly, quell any feeling of lack of practicality or indecisiveness.

This color assists in the treating of sunburn, fluid retention problems, sore throats and hyperactivity. Blue increases metabolism and builds vitality. Promotes growth, slows the action of the heart and is good for tachycardia. It acts on the blood as a tonic thereby lessening and controlling suppuration.

Blue reduces nervousness and acts as an astringent. It relaxes the mind and controls the throat area, which is a highly creative center in the body.

Blue is a color that promotes truth, devotion, calmness and sincerity.