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How to clear and tune the energy vortices of the body.

Clearing and Handling the Vortexes

There are times when clearing and handling the vortexes is beneficial. Like drains, vortexes sometimes "clog" with stuck energy and need to be handled and cleared.

Although this process is always beneficial, it is specifically recommended when adjacent Systems, Fields, or Inner Aspects are interacting in suboptimal ways. For example, if a client cannot seem to distinguish between what he FEELS (beliefs) and what he THINKS (first-hand knowledge), the problem is that Systems Three and Four are not communicating properly. A vortex clearing, especially the Vortexes for Systems Three and Four, would be in order.

Step One

  • Cup your hands.

  • Place your hands over the Vortex to be cleared.

  • Say in your mind all the System sounds you have learned, directed at your hands. You can say them out loud if the other person already knows them. This helps your hands to "resonate with Wholeness."

Step Two

  • Mentally “hear” the System Sounds resonating from the Center into and through its front and rear Vortex.

  • Do this while placing your hands over each Center.

Step Three

  • Place your hands on the Center and visualize that System's color.

  • Have the client visualize that color.

  • Say, “Please envision this Vortex and its Center, all of its Inner Aspects and Fields, of <System>, in <color>.” (e.g., “Please envision this Vortex and its Center, all of its Inner Aspects and Fields, of Awakening, in Green.”)


When done with all Systems, wash your face and hands with very cold water—salt water, if possible. This helps cleanses your "implements" and "sensing apparatus" (in other words, hands and face!).


Following the above instructions, clear your Vortexes or those of a partner.

Vortex Tuning

After the Vortexes are cleared, they may need to be tuned. Mistuned Vortexes may be structurally misshapen; if so, they cannot function optimally; not allowing optimum assimilation of energies needed to support that System. Use your intuition to determine which Vortexes, if any, need to be tuned.

Here are some illustrations of misshapen Vortexes. Most people won't see these so much as sense these:

Bent or misshapen






Other conditions can occur with which you may come in contact when observing the Vortexes of yourself or others. Each has an underlining theme or reason for its misguided appearance. In these cases, it becomes imperative for you to assist others and yourself with these conditions. The fastest and most complete approach is called tuning.

Tuning is a process by which you actually adjust the Vortexes. This adjustment keeps them spinning in proper direction, dispels tarnished masses of energy, reshapes the Vortex, extends it if shrunken and brings the Vortex back into proper position if it is overactive. In this process you are restructuring the energy of the Vortex itself and any marks, holes or punctures will be smoothed and sealed. Each Vortex brings in energy in a clockwise motion. This energy is attracted to the Vertical Currents Connecting Channel. The movement of this clockwise motion creates a funnel leading to the channel. There is a counter-clockwise motion that comes from the channel and extends throughout all the Inner Aspects and the Fields. This motion creates a large funnel that encases the inward moving funnel. From this counter clockwise funnel energy is whirled into all the Inner Aspects and Fields of that System.

When you view the Vortexes, examine them from the front first. Notice the color, shape, texture and temperature (cold, cool, warm or hot) will do in the beginning. Remember, these are intuitions, not usually physical sensations (though sometimes they are). Then examine the Vortexes from both sides for the same things. Do not forget to examine the back Vortexes. Make brief notes of what you perceive. This can be a tactile, visual or auditory observation. Whatever you find, make note of.

Step One

Mentally hear the System Sounds. Direct them to your own Systems, Fields, Inner Aspects, and palms and backs of your hands. Use as many sounds as you've learned. You can say them out loud if the client has also studied the ONA Workshops; otherwise tone them silently. The purpose of this step is to get your own frequency to as high a level as possible. Intend those sounds you have not learned yet by saying, "The sound of System Eight" and so on.

Step Two

As you rotate your hand and fingers toward each Vortex you are tuning, mentally hear the System Sounds resonate in each one. Describe with your hand a clockwise spiral, starting close to the body and drawing farther from it.

Step Three

Slowly and intuitively, continuing to spiral, move your hand out through the farther fields, increasing the width of the spiral. Intend it to reach all twelve fields

Step Four

Have your client join you in envisioning the purest possible color for that Vortex, integral and whole, and flooding into and through it.

Step Five

Tune the back Vortexes the same way. Keep spinning until you intuit that the Vortex function is correct or whole. Remember that conditions that have been present for a long time may require more than one tuning.

Step Six

working with Vortexes 9, 10, 11 and 12, envision them fitting one within the other. Use your intention as to which vortex you are tuneing.

Step Seven

Place your hand over any Vortexes that seem misaligned to you, Close your eyes and imagine that you are that Vortex. Move your hand to that Vortex's proper location and intend it into place. Spiral your hand along its proper position, direction and size.


With a partner, follow the directions above and tune his or her Vortexes. Remember, results may not be immediate; but monitor your client's progress over the next few days or weeks. Retune if you feel it is appropriate.