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All about your second System, Field and Inner Aspect.

About the Word

Acknowledgement is the act of recognizing the existence of what is present. It is an admitting that someone or something exists. Through specific processes each step in life requires the acknowledgement of that step being present. Therefore acknowledgement is the way we can experience each step through life itself.

The word acknowledgement comes from Old English acnawan which means to recognize. Acknowledgement is the state of being that does that recognition.

Purpose of Acknowledgement

Did you ever wonder what the world would be like if there was no such thing as friction?

According to the dictionary, in physics friction is the interaction that resists the relative motion or tendency to such motion of two bodies in contact. Contact is the operative word here. When two things touch, there is a tendency for those two things to move together. Friction is experienced when they do not.

With friction, it is possible to walk down a sidewalk. Friction keeps your feet from slipping over the cement as if it were ice.

With friction, it is possible to eat. Friction keeps your food from flying out of your mouth with every attempt to chew.

With friction, you can feel the wind in your hair, are able to speak and sing, are able to hold the ones you love in your embrace. Without it, none of those things would be possible.

Friction is just one example of what physics used to call a "force" but now calls an "interaction." Force implies energy coming from one thing to affect another thing. But physics has discovered that every time one thing affects another, the effector is affected, too.

That is the System ONA calls Acknowledgement in action. Every time one particle interacts with another, each particle acknowledges the other.

At A Glance

Location of Center Knees
Statement I HAVE
Associated Field/Inner Aspect Electromagnetic
Interactions Aligns/Opens
Tone C#
Color Infrared (Bronze/Tan)
Chakra (for comparison) First (wealth aspects)
Planetary Ruler Venus

The Importance of Acknowledgement

One's System of Acknowledgement affects (and is affected by) areas of

  • Possessions
  • Employment
  • The law
  • Authority

The purpose of Acknowledgement is giving of yourself to your Self, an action of expanding beyond the present experience. In this is the process of knowing where the self is and how it got there. This places the self in an slice of time and space. By acknowledging the self you are remembering the "more" of who you are.

From the I AM position of present conscious wholeness and past history leading up to the present, the self redirects the focus by letting that position go, opens to "more" and sets intentions and actualizations through acknowledging it is present and achievable. The original position now directs energy in the form of questions, wonderings, and intentions to know the next step, creating another point of reference. Learning to know this other point adds expanded consciousness to the wholeness of I AM. The action of seeking another viewpoint creates another actualization of time and space through acknowledgment. Within these specific time and space dimensions, there is "more." How or from where this "more" manifests depends upon your own Acknowledgement of your life.

Foundation vs. Acknowledgement

Your System of Foundation governs what you need to live.
Your System of Acknowledgement allows you to live well.


The active intelligence that creates statements of Perception is in the form of I HAVE.

I HAVE comes in a variety of forms. I HAVE statements are made which apply to the Electromagnetic Inner Aspect, the Electromagnetic Field, and the System of Acknowledgement. Inner Aspect statements refer to your acknowledgement of personal attributes; Field statements refer to your possessions, and System statements describe how your possessions possess you by requiring maintenance.

The use of the verb to have demonstrates the relationship of the Second Field, Inner Aspect, and System to the knees, your body's symbol of flexibility and submission.

Your behavior, identity and choices depict your present point of view and values. Sometimes people create their lives around these in repetitive, routine ways, not realizing the inflexibility they can create in the present. When these are recognized and their present limitations noted, flexibility can be restored. Flexibility allows you to notice and claim other points of view, expand your values, update your identity and language patterns. Being more flexible invites you to claim more in your life: more health, prosperity, joy, and so on.

Flexible communication in your presentation of yourself allows you to have and acknowledge the "more" in your life.

Example Statements

Inner Aspect Field System
Your personal attributes Your possessions How you acknowledge your possessions by maintaining them
I HAVE a cheerful disposition I HAVE a cat I HAVE TO drive my mother to the store
I HAVE attention deficit disorder I HAVE a ten-year mortgage on the house I HAVE TO feed the cat
I HAVE a terrific sense of balance I HAVE my love to keep me warm I HAVE TO iron my clothes

Electromagnetic Inner Aspect

The Second Inner Aspect is the electromagnetic. There is no magic or controversy here. It's been well-established that the brain and nervous system are electrical in nature, and that they make it possible for you to sense anything—and, if you can't sense it, you can't very well possess it!

Light is a form of the same energy that is called magnetism, and that also makes it possible for you to sense your possessions.

In physical terms, your Electromagnetic Inner Aspect is your nervous system. The brain, the ganglia, your optic and auditory nerves, the touch receptors in your skin and elsewhere—all these make up your Second Inner Aspect.

Exercise 2-a

Write down four Inner Aspect I HAVE statements (referring to your acknowledgments of self), Mark statements that indicate positive acknowledgement “I+”. Mark statements that indicate difficulties in acknowledgement with “I-”.

Inner Aspect

An Unhealthy Inner Aspect

An unhealthy Second Inner Aspect is evidenced by problems that, physically, involve the brain or nervous system. Note the connection to ownership here: A person with a diseased brain is likely to not become wealthy or to maintain material wealth. The most “successful” people, in terms of the material world, are those who think clearly, who are dexterous and clever.

Not all problems with the Second Inner Aspect are ailments in the traditional sense. Lack of sleep, use of drugs, living in an unhealthy environment, can all cause the brain/nervous system to under-function.

Energizing the Electromagnetic Inner Aspect

If you find you have marked one or more statements with an I-, consider making an effort to improve the health of your brain and/or sensory abilities.

Nutritionally, take antioxidants to prevent further damage to the brain (as well as the rest of the body), These help protect the body against free radicals which can cause oxidative damage to cells; vasodilators, which help keep your blood system from clogging and flowing smoothly; and nootropics. These are dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, and functional foods that purportedly improve mental functions such as cognition memory, intelligence, motivation, attention, and concentration. A type of molecule called free radicals are responsible for much damage throughout the system. Free radicals are present in greater quantities during times of stress, illness, and when one is exposed to toxins from any source. Substances known as antioxidants help combat this damage. They aid the entire body but are extremely important in maintaining cognitive function. A good antioxidant formulation should contain the following nutrients.


  • A (retinol) supports immune system, and four Carotenoidsprotects lungs and other tissues, occurring in foods and retinal
  • B1 Supports nervous system and brain function
  • B2 Supports red blood cells, skin, hair and nails
  • B3 Oxygen transport, supports intestines and nervous system
  • B5 Supports adrenal glands
  • B6 Helps regulate electrolytes, brain and nervous system function
  • C Primary antioxidant, tissue growth and wound healing
  • E refers to a group of eight fat-soluble compounds including both
  • Zinc assists in wound healing, Immune support
  • Selenium supports white blood cells, and combined with Vitamin E supports heart, liver and immune system
  • Inositol activity modulation, reducing blood Cholesterol
  • Bioflavonoids might induce mechanisms that affect cancer cells and inhibit tumor invasion
  • Choline Maintain liver and kidney health
  • Glutathione (N-acetyl-l-cysteine, or NAC) Liver health and detoxification
  • Methionine Used in the synthesis of many amino acids and good for healthy blood vessels
  • CoQ-10 Deduction of the oxidative processes in the body
  • Germanium Enhances oxygen availability
  • Dimethylglycine (DMG) improves oxygen utilization, detoxification, cell protection, immune system modulation, and physical performance.

Several of these substances show specific positive effects as cognitive enhancers: C-complex by which we mean (a naturally occurring form of Vitamin C with bioflavonoids, rutin and heparins), CoQ-10, glutathione, or N-acetyl-l-cysteine (NAC), and germanium.

Vasodilators open the small blood vessels that permeate the body and brain. These tiny channels deliver all the nutrients and oxygen to the cells. Niacin (or vitamin B3, nicotinic acid or vitamin PP), and ginkgo biloba have both been proven to increase blood flow to the brain thereby enriching the oxygen supply and boosting alertness.

Nootropics or "smart drugs" are a rapidly developing area of pharmaceutical research. These drugs are available only by prescription or from sources outside the United States. However, there are two legally available natural substances that have nootropic (mind enhancing) effects: ginkgo biloba and pyroglutamate.

Finally, a substance that is commonly overlooked in brain health is cool, fresh, water! While you certainly need electrolytes for your nerves to function properly, without enough water to provide cleansing and lubricating action, your body will have trouble keeping its nutrients and enzymes in balance, which often leads to improper brain function.

Electromagnetic Field

Your Electromagnetic Field contains the patterns that make it possible for you to relate to the people and things around you. While you certainly “relate” to, say, stop signs or distant lightning, the patterns that are most significant to your Second Field are the ones relating to your possessions, to people and things over which you have authority, and to people (and things) who have authority over you.

Authority is a key word here. What is a “possession”, but something over which you have authority? If it's your vase, you can put flowers in it, leave it empty, break it, sell it, or ignore it as you please. Each of these is a different type of acknowledgement of that vase.

At one time, men considered their wives to be their possessions. (And in one or two indigenous cultures, wives owned their husbands.) Modern people HAVE bosses, secretaries, doctors, ministers, and so on. While you relate to these people at a higher level (covered in a later Workshop), at this level they represent the patterns in which you relate almost interchangeably with people who occupy professions. You may or may not be pals with a given medical professional, but when you make an appointment, wait in the waiting room and then the examining room, turn your head and cough—you are exercising a pattern that applies to any doctor you may HAVE.

Those patterns are the key to the Second Field. If you HAVE a book, a traffic ticket, a video game, or a hammock, the patterns in your Second Field guide you to use them in a way that supports you and honors the possession.

Exercise 2-b

Write down four Field I HAVE statements (referring to objects and people over which you have authority, or that have authority over you), Mark statements that indicate supportive objects and people “F+”. Mark statements that indicate challenging objects and people with “F-”.


An Unhealthy Electromagnetic Field

If your Electromagnetic Field is not operating at peak efficiency, the problems you'll observe all relate to your acknowledgements. People over whom you have authority won't trust you, will tend to not follow your instructions. You'll tend to be blamed for things you didn't do. As far as your possessions are concerned, you will have trouble finding the ones you need when you need them; devices will tend to not work correctly or to break more often than is typical. Putting it more philosophically, you'll find that your possessions will not provide the satisfaction they should; and professionals with whom you work will not do as good a job for you that you have a right to expect.

Hoarders have a weak Second Field, as do people who don't own the things they wish they did, or are continually dissatisfied with the things they do own.

Technically speaking, an unhealthy Electromagnetic Field is one in which the positive pole is on the inside, or one that is too weak.

Field Health

When you are a person with a healthy Second Field, you neither hoard nor go without. You have access to exactly what you need, when you need it, without holding on to useless items from the past; and you can always put your hands on anything you want.

In spite of the (perhaps) surprising significance over your life that your Electromagnetic Field has, it is actually quite simple and straightforward to improve its health. And, should you make the effort to do so, you'll be amazed at how far-reaching the results are!

The first step to improvement is to simply arrange your bedroom so that you sleep with your head toward the magnetic north pole (that's the North a compass points to, which isn't necessarily quite the same direction that the Pole Star points to). If you cannot arrange your bed that way, it is possible to use magnetic mattresses to provide a magnetic field whose north pole is at your head.

Some people find that sleeping with their heads to the North does not provide a restful night's sleep. These are people whose Electromagnetic Fields are seriously damaged. If you have trouble sleeping with your head to the north, try the other field health tips on this page, and try to sleep to the North at least once a month. Eventually, your Electromagnetic Field will come into line.

Avoid sleeping under electric blankets, unless it is specially designed to provide a polarized magnetic field. Most electric blankets place you under a scrambled magnetic field which is not supportive of your Electromagnetic Field health. Similarly, avoid sleeping within a few feet of any electrical devices—especially working ones. Keep at least three to four feet away from electric clocks, radios, lamps, and so on. Here's a sneaky one: The electric heater in a waterbed!

Finally, never, ever, sleep with a TV on, especially the older tube-type sets. There are many reasons why this habit is bad for you, but in terms of your Electromagnetic Field, an older TV set creates a very powerful magnetic field of its own that permeates the entire room. (If you don't believe this, bring a compass near a TV set!) In terms of your Electromagnetic Field, radios or CD players are not so bad—but keep them away from your bed.

Acknowledgement As A System

The Second System claims that which we own …and which owns us.

Possession, or authority, is a two-way street. Either implies responsibility. If I HAVE a dog, I also HAVE TO feed and walk the dog. If I HAVE a cut glass collection, I HAVE TO dust that collection. If I HAVE a doctor, I HAVE TO make periodic appointments with and pay that doctor.

Everything we HAVE receives energy from us in order for us to HAVE it. It's a fair exchange when the things we HAVE give us equal energy back. When the exchange is not equal, the HAVING is not balanced. For example, if I say, I HAVE a girlfriend named Celine Dion, but Celine Dion has never heard of me, then that's not really HAVING (though it might be stalking if I tried to do something about it). If I say, I HAVE a great set of good china, but I never use it and it seems to be a burden to care for or have, energy is flowing to maintain the dishes but not a proportionate amount is coming back and it is lowering my vibration. Imbalanced energy flows are a major cause of illness, since as energy flows outward and is not reciprocated; there is less and less left to maintain the self.

This is similar to power which we will talk about in a later workshop. When you direct energy toward a person, place or thing, make sure it can continue to flow and you are receiving some form of energy in return as well. This can be in the form of emotional satisfaction as long as it is a flow. Otherwise it becomes stagnant. Having things on display that give you pride, good memories or warm feelings is okay, but boxes in your garage that haven't been opened in years--no matter what your reason--are not.

Similarly, people who refuse to claim things for themselves—who never say I HAVE…—are not claiming their right to the energy their possessions are able to give. Such a person tends to be slight, anemic, and frail. As the years pass, the energy they expend by living is not renewed and their physical selves become less and less. This may have something to do with not wanting to be responsible or feeling unworthy of the having.

Exercise 2-c

Write down four I HAVE TO statements referring to your possessions and authorities, Mark supportive entries with "S+”; Mark entries that cause you difficulties with "S-”.


Unhealthy System

When people's Second System isn't functioning properly, they will experience predictable symptoms, having to do with the balance between them and their possessions or persons in authority. For example, the things they own will not be stored neatly; they will be in poor repair, and hard or impossible to find when they are needed. They will often become permanently lost or even stolen.

The things they do own won't give them the support, satisfaction or pleasure they should; and they find themselves spending hours daydreaming about things they would like to own, but don't (probably because they are spending all their money on storage).

They'll find similar problems with the professionals in their lives. Because they don't make the appointments or follow through on paperwork or phone calls, they'll find themselves dropped by their insurance, hard put to get in to see their doctors, getting an unwelcome call from their spouse's lawyer.

Energizing your System of Acknowledgement

As with the Electromagnetic Field, simply raising your awareness of the part invisible electromagnetic energies play in your life, can guide you to making improvements.

Beds without metal springs are preferable (though, admittedly, hard to find). Do not live under or near high-tension power lines (If you do and can't move, surround your bed with a Faraday cage--in other words, a box made of chicken wire). Be judicious in your wearing of metal jewelry; a little goes a long way.

In a more direct vein, make a point of releasing possessions that do not serve you. Have a yard sale, and be ruthless! If its been in a box in your garage for the past three years, you don't need it—and retaining it is robbing you of much-needed energy.

Catalog or otherwise organize the things you choose to keep, so that you can get to them when you need to. Keep your possessions clean and in repair. Show me a person with a cluttered home and I'll show you one with an unhealthy Second System. Show me a person with an organized, tidy home, and I'll show you one with a Second System to be proud of.

Finding Your Acknowledgement

The Acknowledgment Center is positioned at the knees. It can be accessed via active points at the middle of each knee. Swirling in a clock-wise formation around this Center is a cone-shaped vortex of this system's energy.

To find your Acknowledgement Center with your mind, simply quiet yourself and start looking where it is most likely to be: At the center of each knee; or you may sense them as being one Center between the knees. Breathe deeply, have the intention of finding the Center, and imagine where it might be. Then, move that point up and down in your mind and see if there is another position where it's “easier to imagine” it being located.

If you are a visually-minded person, it helps to picture it as a colored spot. The color associated with this center is infrared, which cannot be seen by the Human eye. You may be able to imagine it as a red so deep and dark it looks black. Some people see it as a slightly greenish tan color they call bronze/tan. Work with the color that feels most right to you; remember, intention counts.

If you are more aurally-minded, you can try to locate the center by sound. The musical note associated with this center is C#.

What if you find a point you are sure is your Acknowledgement Center, but the color seems to be wrong. This is quite possible: If a Center is over-energized with the interactions of another Principle, it can be perceived as a color mismatch. One treatment is to spend a few minutes each day, focusing on the Center and mentally “sending” it energy of the appropriate color or sound or “feel”,

Healing With Magnets

Like all other species on Earth, we evolved on this world with its all-pervasive magnetic field all around us.

Historically, the strength of the Earth's magnetic field has lessened by 50% in the past 500 years. In the past 100 years, we Humans have surrounded ourselves with much more powerful magnetic fields from our electrical devices, our electrical power grid, and the radio waves from our radio and TV stations. The result has been a compromise in the ability of Humans to resist infection and disease for which our new medicines, such as vaccines and antibiotics, have only partially compensated.

Magnetic Therapy Basics

A magnet is a device that generates or maintains magnetic lines of force. These curved lines travel from one pole of the magnet to the other. Magnetic poles are labeled north and south. Negative magnetic energy is found at a north pole, and positive magnetic energy originates at a south pole. This energy is transferred by photons, the same particles that make up visible light. (That's why visible light is said to be part of the electromagnetic spectrum.)

A magnet that contains one set of poles is called a unipolar magnet. This includes bar magnets and horseshoe magnets. Horseshoe magnets are not used in magnetic therapy, as the two poles are too close to each other, and most healing occurs with negative magnetic energy only. Short bar magnets (called disc magnets) and sheet magnets are used in healing.

Some magnets contain two or more sets of poles. In this case, usually a south pole of one set will be adjacent to the north pole of another set. This is done to make the magnet stick more forcefully to iron or steel. They are called bipolar magnets, and are not used in healing.

Negative Positive
Oxygenates tissues Reduces oxygen to tissues
Fights infection Encourages bacteria
Reduces fluid retention Increases fluid retention
Encourages deep sleep Increases alertness
Supports healing Obstructs healing
Reduces inflammation Encourages inflammation
Normalize acid/base balance Encourages acidity
Relieves pain Enhances sensitivity
Reduces blood deposits Encourages blood deposits


The Human body guides magnetic lines of force along meridians. The science and art of acupuncture places needles along these meridians to alter the lines and effect healing. Magnets placed on the meridians can have a similar effect. For more information, refer to books on Acupuncture or Acupressure as well as Magnetic Therapy.


The ancients deferred to those in authority by kneeling. Many religious people still kneel during their prayers to God. Kneeling encourages flexibility, which strengthens Second System, Field and Inner Aspect. Deep knee bends are also a good exercise to promote flexibility and strength.