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How to perform energy therapy on oneself.

Personal ONA Session

Healing Hands

Now that you have gone through the Workshop One material and given yourself your Initiation, you are ready to perform an ONA session on yourself. You may do this for purposes of healing (to ease a headache, or discomfort from arthritis or skin rashes, for example), for meditation, or even as a very mild stretching exercise.

Please remember that an ONA session is not to be considered a substitute for proper medical care. It may be used in addition to medication or treatments under a doctor's supervision.

You are going to give yourself an ONA session. You will start from the head and go toward your feet first. Then you will start at the feet and go toward your head. The first step is the breath. Start with The 12 Systems Breathing Technique. This activates your consciousness and begins your intent of working with the whole of you. The session will include at each position the use of The 12 Systems Breath and saying the sound of Foundation. (If you have not been given this sound, you may do this by intent, or using the sound ONA instead.)

Step through the photos below, copying the position and doing the breath at each position. Pay attention to your experience at each position. You may want to dialogue at each position in the various Fields and Inner Aspects to see what you have created there: for information, a purpose or something you wanted. Expect to hold each position for three minutes. Every part of you wants to communicate. There is no waiting to receive the answer. Ask the question in a different way if you do not receive an answer (or be open to receiving the answer in an unexpected way or at a later time!).


Very important! The fingertips must be together as much as possible, cupping so as to "focus" the energy like the curved surface of a lens.

Position 1: The Eyes

Hands on face, palms covering eyes, fingers extending upwards over hairline.

Ask for information: what does this position have to tell me?

Position 2: The Ears

Hands covering ears, fingers pointing up.

Ask, what does this position have to tell me?

Position 3: The Crown

Palms to sides of head, fingers touching back of crown or a little behind.

Find out, what this position has to tell you?

Position 4: The Occiput

Back of head, palms on occiput, fingers pointing up on back of head.

Ask what information this position has to tell you?

Position 5: The Jaw

Hands on jaw, heel of hands meet at chin, fingers point towards bottom of earlobe.

Ask what is this position trying to say?

Position 6: The Neck

Hands around neck, heels of hands meeting on neck under chin.

Ask what this position has to tell you?

Position 7: The Heart

Right hand on front of heart area, left hand on back of heart area.

Communicate with this position, what does it have to tell you?

Position 8: The Solar Plexus

Right hand on front of Solar Plexus, left hand on back—at kidney/adrenal area.

Find out what this position has to say to you?

Position 9: The Navel

Right hand on the area of the navel, left hand on lower-back lumbar spine.

Ask, what this position has to say to you?

Position 10: The Genitalia

Right hand on front over pubic bone, left hand on back over lower sacrum and coccyx.

Converse with this area, what is its message?

Position 11: The Knees

Right hand on right knee, left hand on left knee.

Talk with this area, what does it have to say?

Position 12: The Feet

Right hand on right foot, left hand on left foot.

Converse with your feet, what are they saying to you?

When Done…

Stand and stretch comfortably, take a deep breath, and relax.