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This workshop's breathing technique helps give you a sense of yourself as the expanded being you truly are.

The 12-Systems Breath

Deep breath

As we learned in Workshop Zero, breath is one of the easiest and most natural ways to direct energy and wellness. It supplies oxygen to the cells, releases tension, fuels the brain, and opens the channels or pathways of the body. Each Field and Inner Aspect is energized and can enjoy a greater flow, openness and communication. Isn't it amazing that, in time of need, shutdown or crisis, we should find ourselves forgetting to breathe! These are the times we need to relax and breathe through all the areas to allow ourselves to remember our wholeness.

This workshop's breathing technique helps give you a sense of yourself as the expanded being you truly are. It will help you become aware of energy as it presents itself to you through each of your Fields and Systems, enabling you to maximize its potential.

After each breath, note any change, however subtle, in how you feel, think, perceive, and so on. Any change is significant; call it information regarding any issue present in your life. With practice, you will be able to recognize what issue is being addressed and what the information means. For now, be content with recognizing that information has arrived.

You may also ask for specific information. For example, if you are tense, when doing this breath, note if any particular area of your body or outside of it seems to be the source of tension. If you find a specific spot, work on breathing through that area in order to free up any trapped energy that is not flowing. The 12-Systems Breath can be used at any time, especially in everyday life situations and, of course, during ONA sessions.

  1. Referring to the Systems chart, visualize all of these twelve Systems as you.

  2. Starting at System One, the feet, inhale through all the Systems to System Twelve (three feet above the head). Hold.

  3. Exhale through System Twelve (three feet above the head).

  4. Inhale starting at three feet above your head (System Twelve). Continue through all the Systems until you are at the feet (System One). Hold.

  5. Exhale through the feet (System One).

  6. Practice until you feel comfortable with this. To keep your breath steady you can count to six for each inhalation and six for each exhalation.

  7. Place your palms together, arms out, using this breath. What happened? Place your palms six inches apart, using this breath. Note what happened. Place your palms one foot apart, using this breath. What happened?

Combining I AM With 12-Systems Breath

Recall an I AM statement you want to promote. You can energize this statement by breathing it into each System. As you inhale into each System, silently make the I AM statement to yourself. Note any awareness that comes to you; it may be verbal but is even more likely to be a feeling, a sensation, a color or a sound. Whatever it is, it is information that can be meditated on to help manifest your I AM statement.