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Demons and Possessions

By: Dr. Valerie Hunt Page Views: 2145
Mystic and scientist Dr. Valerie Hunt on whether we can be harmed by deomnic beings without our participation.
Dr. Valerie Hunt

The metaphysical literature contains many references to entities, both good and bad, as though these were physical beings capable of doing destructive or constructive things to us without our participation. Anti-God, possessions, and evil entities are their names.

Never in my many years as a mystic have I seen or experienced a demonic entity or vibration that in any form threatened me. True, I have felt some chaotic fields, Morphogenetic ones in places, and anti-coherent ones around people in my travels into so-called haunted houses, and in Haiti and Africa where black magic and voodoo are performed. In Brazil, I made friends with the Espiritista healers who believe in spirit possessions, and I watched them work—even participated in their ceremonies. I assisted in the freeing of a house in the West Indies from thought forms; the house had been declared possessed.

Yes, I have made contact with souls that have crossed over and are in spirit form. I have the capacity to read the ancient history of a place from the vibratory energy that remains years or centuries later. But I have never been attacked or bombarded, or even upset, by what is called a diabolical entity or a negative energy. I have found these to be merely an organized energy or thought form. If one decodes these thought forms, and for some reason has similar thoughts, one's field resonates and one is affected. If one doesn't resonate, one can perceive the thoughts without effect.

Attacked by a demon.

To acknowledge diabolical entities that possess power in and of themselves without the person's participation, I believe, is inaccurate and destructive… It assures protection from uncovering one's unfinished business, because one is looking in the wrong place—out there, away from self, attached to some make-believe entity— [or a genuine astral being, skinwalker, or energy entity] making the unfinished business difficult to find while allowing for all manner of imagined threats… The real threat lies within us.