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A Path to Wholeness

What Next?

If you are on a path of enlightenment—and that's probably how you found us— you have probaby encountered various energy systems: Reiki, the Hindi chakra system, or one of any number of others. Millions have found these systems to answer most of their questions and give them a bedrock on which to build their present and future lives.

For many others, and possibly you, however, these systems may not ease the longing. The question then becomes, What next?

7 Chakra System

Most of the energy systems out there, acknowledge seven points of importance.

12-Center system

However, ONA acknowledges 12. We see this as a logical progression as our collective awareness has allowed our perceptions to broaden. For example, 200 years ago the existence of X-rays was utterly unsuspected by Humans on Earth, yet they were (and are) merrily whizzing through us every second of the day. 400 years ago no one suspected infrared or ultraviolet wavelengths existed; but we now know they are there (and have been all along).

Over a thousand years ago, when the Hindus were formalizing their metaphysical discoveries and described the 7-chakra system, they based this on the faint colors emitted from each point, as perceived by certain trained sensitives. They acknowledged there were many other chakras; but the seven that had visible colors seemed to them to be the most important; and they built their entire metaphysical system around them. And that was absolutely appropriate for Humankind at that stage of development.

But what if they'd been aware of, and able to look for, infrared and ultraviolet colors?

Well, we are aware of them now, and can look for them. In fact, we can even take photos of things in those wavelengths. And we find that, by extending the seven chakra colors beyond the visible ones, there are twelve energy points. We also see that, beyond the mere "spinning wheel" (the meaning of "chakra" in Hindi) within the body, the chakras—we call them "Centers"—are actually multi-dimensional structures that extend from these points. And those structures are actually a lot more interesting—and useful—than the Centers!

Intrigued? Then check out what we have to offer. You might start with "Introduction" on the menu.

We welcome you with open hearts. Please welcome us with open minds.

An open heart is an open mind. --Dalai Lama


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All you need to know to learn whether you would enjoy learning more about the ONA personal energy system.

The ONA information has depth and complexity. The best way to approach it is akin to peeling back layers, gradually delving deeper into the subject matter. By revisiting and exploring more intricately with each pass, we gain a richer understanding. In this introductory section, we make our first pass, looking at the underlying facts that led us to ONA.

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Working with Twelve

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All about how the world has evolved from a metaphysical awareness of just One, to Two, to Seven, and now to Twelve.

Why bother to study any of these things? Simply because we can better experience our Higher Selves by becoming more aware of our Inner Aspects, Fields and Systems. This is true of any relationship in life; the more familiar you become with a person, place or thing the better you know it. This allows you to freely operate, interchange or interact with whatever you are learning more about. An example of this is when you start a new job. You may not know where to go or how to accomplish everything at first. It takes time asking questions and finding out where to go and who to talk with to get various aspects of your job done. The more you communicate and find out what your options are the more empowered you become. You can more easily do your job to eventually master it, knowing the ins and outs of it.

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Fixing Your Life

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How to use the concepts of ONA to bring balance, joy and Wholeness into your life.

In this segment of the ONA website, we will look at common structural errors in people's lives, and show how these problems can be alleviated using ONA principles.

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The Human Experience

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Unknown author

In this section you can read about some of the more poignant and humorous aspects of the Human community, including our origin, which is likely to be far different than you may have been told.

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Your gateway page to the ONA workshops, where you can become trained in helping people using energy work and the principles of ONA.

If you've explored the other sections of this site, you may have begun to realize the magnitude and wealth of the ONA material. You may, in fact, be feeling some degree of overwhelm at the idea of learning it all. To help you absorb it in the most efficient and enjoyable way possible, we have created the ONA Workshops.

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Here are some meditations you may enjoy, based on the principles of ONA.

Whether you understand all there is to know about the ONA information or not, you can practice these meditations. Doing so will not only help you get more out of your life, it will assist you to experience the ONA information directly, not just intellectually.

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About Us

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How to contact the members of the ONA team.

The information presented by the ONA Foundation is not ours: It belongs to the Universe. We didn't invent it. As ONA teaches, truth is part of the Universal Vibration, and is available to anyone who listens for it—that's what following one's heart is all about. The Sixth System, located at the heart, connects us to that Universal Information. When we are in sync with it, it makes our hearts feel joyful.

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