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How to practice the Projecting Fields Technique.

Projecting Fields Technique

Utilizing Energy and Fields

Projecting Fields

Now that you have arrived at this level you know that there are three basic kinds of Fields. There are those that are composed of physical energy and range from most obvious to the most subtle of energies imaginable. When we went through the levels of the Mind Fields, we examined the subtlest of energies possible that can be utilized on Earth today. Now that we are aware of these as energies and know of our own experience that they do exist, we can learn how to benefit from them and integrate them into the fullness of our lives.

The area we are dealing with now addresses spiritual energies. This seems strange because the very nature of spirit suggests that it is not physical and not tangible and has no wavelength, mass or movement and we are expected to know that it exists. Actually, spirit is the mover of the other forms of energy and creates the effects or subtleties of the other two forms of energy. Although you, in our true identity, are spirit you have a relationship with the physical and mental levels. You impress yourself upon it and through it. This is best exemplified through the use and possession of Fields. Our Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Fields are so conjoined and less physical that many have a difficult time experiencing them.

These Fields have the greatest effect upon matter and the mental levels. To operate at these levels requires a lot less baggage then most of us carry around with us today. You need to shift into a state of little or no judgment and more and more acceptance. It can be done, few find they can hold that much peace for to long. You are encouraged and bombarded in your world with commercials and broadcasts that, in one way or another, have and promote the acceptance of conflict and againstness, some of the largest illusions in your life today.

In order to work with these spiritual levels requires a shift of consciousness on our parts. It is a commitment to yourself. Unless you choose the path of no path, you will buy into conflict and it will have you long before you recognize that you are down the levels somewhere, in fighting for causes and ideals which do not truly exist.

Fields do exist because we say they do and we have made them real by agreement. We have been doing this since before time. We will most likely continue our realities, concerning Fields and their effects, upon our lives and this world for some time to come. Yet you do not need to be the effect of these Fields. You can learn about them, learn from them, interact with them and diminish negative effects. After all, these effects are agreements that you have become ignorant of and eventually affected by. It is just as easy to decide to be at cause and utilize the optimal approach of each energy or Field you come in contact with.

Detecting energy is the first level of learning how to optimize these. The next level is identifying what kind of energy you are dealing with, be it physical, mental or spiritual energy. The effect point of view is being confused; unclear and deciding you cannot know. Once you get beyond that, with practice, you then move into the next phase, that of projecting optimal Fields of energy physically, mentally or spiritually.

First let's examine energy. Begin by recognizing when energy is present. What is energy? Which energies are the most or least obvious energies? Just start to see things in your life as energy. Which energies do you interact with mainly and which ones affect you the most? Keep describing energy in your daily journal. Eventually you will begin to relate with and about energies on an energy language level. Your descriptions will be vivid and clear. You will begin to establish your certainty concerning energies.

Secondly, you want to know, for yourself, which kind of energy is which. Take this time to discuss types of energy. When you know what you are dealing with, you have a better likelihood at deciding a course of action. Learn to identify the three basic components of energy in your everyday life. When you have mastered this you will be ready to handle the third step. Which energies are mostly physical, mental or spiritual?

These are some common types of energy in each category. There are many more. See how many you can add to these.

Physical Energies Mental Energies Spiritual Energies
Bodies Concepts Freedoms
Plants Ideas Openness
Animals Thoughts Knowingness
Minerals Considerations Acceptance
Planets Emotions Beingness
Moons Conclusions Joyfulness
Stars Plans Radiance

Requesting Information

By now you have come to see that the best way of finding out about something is to engage with it directly and ask for what you want to know about it. Each Field has a purpose and a reason for being created or instituted. People may have all kinds of reasons for having out-of-balance Fields. Sometimes they defend their improper functioning with their lives. It seems that they have become dependant on the wobbling, pain or misperceptions presented by these distortions in their own energy fields and those of others. Misinterpretation, misdiagnosis and the like have become commonplace today. You even make excuses for your faltering behavior and that of others. These distortions can occur in cosmic Fields or synthetic or created Fields or energy such as Electronic Fields, Magnetic Fields. Light Fields or Laser Fields.

Some synthetic Fields, which are not those of beings, may have dissipated over long eons of time. Other Fields may have existed for a very long-time and no longer have the same purpose. These may need to be restructured or incorporated into their surroundings to be more inflow with the energies present.

The first thing to do is to ascertain that Fields reason for existing. Ask what purpose it serves. It may appear to be out-of-balance; out of sync with other Fields it is associated with or in its surroundings. It may seem to not be fully integrated with those things it is present with. That kind of Field often seems to disturb other Fields or life around it. In These cases you may need to introduce this Field to these facts and ask how it can exist in balance, harmony and co-existence with all of these. This is completed through intention and inner dialogue. Unify with the Field and address it gently. You may use the sounds of ONA to connect, clarify, disperse blockages and heal these kinds of Fields. The answer will come eventually. At times it depends upon the wording of the questions.

Synthetic Fields do not have a mind of their own. They were created to serve a purpose. Some may seem to have their own beingness or will. That is just the way they were programmed and yet they can be communicated with and intended to become integrated and serve the greater whole.

Make sure you get enough information about the Field you address. This process may take a while in the beginning. With enough practice you can master this as simple. Thoroughness is important when requesting it to share information with you. It is quite acceptable to check and recheck all of the normal methods in which a Field of energy can be hidden, covertly placed a a person place or things. Fields are big on causing an effect or forming a function that it experiences as its cause for being. Address the logic or illogic of the cause and the field may become ineffectual. Intend it to integrate into the whole and support it.

Sometimes Fields have been left by beings that no longer inhabit an area or house, etc. In these cases see how much information you can gather concerning these beings. Possibly coming from their viewpoint will allow you access to the programmed purpose of the Field and allow you to redirect the energy that is in question. Just redirecting the energy without information may not support the next step of that being or energy. Make sure you are working in the best interest of all involved.

In the case of protective Fields, these may have even been created by beings from other dimensions. See if you can collect information through these beings or give them information as to the situation that you have found. . Enlist their assistance in bringing this Field into balance with all that is present.

A word of caution! Never take action or react to a Field with your emotions!! Fear or anger are the biggest no no's! That is just not sane. Only take action when you have ascertained all the information you can. When you place yourself in the affect position with regards to any Field its energy will be attracted to the similar energies it finds in you. Always remain neutral, calm and focused. If you can't don't attempt this work. Wait until you can before working in this area. There are too many occasions of peoples good intentions to pull off attachments, entities and the like and the Field pulls right in on the person who is uncentered and not focused. Then the area or person you were working on ends up with more of what you were trying to handle because your similar energy reinforced that of the energy present or Field that was interacting upon that same energy. Instead of feeding off of someone or something else it has you to feed off of too. Watch out for this!

Remember these situations depend upon your communication. You can gain this information by outwardly expressing what you want to know and listening to what comes either through your inner knowing or appears literally.

Establishing Ideal Scenes

The ultimate function of any Field is its ability to vibrate and serve a purpose in harmony with all other Fields. This we can call “the ideal scene” of a Field. We are addressing its optimum potential as a Field of energy here.

Knowing or ascertaining the most integrated energy flow or color of a Field is one of the first steps. This allows us to experience each Field in its entirety. When the colors of a Field are faded, murky or dull, their energy may seem weak and stagnant. This represents an out of balance flow within its own integral purpose. In this case intend its true or original color to be present.

The colors or a Field may become overly bright or intense and may be exhibiting this condition when its energy is overactive. It is like the Field becomes very manic and too much to bear like a blazing sun. Once again intend for its true energy level, form and color to be present.

Most importantly, remember that what you perceive to be the major situation, color or vibration present, while dealing with a Field of energy, is to be verified by your pursuit and investigation of the Field's purpose and integrity. Use the sounds and breaths of ONA; they can illicit information about anything you need to know about or from a Field. Invite each sound of ONA to address the questions you have inquired of the Field.

The sounds of ONA are part and parcel with the stream of life itself. They can assist you in bringing any Field into harmony and balance with its environment and other Fields. While working with the sounds of ONA, and the vibration of the Field you are addressing, learn how to handle energies with your hands within the Field. Experience each kind or variance of energy that is present. The subtitles are important. Notice its color and texture. You will eventually develop hand movements and figure postures which will best support the flow and the movements of the energy present; for example, energy that seems thick and elastic can be pulled with your figures like taffy, energies that seem weak and loose can be energized to become more alive and active.

Be aware that entities or beings may have become trapped, lodged or even come to live within that Field. You may need to address each and its purpose and motivation for existing in such a Field. You can also address each of these. Never leave any of these entities or beings in the Field without acknowledging its purpose or intent. If this purpose or intent seems to be harmful to you, to the others around or that you know, the environment or themselves. Through chanting the sounds of ONA and dialogue assist them to affirm their own true intention or form. This will not be in the Field in this case. If these entities or beings are not finished or complete with this Field it will be time to just assist the Field to become integral unto itself and its purpose. The entities or beings present will need to shift their energy to stay in the stream of the Field. This is very important information and you can do this work with any Field of energy. Begin to experience all things as energy and when you do this work miracles can happen on a regular basis.

“Beware the dark side Luke”. Who is foolish enough to play around and try and manipulate energies and Fields without being integral to assist it in its true purpose. It is not our destiny to bend these energies to serve our will, self-interest or desire for control. The minute you attempt this, you become less in control of your own life a self perpetuating downward spiral of less awareness, greed and lust and it has you doing it's bidding. Become the master of neutrality and “use the force Luke”, to borrow a few phrases that apply. Watch your emotions concerning certain topics, current issues or subjects. Some energies, entities or beings feed from your lower emotions such as anger and fear. Present a safe and neutral space for each Field, energy, entity or being to come into and recognize their own light and true intention and original purpose.

Projecting Fields Technique Exercises

These exercises can be applied as the Projecting Field Technique in a session or while handling Fields that you come into contact with in life. In order to practice this you will pair off with a partner and you are going to work with each other Fields to experience the size and shape of the Physical, Mental and Spiritual Fields as they are projected and as they are received. You each take turns projecting Fields and receiving information. As you project each Field your partner will check your Fields for balance through intention.

Exercise 10a: Physical Fields

You will project the Physical Fields One through Four to your partner through your intention, one at a time. Your partner will make note of these distinctions and after each section give you feedback as what they perceived. You then project all Physical Fields at the same time. After this exercise, bring yourself back to the point of balance using your intention, breath the sounds of ONA. Have your Fields checked for balance. Write your experiences as a projector and as a receiver.

Exercise 10b: Mental Fields

You will project the Mental Fields Five through Eight to your partner through your intention, one at a time. Your partner will make note of these distinctions and after each section give you feedback as what they perceived. You then project all Mental Fields at the same time. After this exercise, bring yourself back to the point of balance using your intention, breath the sounds of ONA. Have your Fields checked for balance. Write your experiences as a projector and as a receiver.

Exercise 10c: Spiritual Fields

You will project the Spiritual Fields Nine through Twelve to your partner through your intention, one at a time. Your partner will make note of these distinctions and after each section give you feedback as what they perceived. You then project all Spiritual Fields at the same time. After this exercise, bring yourself back to the point of balance using your intention, breath the sounds of ONA. Have your Fields checked for balance. Write your experiences as a projector and as a receiver.

Exercise 10d: Session with Fields

Now you are ready to walk through life and perceive various Fields and process with them as above. You can perceive the Fields of people on television or at large gatherings or over long distances and follow the simple methods mentioned here. Remember it is done through intention. Find out the purpose of the Field and assist it when you can. Handle considerations of time and entities or beings. You have the right to discern if you would want to assist a Field to reach its full potential or allow it to continue to exist as you found it. Hopefully we will make a difference and a better world the more whole and connected we become. This also works with other peoples Fields when they feel lost or separated or need to make a decision or come to conclusion. Remember this is not mind trick and you are not trying to influence the outcome. You want to neutrally assist each person, place or thing to reach its fullest sense of wholeness. So we do not need to decide what the outcome should or aught to be.