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How to use the ONA Perception Technique to use sight and touch to trigger deeper awareness.

Perception Technique

ONA Perception Technique

Please note that none of these techniques obviates the need for conventional medical care. By the time an issue has manifested in the physical body, it usually becomes a real illness that needs to be cured by conventional means. These techniques are intended to be used

  • In addition to first aid, to ease pain and bring comfort while awaiting conventional medical attention
  • After or during conventional treatment, to help resolve the underlying issue, thus permitting faster and more complete physical recovery

Although the Perception Technique is mostly done through visualization, it is a healing technique in that it opens your awareness to be able to receive impressions based upon what you physically can see and feel.

In this technique we will be examining the physical body by viewing and touch. This can be accomplished by simply seeing what a person looks like and assessing the structure and posture and movements of their body. You'll want to pay particular attention to symmetry and uniform movement, and whether they can perform the same functions on both the left and right sides of their body. See if they have flat or arched posture in one area of the body. Make note of anything that could give you cause to see if there is color distortion, skin issues, evidence of previous operations, or other scars. Note if it appears bones have been broken or if they have had cuts or punctures an any area of their body. This is becoming aware of the person from what seems obvious.

Now that you have examined the person before you:

  1. Close your eyes; take 12 deep, slow breaths to center yourself.

  2. Re-examine the subject's body with your subtle senses.

  3. Look at their centers and note anything different or unusual.

  4. Note the color of each center front and back.

  5. Is it rotating clockwise or counterclockwise?

  6. Are there any patches or dark spots?

  7. Note the shape of each center or vortex to yourself, writing it down if need be.

  8. Pay attention to how that area appeared to your physical eyes, and how it seems now to your inner eyes; and how the two correlate.

  9. Open your eyes.

  10. Write down for yourself what you experienced with each vortex or center. Draw a diagram of the body vortexes, etc, whatever you need that will display data for you.

  11. What would you think needs to be done to heal each of these?

This technique is very powerful and very important. It begins to allow you to experience what is before you and how to observe that. Feel free to share your experience not necessarily what you saw but how you felt and what you learned from doing this with others.